Why Some People Hate ColdFusion?

ColdFusion is one of those technologies that have had a love hate relationship with the world of development. It works in waves, you know, where once there is a huge surge of ColdFusion web development, and then there is an utter lull. However, being in this field for a little over a decade, I would often wonder, how can a technology be hated so much even though it offers such great results?

Now, obviously, anyone in the blue nowhere cannot last with only one programming language, so bread and butter wasn’t a problem, however, I was always faced with an itch so as to what makes people dislike a technology so powerful and beautiful. This led me through a vast phase of research and referral where in stomped though directories and forums of details to understand what the people wanted.

My search made me stumble upon certain facts like:

The world is driven by rumors

It’s true! What I found out was that for the most part a lot of things that made people dislike ColdFusion, did not even exist. There are myths around ColdFusion that state it is not secure or even susceptible to complicated coding, but it is absolutely incorrect

It is difficult to find a reliable ColdFusion development company

Now, this is a real problem. Owing to its features and flexibility, sometimes business owners specifically look to have their site developed in ColdFusion, but the panic caused by the myths along with the difficulty in looking for the right company and in time discourages the developers to a large extent.

Not much is known about ColdFusion Web Development

Although I hate to admit it, but it is really difficult to find some authentic and genuine details about ColdFusion online easily. Technically sound people know the right kind of words to search with and therefore are able to extract some details but a layman world never even have heard of ColdFusion web development in his daily life. Some people still associate it with the whole nuclear reactor thingy.

So, how to sort the problem?

To begin with, let me show you what ColdFusion really is.

It is essentially a programming language that helps developers create stunning websites with outstanding features so that your business can do extraordinarily well. You can create websites and web applications with ColdFusion if you hire a professional ColdFusion Development Company at very affordable rates.

The chief advantages of working with ColdFusion include:

  • Reliability
  • Better runtime performance
  • Security
  • Ease of use and access

Why it is my favorite?

ColdFusion happens to be my personal favorite development language because it is easy to understand and work with. Of course there are things that I have to be really skilled at if I want to make the most of it, but that isn’t the fault of the code itself.

ColdFusion offers limitless possibilities. It presents you with the scope of creativity combined with feasibility which is a fail proof formula for a successful outcome. I have made many projects in ColdFusion for clients all over the world and not one of them has ever complained.

Also, editing and making changes is a cake walk with respect to ColdFusion web development. I personally love it, and would always advocate for it. Try it out to know what I mean!

Coldfusion Development V/s PHP: Which One to Go For?

Amid all the confusion of which one ranks amongst the top development technology today, ColdFusion has become my favorite. I simply adore it because it is simple, effective and not so expensive. I mean, in my line of profession, we come across many clients who are not particularly sure about what they want, but they keep asking what to go for, what not to do and how to proceed with web development.

Actually the most that people have heard of is PHP and how great it is so clients keep asking me to work with PHP only. However, when I sit with them and explain to them the pros and cons of both, they happily agree with me to use ColdFusion.

Can we rule them as one better than the other?

For the most part, no. When we talk about two different technologies, I would urge you to never compare between them. They are essentially created for different purposes. Before you decide to go for one option, you have to understand the role you want your website or web application to play and then based on your requirement choose a language which will facilitate you to get best results.

Why I suggest ColdFusion to most Clients?

Although I said that we should not compare between two languages, it is of utmost importance that we consider our options in terms of resource and time availability before we decide to settle on a particular technology.

I love PHP, but I find that ColdFusion has an edge over PHP in a few respects. Following is a list of my observation:

  • Requires much less coding
  • Offers a much clearer and neat and clean presentation
  • splendid amalgamation with PDF’s and SWF’s
  • It is essentially tag based which makes it easy to learn. If you already know html, then you can easily become a ColdFusion Developer
  • It has in built charting,
  • It also bears an in built XML integration ,
  • Has an in built read and write registry
  • carry out programs and batch files on the server,
  • POP mail recovery
  • Better session management as compared to PHP which uses the file system making it incredibly slow and not at all flexible.

Which one is more Cost effective?

