Apps that we want on the Google Glass!

Google Glasses have quite factually sent out waves throughout the tech savoir-faire society. Everyone in tech town desires a portion of Google Glass. Of course, every innovative equipment comes with its own errors ahead of being used for a definite period of time and made into somewhat close to just the thing, but with the Glass, reviews have been rather bipolar.

Google Glass App Development

A lot of people have revealed complete loyalty towards the device while some have been very passionately grimacing over minor particulars. But in spite of everything, one thing for sure is that every time we think about the glass, there are a few specific apps that we visualize. Here is a glance on most of the apps that we all would absolutely love to see in the glass.

We’re dying to see these apps

  • Shopping apps:

These apps should have a evaluate and a live feed feature which can help us in comparing and evaluating the price differences at the item you are looking at in and around your area for that ultimate hopping experience!

  • Dating apps:

We love to love! In fact, dating happens to be a very important aspect in almost all of our lives. This is why we’d love to see Google glass app development present us with an app that helps us date. The app could have all the details about your date flashing right in front of you so that you can impress him or her quickly and easily. The app could also measure the intensity of the pupil, pitch of the tone and other such aspects to estimate if the other person is interested in you. This app might also pull up hints of stuff that you can say to your subject of interest to gain their favor.

  • Lie detector:

Every line of work needs a lie detector, so that type of an app will be an enormous help to people like teachers, doctors or just about any one.

  • Fitness apps:

These apps can be as imaginative and ingenious as Google glasses apps development can get. It will help you in uphold your fitness with no trouble and yet scrupulously.

Google Glasses App Development has been taking many immense steps to make certain that apps can be created which in fact whip up all the user hopes without a doubt, however, when it comes to Google glasses app development, nothing can be named as a certainty, because the user conduct is as yet very vague.

Apps for utility or for fun?

Well, when it comes to Google glass apps, there is no limit to the kind of stuff that can be created or used. This is why one cannot say for sure which one will be a better success, a utility app or an entertainment one. But one thing that people must consider before creating apps of any kind is that every app must be carefully created keeping in mind the fact that the device is brand new and a lot of people still don’t know how o go about using it. The best strategy is to keep everything simple to ensure that people don’t find it too hard to be able to successfully use it and have a good experience.

Awareness about the Google Glass

Although the Google glass has been quite the frenzy for a lot of people all over the world, when it comes to awareness about facts of the device, there is very little that people know. But like it is for any kind of technology, people see the avenues of making money and jump at it even with little knowledge, half the world seems to have become experts on Google Glasses Apps Development.

I mean, it is really irritating to try to read an online article about the glass without seeing a hundred links to a thousand companies that claim to help you ‘hire Google Glasses Developers’. I mean, seriously, do people even know what the glass is all about?

The other day, I was just talking to an old client of mine, who had absolutely no idea that the glass in fact did not sort a glass! He was surprised to know that the Google glass was only a frame with a chip that forced me to think that there may be many like him who need a little more information about the device itself, before they go head hunting to Hire Google Glass Developers.

So, in their interest, here’s a list of some interesting facts about the Glass:

See mom, no glass!

As shocking as it might seem to a lot of people, the Google glasses don’t have any glasses within them. For the most part it is just a frame with a tiny micro chip like display on the top corner of the frame near the eye.

The display is very small

Because of its placement, you don’t need a huge glass display. It is small and so has very little scope for you to showcase stuff. In case someone is promising you to develop a glass app loaded with features, you might want to hold that thought because there isn’t a lot of stuff that your user will be able to focus on through that tiny screen.

Can’t be folded

The glass only looks like an eyeglass but does everything that a glass can’t do. Similarly the Google glasses too can’t be treated like your regular pair of eye glasses as it can’t be folded and stashed in your pocket. If you aren’t wearing it, you might need a customized case for it that can be pretty big to carry.

Only the right eye

As of now, the version of the glass that is available only has that display thingy on the right eye corner. So, this means your left eye is always free to view the surrounding (if your brain can handle so much information all at once) while you are looking you stuff through your right eye.

No built in GPS

Believe it or not, your Google glass is only as wonderful as the GPS connection on your connecting device. The glass basically gets connected via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to your smart phones or tablets. The efficiency of your Glass depends entirely upon the performance of your connecting device.


