What psychology does a restaurant app development company use?

Food. It is a complete word that makes all the sense in the world. Food is not just an item to consume, but the whole concept of happiness and satisfaction put together in one single thing. We don’t know when was the first time that Food was given out commercially but it is an easy thing to guess. Since the time we have existed and people discovered the art of cooking, they must have realized it is an easy and promising way to make money.

restaurant app development company

But what drives us to pick one restaurant over another? Why do we choose one particular food app instead of the other? Why do we order one item more often than the rest? It’s all in the head.

Mind Games

Our brain conventionalized to behave in a particular way. There are things that we do for reasons that we can’t explain. Sometimes, the most logical thing appears to be inconsequential and sometimes the most important of things are hidden away in a tiny detail.

In order to sell something, you have to first connect with the audience. Show them something that you know they would enjoy looking at. Share with them things that you are certain would drive them towards a longing for your product.

The color conundrum

Colors can really mess your head up if not found in the right way. We know it for a fact that people are used to looking at things in a particular way and when they don’t find it like that it really confuses you. Let’s say for example, will you like to eat a lemon that is purple? OR will it interest you to go gobble down a green egg?

Chances are, you will be disgusted with it and want to throw up. So, why does that happen? The major reason for that happening is the fact that our brains are wired in a very typical way. There are some colors that make us hungry, some colors that make us excited and some colors that make us feel content and satiated.

If you are trying to sell food, you have to make sure that you use colors that make people hungry, rather than colors that make them feel calm and content. What we mean is, if someone is already content, why would he pay to eat your food? On the contrary, if someone looks at something and suddenly starts feeling hungry, then he will feel compelled to order that food item.

Restaurant app development company and colors

Every restaurant app development company will definitely use big bold bright colors to make their apps to ensure that it is generating interest in their users. You will find that there are hardly any food apps that aren’t colored red or yellow or orange. In fact even big restaurant chains have their signage in reds and yellows. What’s funny is that even deliveroo clone colored in red. Although the main deliveroo app is a light shade of blue. App clone colored in bright reds or oranges.

What should you do?

If you are planning to launch your own food delivery application similar to Deliveroo then these are the following things that you should take care of:

app like deliveroo clone

  1. The app needs to build well. Make sure that the app specifically created to help the people. Find what they are looking for quickly and easily.
  2. The app should be attractive. Sometimes, designs play such important roles. It can make people want to click on the icon or want to turn away. Your app should be attractive enough to ensure that more and more people feel compelled to download and use it.
  3. A food delivery app’s major component is the ability to track the location of the delivery personnel to deliver the food.
  4. You should be able to decide how much commission you want to make from each order placed on the app. this should be dynamic so you can change it with time.

On the whole, the when a restaurant app development company builds an app like deliveroo clone, the main objective is to ensure that more and more people can get attracted by it. Make sure that you play the psychology card well and get your colors right!

Top Things to be Weary while Developing your Own White Label Food Delivery App

There is hardly anyone who has never thought about ordering food online. Everyone has been there in a situation where they have thought of ordering in instead of cooking themselves a meal or going out for a take out. This is the biggest reason for the success of the Grubhub clone script.

The world needs food delivery apps. And the more there are, the better it is. If you too have decided to enter the realms of this business, then it is perhaps time for you to enter the realms of white label food delivery apps.

Grubhub clone script

How does food delivery work?

It isn’t as plain as it seems. The food delivery network is as complex as it gets. There are two basic methods in which a food delivery app can work.

Restaurant Apps

These are basically apps where the restaurant itself is providing the delivery service. This means that when the user logs into it, they have access to the entire menu of the restaurant. They can order what they like and make the payment online. Then, the restaurant allots a driver (who is their own staff) to the task and has him or her deliver the food. This is a very direct method of food delivery.

Third Party Delivery

This is the most common method of using an app for food delivery. What happens here is that the User, when logged in, can see a list of all the restaurants that are there on this app. They can order from any restaurant that they see on the app and make the payment online.

Once this is done, the restaurant accepts the order and allots it to driver for delivery. But the difference here is that the delivery drivers are all third party. They work for the app owner and not the particular restaurant.

Which is the Most Profitable Option?

If you are planning to go into business, then you have to make sure that you understand which method is a profitable one. In our professional opinion, the second option is the more profitable one. It is also more versatile and dynamic.

This means that in the first case, you will have to be a restaurant owner. If you have a restaurant and just want to extend you delivery service into a digital branch then it might be sensible to go for a white label food delivery app.

However, if you don’t want to pull out some money from multiple verticals, then the second option is the most appropriate one. This option doesn’t really require you to do anything at all, but to continue enjoying the benefits of a commission per delivery.

Exactly how will the Grubhub Clone script help you earn money?