When it comes to a cost analysis I would have to agree that both are pretty much the same. The only difference is probably because ColdFusion happens to be a little simple and therefore its turnaround time is faster. So if you have hired an hourly developer or something, then PHP would be an expensive option.

One word of caution, you have to be very careful about how you select your developer. In the present times, it is easy to get cheated. Be careful of selecting an appropriate ColdFusion developer so that your final product is a success.

What Makes Coldfusion 9 your Best Business Decision: Top New Features!

ColdFusion web development has been the benchmark of business friendly technology since a very long time. However, in spite of its many advantages, there are a few things that have been worrying people since some time. In order to overcome these problems, the ColdFusion 9 comes fully equipped with all the latest features that can make the most out of your products.

The First Complaints

If you have been using ColdFusion Web Development at all, you will understand that the most predominant complaint about it is to do with the tag based CFML language. It may be easy for people used to HTML, but it is very tedious for others because it is lengthy and its tag syntax is excruciatingly long-winded.

This problem has been corrected by adobe and it thereby allows you to write codes in both CFML or even CFScript. CFScript is essentially an ECMA-like scripting language. Using this helps in speeding up the process of coding to a large extent when non visual components like ColdFusion Components (also known as  CFCs) are involved. People who have been using the older version can appreciate the kind of boon this one is. It even means that people comfortable with ActionScript or JavaScript can be comfortable in it.

The lack of a decent library

The latest addition of the Java Hibernate object-relational mapping (ORM) library solves another very pungent complaint that was raised by its earlier users. With this, ColdFusion is able to abstract a lot of the complexity of the Hibernate away making the simple API available which in turn allows you to load and save the CFCs to a relational database. This means you can actually build an object without having to think about the database at all. It also ensures that Hibernate can translate the particular model into a schema automatically. A ColdFusion Developer will now also be able to build robust domain models absolutely effortlessly by engaging nested transaction and hooks within the hibernate event model.

Export to Excel

Having been into the realms of technology for so long, I can tell you that the most irritating and tedious tasks of all was the step of ‘Export to Excel’. It is simple so long as you are making an HTML table but the moment you get involved in creating something of a slightly higher complication like the Apache POI to create worksheets and formulas; it will take forever for you to actually be able to undertake the export. ColdFusion 9 will happily surprise you with something called the cfspreadsheet tag that will deliver you off this terrible process. This tag is complemented with a host of different functions that will enable you t carry out any number of manipulations with the sheet with absolutely no trouble altogether. Any Coldfsion Developer will tell you how helpful this new feature is.

On the whole, the new ColdFusion 9 is power packed with some of the best features all set to put it back to the top of the shelf for every web developer today.

Is Coldfusion the Right Choice for You?

The present times have presented us with a situation where every technology has something to beat it. There is always something that is better than the present one and therefore the whole confusion. I can tell you that in my career I have worked with many different development languages and the moment I felt that I had finally mastered one; its trend would fade away and make way for something new.

This is why, I guess, every ColdFusion Development Company enables you to Hire ColdFusion Developer with experience in various versions so that you can pick one that suits your requirements. Although most people opt for the latest versions, sometimes, it is okay to go with the older ones (in order to save some money) if it is really not needed.

The Core Role of ColdFusion

As many would know, ColdFusion is a development language. But, if I was to explain its original role, then we could say that it is more like a web development tool that enables a ColdFusion Development Company to offer people web based solutions. Built on the J2EE platform it is a RAD language.

The most important thing that sets ColdFusion apart from other development languages is that it is truly multipurpose in nature. It is a language, an application server and also a web hosting tool. Some people do think that it is a little expensive, but then, if it brings you a great web presence then it is an investment worth making. If you hire the right ColdFusion developer he can transform your concepts into robust web based solutions that can augment your company’s profitability.

Why Choose ColdFusion

The only reason people get discouraged from using ColdFusion is the price associated with it. However, there are so many advantages to it that once you know about it fully, there are no doubts you will opt for it.

Richer Apps: you can get much richer apps with better features with ColdFusion

Efficiency: It is highly efficient thereby increasing your profitability

Compatibility: it is completely compatible with many popular server operating systems.