Before you think about buying a glass, it is very important that you go out and do a little research about it. There is no doubt about the fact that it will be c\very popular soon and there are many business prospects lined up, but it is always advisable to know what you are getting into beforehand itself. Find out all there is to app development on Glass before you get your own app going.

The glass struggle continues

As time goes by and Google glasses don’t seem to make too much of a progress, people are beginning to wonder if it really has been created for mass production at all! I mean, Google Glass apps development seems to be the crowning glory of every app development firm these days, but what good is an app without its proper hardware?

While these questions that just started haunting the minds of many an entrepreneurs who have already begun investing in Google Glasses application development, it seems the rest of the world is going absolutely crazy about it.

Every kind of business, whether a start up or an established firm, is today thinking of having their own app for an increased productivity if not for marketing. Google glasses might not yet be out on a massive scale but the ones that have already reached the users have gotten rave reviews and I guess that is what is keeping the enthusiasm on the high for the Google glass app development front.

Making an app for a business

We have already established in the last year that Google Glass Application Development has a lot of potential if the right kinds of apps pertaining to the right kind of fields are created. Say for instance, the Glass could be a boon for the world’s medical situation in a big way.

Every surgeon would want it and every medical student would love to get a live view on big surgeries even if they aren’t physically present there. However, how useful it will be in manufacturing and the designing sectors is a matter for time to tell.

Designing an app right

The right idea can make you millions but everything is in the execution. If you aren’t able to deliver a great idea in the best possible way, you might lose out everything on it. What I am saying is that you could have the best products in the market, but if you don’t know how to pack and sell them, no one is ever going to buy!

So, an app will essentially act as your packaging. If you end up doing it right, minor product flaws too might be overlooked. This is why it is incredibly important for you to design the app with utmost care and perfection.

The glass hasn’t been used by the people. Although it comes from the house of Google, its user interface is much different than the android OS for mobiles. So, most people aren’t going to be fully aware of how to use it to its fullest capacity.

This is why you must ensure that your app is designed in a way that requires minimum user input while still being interactive. Just in the name of creativity, make sure your designer isn’t making the task of using the app a difficult one for your users.

Watch out

Whatever you do, whether you choose to have your own app developed for glass or not, make sure that you know all that there is about this gadget. It will surely take us one step further into the future and we will be better equipped to support all our other ventures. And who knows if it starts making sense at some point, you can have the best app ever that can boost your business at an unprecedented rate faster than you ever thought possible!

Google Glasses – Beyond Wonderful!

The technology is flourishing to great extent, which can be reflected through many points like the relative size, i.e. the television sized computer screens are replaced by very symmetrical LCDs, the three bundled device i.e. CPU, Monitor and keyboard which occupied too much space are available in the form of comparatively lightweight laptops and that too without any compromise in the functionality. Though the factors like size, weight, space differs among these devices, the basic functionality remains the same i.e. you need to use your hand or fingers to interact with these devices. The profound change came when Google came with a stupendous device, which changed the way the computer-related stuffs were used. The device has got flourished as soon as it was invented because of its spectacular look – which resembles to any normal eye-wearing glasses and enormous features; the device is none other than Google Glass. Now many of the readers would overtake my words as an exaggeration but believe me, at the end of this blog, you will too be overwhelmed by the features provided by the device.

Google Glass App Development

Google glass apps

As I mentioned earlier, the glass is no less than any computer or laptop. You can do wide range of things using the glass. The use of glass has become a boon in the areas like medical – A veteran surgeon can treat good number of patients owing to the glass. Just as you need different software’s to run the computer and perform desired tasks, the glass also require “Apps”. These have invoked the need for Google Glass Application Development to great extent. Also for the Google Glass Application Development, you require to hire Google glass developers. As the device is quite newer in the market, still there are many uncovered and untouched apps that are needed to be created. In fact, many app development companies have started creating the apps which can prove helpful to the Google glass users. But developing out-of-box apps has direct relation with the developers you hire for Google glass app development. The companies who are in need of more goggle glass developers can go through the following points

  • Any apps have ratings along with the developers name; hence for some bucks do not compromise with the quality of the developers. Hire the best developers who can think differently and uniquely. At the end what matters is the peerless App and not the few more buck you spared after the developers.