The best way to put it is this: It’s a taxi for food.

So, basically, each time someone places an order using your food app, you will end up making a commission on it. No matter which restaurant it is, no matter which area the user lives in, if the order has been placed by you, you will definitely stand to make a commission.

It is a simple and effective way to continue making money without having to put in any effort at all. The restaurants enjoy the benefit of making their menu available on a digital platform and the users enjoy the advantage of being able to place an order instantly from a variety of different restaurants and choose on the basis of cuisine, location, meal type etc.

White label food delivery app


While it may be tempting to go knee deep in the business of white label food delivery app it is best to weigh your options regarding how you want to go ahead with it. Some people like to build their own white label food delivery app by hiring a team of developers, however, in our opinion; the best option is to go for a grubhub clone script.

Biggest Secret to help your Food Delivery Apps become Successful!

The food delivery industry is booming with leaps and bounds. Either restaurants are registering with third party apps that offer delivery services, or buying their own apps to ensure that they don’t miss out on the large pool of users that prefer to order online and get their food delivered. However, amongst all the food delivery apps in the world, not each one is a big success. This is partly because they have tried to enter a market that did not have any “need” as such. There are other mistakes as well that we will get into further. But before that, let us try to figure out the best tips to help your food delivery apps become successful.

Food Delivery Apps

Don’t Build your App from Scratch

Somehow, people have this misconception, that if you build your app yourself, you will make a better one. Well, sorry but that isn’t true. I mean, if you want to eat cookies, its okay to experimentally bake them at home. But, if you want to sell those cookies, it is best that you hire a professional baker.

There are quite a few tried and tested apps available in the market. Since they are ready, it definitely makes more sense to buy them and launch them because you won’t have to wait for very long to launch them.

If you build your app from scratch, you are essentially walking into a tunnel without knowing if it opens on the other end or not. What are the practical problems that users might face, how do we handle that etc. Using a food delivery app clone is the safest thing to do because everything is pre created. There are no bug related issues that are possible because it has been used by millions of users already.

Don’t Leave it be

You will find a lot of companies that will keep repeating that buying an app will make your life easier and that you will not have to do anything at all when it comes to generating business. Very website will make it sound like the app will automatically start pouring money into your accounts. But that isn’t going to be true. You will have to do a lot of things. The first and foremost thing is that you have to treat your business as though it is the future of you. You have to be invested in it and make sure that you put in adequate amount of efforts to ensure that it works well.

Now, you don’t really have to slog behind it. But, yes, you will definitely have to market the food delivery service app. You have to make sure that more and more people know about your application so that they choose to use yours rather than your competitors.

What not to do when you get a food delivery apps?

Sometimes we are so caught up in what to do that we forget about the mistakes that we commonly make in an attempt to work. There are so many things we get too eager about that we make silly mistakes that come back to bite us, well, somewhere. So, here are the things that you must avoid at all costs!

Don’t underestimate your competitors

We often feel excited about our projects. We love our food delivery apps so much that we underestimate the power of other apps. Please understand that there is a lot of effort that the others have put in it as well. They have been there in the market since a very long time and have already developed a user base. If you want people to choose your services instead of the others then you have to know them inside out.

on demand food delivery app


While it might be a good idea to plan your costs and save as much money as you can, it isn’t always the wisest option to go for the cheaper goods. Everything that is cheap doesn’t necessarily have to be good. You will find options on the internet that are dirt cheap and laden with all the features. It might be very tempting to go for those options, but you must make sure that you check them thoroughly for any hidden charges.

If you keep these points in mind, you will be able to ensure that your food delivery service app that allows people to order meals online is a super successful app.

How to Make Your Own Food Delivery Service App

The food delivery business has been around since the time the prepared food was offered in a commercial way. If someone could prepare it, someone could deliver it. Convenience is the main thing for people today. If they need something, they are willing to pay extra also, just for the convenience. From phone call orders, things have moved on to app-based orders. Today is the day and age of millennials. Today’s people are moving their penchant from conventional dine out to mobile on demand food delivery service app like- McDonald and Pizza Hut. The extensive assortments of restaurants, unlimited gastronomy and the option to pay with a swipe on your mobile apps have just made it extremely easy for the Customer today.

food delivery service app

The digital platform has changed in a huge way in the recent past. Things that used to be in a particular order have now changed in a completely different way. Mobile applications are the latest addition to the horizon of food delivery. This means that online food ordering doesn’t require anyone to pick up the phone and make a call and wait for someone to respond on the other end.

On demand delivery apps like Postmates and UberEats have by now started the wave of expediency driven deliveries through apps. This makes it extremely convenient for the people to ascertain that their delivery is going to reach them on time and they can track it. The previous model of food delivery left a black hole in the minds of the users so as to where exactly the driver was. Sometimes, drivers would just lie and delay the order. The food would reach you absolutely cold. With these apps, you can ensure that you can track them continuously. Checking their real position on the map.