Ecommerce websites: You can make the best of eCommerce web sites with the help of cold fusion.

Languages: you can create the option of multiple languages in a website with the help of ColdFusion.


Using ColdFusion for your site or not is completely your decision to make however, one thing to note is that are you well researched to take a right call? If not, sit down and make a list of your expectations and requirements from the site.

You have to know what you want from it before indulging in that field. So once you have clear and crisp idea about what you would want it to be like, then you can easily step forth and instruct your developer to follow your directions.

Basically it is all too nice to rely on the information being given to you by your developer, but after all it is your online impression that we are talking about and so it is essential that you are actively participating in the process, lest someone take you for granted.

ColdFusion Web Development: Benefits for the ColdFusion Programmer

ColdFusion is one of the best application server technologies which is available for developers to create numerous web applications. It does not require lengthy or complex coding processes in the usual programming languages (although it does support a host of traditional programming techniques). What a developer needs to do is to extend standard HTML files with stuff like database commands and conditional operators.

This is why the latest version of ColdFusion – ColdFusion 8 is being used by a number of developers for integrating browser, server and the database technologies.  Now let us take a look at some of the main reasons that make ColdFusion Web Development preferable for the developers:

Benefits of ColdFusion technology:

There are numerous advantages of ColdFusion technology, which makes it immensely popular with the programmers. Let us take a look at some of them:

Simplified Installation and Migration

  • ColdFusion provides clear instructions and explains the options in detail.

  • You can use it to easily do non-standard installations

  • It even works with numerous operating systems

  • It includes advanced web server configuration wizard

  • You get improved upgrade and migration tools

  • Get a greater backward compatibility than ever

  • Continues to support silent installation when required

Faster development

ColdFusion consists of a brand new compiler. It compiles from CFML to Java byte code directly and that too without generating Java source code. This results in a fast execution, which is so fast that you’ll not even notice the difference between initial compile and the subsequent requests. Wouldn’t that be great?

Improved Protocols

ColdFusion now comes with numerous improved protocols. This will make it all the more easy for the ColdFusion Programmer to create and implement web applications.

Benefits of a ColdFusion website:

  • Build richer, dynamic and powerful web applications: This dynamic website does not need high level coding

  • Highly productive and efficient: ColdFusion websites deliver more as compared to other websites in terms of productivity and efficiency

  • Easy to maintain: Websites developed using ColdFusion are easier to maintain than the static websites

  • System and server independent: A ColdFusion website is operating system independent. Also, it can be run on any server

  • Popular among developers: Because it consists of high run time performance and is easy to use

  • Build rich websites easily: Developers can create rich websites with numerous features and functions quite easily using ColdFusion

  • Advantages of ColdFusion website:

    • Get more powerful and richer applications

    • Can be created in any language

    • Can be integrated with all the major internet standards and component models

    • Can be used to create professional business graphics

To sum it all up

All these benefits and much more help the ColdFusion Programmer develop some of the most exceptional web applications. Hence, if you are looking for ColdFusion Web development, now is the best time to do so. You simply have to find out a company that provides you the best developer to match your requirement(s). All the best for your search.

Experience the Wonders of ColdFusion Technology by Hiring ColdFusion Developers

ColdFusion Development is done by professional and experienced ColdFusion web application developers. Web development companies offer these services to clients through a budget-friendly business model – hire dedicated developer services. Clients hire ColdFusion Developers in UK to develop dynamic, feature-rich and interactive web applications. ColdFusion is an admired technology for building web apps because of the immense advantages it offers to developers and to application seekers.

A ColdFusion web application developer can help create visually attractive and functionally strong applications. ColdFusion development is easy to learn and use. Hence, a trained developer can easily make creative apps and templates using the technology. Developers can integrate a lot of features in the applications like rotation charts and scrollers. A dedicated ColdFusion developer can use the technology to use it across several servers and operation systems. Developers can also experiment with a lot of colours, styles and themes while making applications. They can get as creative and innovative as possible while using ColdFusion Development .