  • Lock in good developers apart from hiring the new ones. The senior developers are in line with your company’s atmosphere and working. Hence, they can easily tackle the newbie and guide them in the best possible way.

Hence whether you want to capture a picture, search across the maps, overcome different language problems and so on, Google glass will be like your best pal. In fact, unlike other devices, you can see the result in front of your eyes and get the desired things done by your speech! Indeed Google glass can make the day to day activities very easy along with its application over wide areas.

Google Glass – Features and App Development Scope

For all the people except for those who have isolated themselves from the technology updates, Google glass is no less than a WOW. The very brief yet informational description about the device is, the glass that can be worn as any normal eye-wearing glass and which can lead you in the world of wonders. No need to say that these glasses are going to be the next most-innovative invention in the world of mobile computing. The device lets you make your routine tasks at cinch. Apart being an ardent desire for any tech-loving people, the glass has proved tremendously helpful during the most needed times like in medical, defense and so on.

Google glass, without relevant apps is just like a body without soul. As compared to the former inventions like laptops and tablets, this device is quite newer in the market and hence there is immense need to foremost uncover the areas where the glass can be used and accordingly plunge into the app development of the Google Glass. The more and useful apps get into the market, the more is the probability of the Google glass usage; a straightforward strategy. Keeping this thing in mind, Google is also encouraging the companies to hire Google glasses developers and plunge into the Google Glass App Development. I had a go through at the apps of Google glass and it was clear that still there are so many areas to be covered (these news will definitely encourage the Google glass app development companies and for the rest it will tempt to plunge into the development for the same, isn’t it?). But the thing that surprised me was that many people are just unaware about the stupendous features of the glass; every new arriving technology has to face this stage. Anyways, in this blog I will give u an insight of the stunning functionalities, which the Google glass possesses:

Everyt3hing in front of your eyes!

Though the obvious one, but the most important one! This device will lead you move freely i.e. without your hands occupied with holding the device, as in case of laptops, tablets and cell phones.

Just speak!

Yes! No need to swipe or tap, simply speak what you want and the glass will obey your command and come up with the results, in just no time. Whether you want to capture the photo or record a video, glass will accomplish all these stuffs. This is not over, you can share ii, mail it to your friends and that to simply by your speech! This is something very fabulous.

The things that you used to do using your laptops and tablets, now can be done easily using the glass. Apart, the glass is too light in weight. Believe me, as glass app development companies you are just at stone’s throw rather app/s far from astonishing future. Hire Google Glasses Developers, think out-of-box and come with some exceptional apps and you will come up with flying colors, leaving you motivated for making better apps every time! .

Instructions for your Glass app developer

When it comes to Google glass apps development, we all like to think that if we leave it to the professionals; everything will be taken care of. However, the harsh reality happens to be that not too many people really know what exactly they must do with the glass.
Since Google Glasses have not yet been rolled out for the general public to purchase from any storefront, it becomes difficult for developers all over the world to come up with stunning apps. Of course, a lot of people are using the emulator or the Glass simulator to create apps these days, however, the final product is nowhere near perfection.

This is why when you consider about having to hire Google glasses developers you must do so very carefully. Now you will find so many services and companies offering to help you hire Google glasses developers, but unless they have their own glass, there isn’t too much difference amongst the others.
So, whoever you hire, make sure you give them the following instructions:

1. Create an app for the user
Keep your interests at bay for a while and create an app which will be useful for the user otherwise no one is going to take the pains of downloading it.

2. Don’t complicate it too much
Developers would like to show off their skills by adding all sorts of features to the app. But no matter what you do, make sure that your app is simple. Too many features would only complicate it further. This means that nobody would like or appreciate the app as much as you would like for them to.

3. Relevance is key
Your app will only be effective if it is relevant to the brand or company name under which you are releasing it. If yours is a music company, it makes sense to launch a music app rather than a scientific research application.

4. De clutter
The only way to be able to emphasize on important information on such a tiny screen is to be able to de clutter the app so much that the eyeball is drawn to the subject matter. Remove unnecessary tabs or pop ups.