How does the Food Delivery Model work?

There are two different ways in which the Food Delivery model can work and operate.

The Aggregator Model

This is essentially the most basic food delivery system. This company is essentially a third party. So, a customer places an order and the restaurant prepares the order. The third party gives them access. They give them a platform to access the restaurant, see the menu, place an order and then track its delivery. In this system, this third party is a mere facilitator. It is not responsible for getting the deliveries done. The restaurant itself manages that.

Platform plus logistic

This model takes sit a step further. So, not only will a third party be able to give the restaurants a platform to make their menus available along with other important features such as reviews and ratings, they will also ensure that they can make the deliveries happen.

This means that the people who will now be making the deliveries will not be restaurant employees but people who are employed by the third party. So, after the order is placed and the food is prepared, this third party will collect it and drop it at the desired address.

food delivery on demand

Making a profitable food delivery service app

If you want to start your own food delivery service app such as SWIGGY or UBEREATS, then it is of utmost importance that you first decide what kind of a model you want to choose for your business. There are quite a few companies that develop apps and can help you with that. However, when you make the decision of buying the app, you will have to also do a fair bit of research.

The best thing to do is find out which is your personal favorite food delivery app. once you know that study each and every feature of it one by one and independently. The app is a holistic thing. It has to serve the User, the service provider and end up making money for you as well. So, ensure that the following things are in order:

GPS navigation and Tracking:

This feature will allow the users to track where their order has reached. And the driver to track where their pick up and drop location is.

Rating and Review Option:

This feature will help the Users to rate and review the restaurants on the app so that others can see the rating and make informed choices about their orders.

Promo and Rewards:

your app should definitely have the avenue of enabling restaurants to offer rewards through promo codes.

On the whole, make sure that the food delivery service app helps your customers to get the food that they want when they want it. Also, ascertain that it is the right one for the area that you want to launch it in. If you do everything right, there is no way you will not be successful.

The Ultimate Guide for the best food Delivery Service

With the advent of smart technology, the world is revolving around mobile phones and apps. You will be amazed at the number of people who are reliant on their mobiles. That is why more and more services are looking to appify their businesses because people prefer to get their goods and services online, rather than scouring through hundreds of shops. This is because apps offer the comfort, convenience, and choice to users. The same applies to the food industry too. Let’s say you are hungry and there is nothing in the fridge. What’s more, you don’t feel like cooking, neither do you want to go out. What do you do? Turn to the on demand food delivery app of course. The perfect solution for you would be to get the food delivered to your doorstep. As easy as pie.

on demand food delivery app

The difficult part is deciding which app to use to get your food. There are so many on demand food delivery app on the market that you have no clue which one would suit you. What’s more, there is a new app on the market every day – that is more than enough to confuse anyone. Apart from deciding what to eat, it is yet another mission on deciding which app to use. That is where this guide comes in – gives you an idea of which app is best suited for your purposes.

A rundown of the top on demand food delivery app


A standalone app that was launched in March 2016, you have to download it along with the Uber app. It gives you an option of ordering food on demand or from the restaurants listed on the app. The instant delivery takes about 10 minutes for delivery after the time of the request. Working hours for instant delivery are 11am to 2pm on weekdays and you have a choice of about five items.

Cube food delivery

Available on both the Android and iPhone platforms, users need to download and register on the app. It allows users to order food from more than one restaurant; it does have a wide choice of restaurants that you can choose. Once you place the order, users are able to track and monitor the food delivery boy as he makes his way to deliver the order. This app is ideal for anyone who is looking to set up their own on demand food delivery startup.


Serving clients across the world, this app is ideal for anyone who is looking for a gourmet food experience from the comforts of their homes. This app is home to some of the finest restaurants in the world.

on demand food delivery app

Amazon Restaurants

This app specializes in delivery food to Amazon Prime members. Apart from real-time tracking of the delivery, the user can choose restaurants that are suited to their budget, i.e. there is a choice of fast food casual eateries or fine dining restaurants. The app has a very popular selection of restaurants and cuisines that suits most palates.

The above list is not exhaustive.  There are many similar apps on the market. You can use the idea of any of these apps and launch your own food delivery app clone. Any good developer will be able to give you a clone of the requested app at a reasonable price. In just a matter of days, you too can be the owner of a very lucrative food delivery business.

