The Ultimate Guide for the Best Food Delivery Service

With the advent of smart technology, the world is revolving round mobile phones and apps. You will be amazed at the number of people who are reliant on their mobiles. That is why more and more services are looking to appify their businesses because people prefer to get their goods and services online, rather than scouring through hundreds of shops. This is because apps offer the comfort, convenience and choice to users.

The same applies to the food industry too. Let’s say you are hungry and there is nothing in the fridge. What’s more you don’t feel like cooking, neither do you want to go out. What do you do? Turn to the app off course. The perfect solution for you would be to get the food delivered to your doorstep. As easy as pie.

The difficult part is deciding which app to use to get your food. There are so many food delivery apps in the market that you have no clue which one would suit you. What’s more there is a new app in the market everyday – that is more than enough to confuse anyone. Apart from deciding what to eat, it is yet another mission on deciding which app to use. That is where this guide comes in – gives you an idea of which app is best suited for your purposes.

A run down on the top on demand food delivery app


A standalone app that was launched in March 2016, you have to download it along with the Uber app. It gives you an option of ordering food on demand or from the restaurants listed on the app. The instant delivery takes about 10 minutes for delivery after the time the request is placed. Working hours for instant delivery are 11am to 2pm on weekdays and you have a choice of about five items.

Cubefood delivery

Available on both the Android and iPhone platforms, users need to download and register on the app. It allows users to order food from more than one restaurant; it does have a wide choice of restaurants that you can choose. Once the order has been placed, users are able to track and monitor the food delivery boy as he makes his way to deliver the order. This app is ideal for anyone who is looking to set up their own on demand food delivery app startup.


Serving clients across the world, this app is ideal for anyone who is looking for a gourmet food experience from the comforts of their homes. This app is home to some of the finest restaurants across the world.

Amazon Restaurants

This app specializes in delivery food to Amazon prime members. Apart from real time tracking of the delivery, the user can choose restaurants that are suited to their budget, i.e. there is a choice of fast food casual eateries or fine dining restaurants. The app has a very popular selection of restaurants and cuisines that suites most palates.

The above list is not exhaustive.  There are many similar apps in the market. You can use the idea of any of these apps and launch your own on demand food delivery app. Any good developer will be able to give you a clone of the requested app at a reasonable price. In just a matter of days you, too can be the owner of a very lucrative food delivery business.