Turn a Profit with Glass Development

Of course you cannot judge a “Glass” from its “look”, you need to wear it! Had you even imagined that wearing a glass can make your search over? Hey, this is not an exaggeration, it is the truth. I just wore a “glass” and asked it to search for the best restaurants in the nearby and as if a dream coming true in front of my eyes, the results came and that too just some few cm away from my eyes with relevant and immediate information. This is a short, sweet description of what the special glass from Google can do.

Now let’s talk about the development side of the glass apps. Google glass of course is a newer tech device than the ones in almost the same category like smart phones. So it is quite certain that the number of apps of the former one are comparatively lesser than the later one. This gives a hint to all the smart developers to start developing apps for the Google glasses. As this is the mere an inception of the Google Glass, the demand for the apps will be there at leaps and bounds. So this is a good time to go into the field and make your name in the same. The benefit you will gain here is that, you are getting a chance to be an “earlier“part of this exceptional product of Google in the form of developing the Google Glass apps for the people. Here i focused to the earlier part because by participating to the development of the app, you will almost get mastery in it, when it is going to be used just like any other common device. I would recommend you to hire the best Google Glass Developers and commence the development for the amazing. You will probably get an opportunity to make a good position when it comes to Google app developers.

Also if you want to stand well in the competition don’t be stingy while hiring the Google Glass Developers.

  • From the very starting do focus on the quality developers. Of course this quality may cost you more, but don’t be parsimonious in it if you want some really eminent app.

  • How to reach them? Yes, this can be quite difficult but not impossible. You can hire the developers from many job offering portals. You can even conduct some face to face interviews for the same.

  • Freelancers: this is also a good option. If in the starting you cannot afford to have employers of your own or due to lack of the resources, you can go for the freelancers who will work for you with their own resources. But be aware, don’t be dependent on them or rather avoid imparting the things which are needed in urgency.

So what are you waiting for? Start developing the fantastic and useful apps for Google glass and get ready for good amount of money coming to your way.

Plunge into Google Glass App Development

Google glass is in a great conversation among the people and why not! It can accomplish many tasks in a cinch and with less efforts and user intervention. Just wear a device, as if you are using your wearing glass and see all the things happening as per your command, right in front of your eyes. You need not look for the things across your smart phones or laptops but instead just request the glassware to do the things for you and the glass as if an obedient child will get back to you with the relevant results. This was a simple example of what you can do with the glass. But there are many other astounding applications of the glass where it can prove to be a life saving one and the best example is in the medical and particularly during the surgery.

Though many advantages of the glasses are disclosed and have been incorporated in the day to day life, still many more are on the way. In fact one can come across many exceptional things that you can do with the glass. This has also given immense rise to the development of the Google glass applications.

Google Glass

Google Glass Web Development has just great future due to immense popularity of the glass. Whether it is for education purpose or in air force, everywhere the glass has shown its magical usage. Just recently I came across its usage at the airport. Yes, you can search for the parking space, the status of your flights etc. You can even estimate the fare of the travel.

Glassware App Development

  • Develop and test:  the development of the Google glass application should be quite at pace. This is because the invention is quite recent and there are so many developers who have already engaged themselves with its development. Start the development in such a way that no bugs are left uncovered. Even a minute mistake can lead your app to get rejected by the users. I would like to give you a tip here, follow the baby steps. Test each individual independent portion properly and slowly integrate them with full fledged app at the end.
  • Its glass! Yes, while developing the app you should be aware that it is just a glass and you can think of its dimension which is nearly the same as any ordinary glass. So let your app be such that it looks beautiful and worth using and seeing in that size.
  • Versions: Google glass apps are developed in android. Just take care about the stable version of the same and how compatible it will be for the glass.

Indeed the web development with Google glass is though quite emerging but will have a mammoth growth in the future owing to its outstanding features like timely information, relevant and immediate response and so on. With Google glass, really one would like to say that “Sky is the limit”. So happy Google glass apps developing!

Some Common Google Glass Problems that Need to be taken care of

Google glass is positively the solution for a lot of technological achievements that we humans have been trying to achieve. Especially with movies like ‘Minority Report’ and series like ‘Fringe’, there is hardly anything left that can be categorized as impossible for us to conceive and create.

However although top Google Glassware has started hitting the market, no Google Glass App Design can overcome the minor agendas that pose as the problem with the device itself. Following is a list of certain issues that need some rectification on the hardware front.