Buy On Demand Food Delivery Grubhub Clone App

It isn’t uncommon to be on hold for umpteen minutes when you try and order food delivery from the restaurant. The number of times this has happened to me is uncountable. The most annoying thing is that either the line gets disconnect or someone who sounds harassed/frustrated comes on the line and says just one word “Yes?”. Excuse me, I was put on hold whilst trying to order a food parcel and after a length of time, I get that one word! Simply annoying. I have just put the phone down  – just couldn’t be bother when the restaurant staff is not! However, my frustration has been felt by millions and someone has done something to address this global issue. There is now an app in the market which allows you to order food whenever and wherever you want, without holding onto the phone for hours or speaking to rude staff. Yes, I am talking about the Grubhub clone.

grubhub clone

The on demand food delivery app can design such that customers get a seamless food ordering experience. The app can design such that all the local restaurants are in one app. Therefore you can get your favorite foods from these restaurants in no time. The Grubhub clone app is compatible with both Android and iPhone platforms.

The customers can order food from the menu listed by the registered restaurants depending upon their locality and make payments automatically by cash or e-wallet/payment cards. You can order food at any time of the day or night with delivery.

The Food ordering Process in a Nutshell

  • Users will first need to register on the app with their personal details and provide details of the method of payment. If they have opted for a credit/debit card payment then need to register with card details.
  • The perfect search bar allows users to search for their favorite food and all the restaurants that make that particular menu item available on the app.
  • The user just needs to decide which restaurant he wants to order from and tap on it. He can also check out the ratings and reviews of that restaurant along with all those that listed.
  • Once he has placed the order, he can give details of the delivery time and date if the food request is for a later time.
  • Once the food delivered, the app can update accordingly and the payment deducts from the user’s payment card.
  • The user can rate and review the restaurant and service if he so wishes.
  • The overall operation is manage by the app owner, who manages all the orders, discount coupons, finances, ordering history etc.

food delivery on demand

The Food Delivery Grubhub Clone App as a Successful Startup

The app owner gets a percentage commission for every food delivery. Therefore if you have an innovative idea for a food ordering app and want to get it developed then start your search for a developer who knows how the Grubhub clone works and will give you the most amazing app for your business.

It is better to check out their product portfolio too to make sure that they know their stuff. Are you still thinking? Don’t leave it too late – Christmas is upon us and there will be many people looking for your service. Get your app design today and launch it in just 72 hours.

On Demand Food Delivery App Features and Benefits

We are living in a mobile world. There are mobile solutions for almost everything today, be it for personal or professional use. Whether it is a personal grooming service you want or manual job, there is an app for everything.  In this list of mobile solutions, the food delivery app like Uber should not be forgotten.

The introduction of apps like GrubHub, EAT24 and Caviar has eased the life of all foodies. These apps will ensure that you have food at your doorstep exactly when you want it without you having to give up your busy work or personal schedule.

The success of this food delivery app like uber has caught the eyes of app developers, restaurant owners as well as entrepreneurs who are looking to make a quick buck.

food delivery app like uber

The Advantages of Food Delivery App Like Uber

The main reason for the popularity of these apps is the fact that the food gets delivered. People no longer have to queue up in restaurants or go to a takeaway to get food. All they have to do is tap on the food delivery app. just a few times and await the food to be delivered.

Features that have made these Apps Popular

Food delivery apps have certain features that have made them popular. As an entrepreneur/restaurant owner, you need to know which features will be required when you get your app developed.

The popularity of Social Media

The main reason why apps are so successful is that they save time, effort and money. You need to make sure that your app is social media friendly so that more and more people know about it and use it. Sign in and sign up facilities should be quick and easy. You also need to make sure that you have your app designed such that the user can take a peek into what his friends are eating as well as face the facility to share their order on different social media platforms.

Prompt Delivery

The concept of on-demand has become popular because of its prompt and timely delivery. It is a known fact that users usually stop using apps that do not so what they are supposed to – in this case – timely delivery. It is therefore important that when you start your app based business it is better to focus on timely quality delivery rather than quantity.

Customize your Solution

If you want an instant fan following then you need to offer them something unique. Speak to your developer about any unique ideas you have. The developer can also discuss with you your preferences and help you by developing an ideal solution.

Location Tracking in Real Time

Users like the idea of knowing exactly where their order is in real time. That is why it is important you have this feature inbuilt into your app. This involves from the time the meal is ordering until the delivery time they should be able to track it.

ubereats clone

Know how of Local Market

In order to be the best in your field, it is important that you know the requirements of the local market. Keep abreast of what your competitors are doing and what the localities prefer. Study the market and research into what the people would ideally like. This will help you bridge the gap between supply and demand.

It is important that you start small and expand slowly. This way you will be able to iron out all the teething problems in the initial phases and then go for the long haul. The only problem you need to take care of is that you give something new and different to the masses and you will have a fan following in no time. This means a lot of dosh for you. Isn’t it time you spoke to a developer and got your food delivery app like uber launched?