Google Glassware

Battery life

Glass has a very poor battery life. Although people are speculating the new version has a better one, but the ones that are lying with the explorers are definitely no good. If you are in for a whole days work, you must definitely carry chargers because your glass might just leave you hanging there.

Orientation problems

If you aren’t one of the strongest willed and high IQ kinds of people, chances are that the glass will take you for a ride. A lot of users have complained that the glass doesn’t allow you to focus on the things that you want to and picks up random things from the surroundings. Of course with Google glassware that is completely customized this problem could be easily rectified.

Screen visibility

This screen isn’t made to be used in the sun. It’s really tiny and it’s very hard to view in bright light. So long as you have an indoor presentation or an Opera to shoot, it’s all good. But shooting adventure sports in bright light can get you a little dizzy with all that focus.

Voice controls

The biggest hurdle with the voice controls of the glass is that the commands that you give it have to be really loud and clear. And of course, they must definitely begin with ‘OKAY GLASS’. Another problem is that it also tends to pick up the voice of the person standing next to you. Efforts are being made at Google Glasses apps development front to ensure there is some way to personalize the instructions to the wearer alone.

 Glass Storage issues

The glass is not as easy to store are any other type of eye glasses. It does not buckle or fold like ordinary spectacles so storage is big issue. Carrying it somewhere is also a big trouble because you can’t slip it in your purse or pockets. It looks great but there has to be something to help carry it.

Becoming better

Of course, a mammoth like Google isn’t going to sit put while everyone plays piñata with the Glass. This is why immediately after the first explorer program they have also worked on the newer version and tried to make it even more users friendly.

Some companies have also been given the opportunity to buy the glass and develop apps for it. This will bring in the hint of diversity and open minded approach that the Glass desperately needs at this time. On the whole if you are a really tech savvy person you can up your charms with a Google Glass. It is stylish, very usable and effective. Especially with a battery of new apps being released in the market every day, there is hardly any doubt about how successful it is to be.

Crazy Apps for Google Glass!

Google Glass happens to be the hottest bun in the tech bakery. Just about everyone wants a piece of it. But really, it is only the design and the gossip that has got the glass ticking? Well, actually, being a developer of the smartphones for almost a decade, when I first heard about the glass, all I could think about was the extent of craziness that we could bring upon with a gadget as cool as the glass.

The Google glass is a wearable computer. For non technology related people, that’s okay. But for people like me, who live, eat and die in codes, the glass breeds a whole new ground for creativity. I mean, have you ever given it a thought! If you’re smart phone is cool, what will you call the Glass!

Don’t listen to me

Listen, I might get all biased about technology, but you don’t have to take my word for it. Just a simple Google search will show you Google Glass app development is trying present the world with some of the best kinds of applications that you have ever seen or thought.

Suddenly, with Google Glass App Development, movies like iRobot seem true! Alright, taking a deep breath let me explain what the Glass is all about.

Hire Google Glass Developers

The Google Glass is a wearable computer that can be mounted just like a pair of eye glasses. The initial version was glass-less, however, the newer versions include the option of putting prescription as well as sun glasses to the frame.

It has a small microchip attached to the frame which displays all the things. It is voice controlled but also has touch sensors on the frame near the temple to handle it easily. There is a wide range of apps pre existent in the Google Glass sphere but a lot of work is still underway.

Cool apps to have on the glass

Eye Scanner app

Remember Mission Impossible? Well, it’s become a little real now. Instead of contact lenses which can blink and print, you can do the same with your Google Glass. Blinking has become enabled on the glass which will allow you to upload whatever you click the pics of to the Google drive. Soon, we can also expect the Dropbox to be connected with it.

Facial Recognition

If you are going to a high crowd density area, just keep the facial recognition app on on your glass and it will ensure that you never lose track of your friends and family. It will scan through the crowd and identify the people you are looking for so that life is a breeze for you!

Get the bird’s eye view

If you have a little trouble with your vision and couldn’t get front seat tickets to the concert, with the bird’s eye view you can get a cool close peek at whatever you want. This app zooms it out for you and keeps it right in front.


With an app to sync your presentation with your glass, you really don’t need to keep turning your head back and forth while giving a presentation to the audience. You’ll have all the details right in front of you. A slight variant will also allow you to compeer effortlessly!