Hiring dedicated developer aids total attention to one project at a time. This increases productivity and efficiency throughout the development process. In such a model, client and developer are always in touch either through emails or IMs. Hence such a process contributes to increased transparency, seamless communication and provides continuous updates of the project development to the client. Additionally, it also allows changes or modifications to the project at any given point in time. The client can also sit and monitor his project from any part of the world and keep abreast of the status of development.

No wonder the advantages of the technology combined with the benefits of hiring a developer has made Hire ColdFusion developer the most popular service in the web application development field.

Treading your Way to the Right ColdFusion Development Company

ColdFusion Development makes use of the very popular, very fast and very effective ColdFusion technology. ColdFusion helps development of graphically appealing, entertaining, engaging and dynamic websites and web applications. Clients seeking ColdFusion developers as well as developers themselves recommend this language for building web applications across a variety of industries and business scales. ColdFusion is compatible across a broad range of operating systems and server technologies. The pace of ColdFusion development has increased in recent times as advanced versions of this technology have facilitated creating dynamic apps through rapid application development.

Choosing a ColdFusion Development Company can often be a risky call for clients. This is because today the market if flooded with development companies that offer these kind of services and choosing the best out of these is sometimes difficult for clients. It is also a big question as it involves a lot of money, time and costly resources. But there a lot of ways clients can check the credibility of a ColdFusion development company. The first step involves visiting the company’s website and verifying since when has it been actively involved in the industry. Next is to skim through the portfolio of the company to check how diverse assignments have they taken up and how well have they performed over the years. It is not essential, but it would be better, if clients could also get to speak to past clients of the company and ask for a review. Past experiences greatly strengthen the bond of future relationships with the same company.

Further its the strength of the workforce. ColdFusion Developers can differ in their skill to understand, creativity and innovative techniques. Arrange for an interview with the developer and get to know how capable he is to handle the task that you have to offer. And lastly, clients look for companies that are pocket-friendly. So check for how flexible the company is with respect to payments and what are the pricing models. Select the one that suits your needs the best.

So, now you get how easy it is to select a development company if you have the right steps in place. Make sure you make a thoughtful decision, the next time you decide to build a ColdFusion application.

How does Hiring a ColdFusion Developer Add Value to your Project?

The world today is a reflection of cut-throat competition, outperformance and consistent results. Businesses and individuals have grown very competitive and always strive to lead their competitors. One essential thing that they focus on is having a very strong online presence. This can be achieved through developing attractive and informative websites, having a strong presence on social networking websites and having tougher social media marketing strategies. We shall talk here about the importance of developing company websites with the widely used ColdFusion platform.

ColdFusion is a popular scripting language used to make dynamic, engaging and interactive websites across a wide variety of businesses and purposes. ColdFusion Developers around the globe are very confident and positive about developing innovative websites with ColdFusion. ColdFusion development is easy, convenient, dynamic and fast. Hence ColdFusion development companies also recommend this language to develop client websites that makes the website visually appealing and functionally interesting. ColdFusion Development is done by professional ColdFusion developers. These developers either work independently or are employed by several offshore ColdFusion development companies. ColdFusion developers are in great demand owing to the fame and increasing use of the language. Not only developers, but clients too are asking for ColdFusion development today. A popular client-developer engagement model is hiring a ColdFusion developer. Clients can hire a single developer or an entire team, depending on the scale and nature of the project.

Hire ColdFusion Developer that adds great value to your project as it offers a lot of benefits while the project development is still in progress. First and the most important of all benefits is the dedication that the developer brings to the project. Through hiring a developer, the project gets a dedicated resource which will have his 100% concentrate on one project at any given point of time. This leads to timely completion of the project and thankfully fewer errors, compared to engaging with the development company. Secondly, a ColdFusion developer who’s exclusively working on one project is in constant interaction with the client through IMs, emails, chats, etc. This way the client is always updated of the development progress and there is increased level of transparency due to regular client-developer communication.

Next is the cost part. Hiring a single developer is certainly cost-effective compared to establishing a development infrastructure and deploying various resources like personnel, equipments, technology, etc. Another important feature of hiring a ColdFusion developer is that the client can monitor his project remotely sitting in any part of the world. Hence, it seems like the development happens in the client’s virtual presence. This also ensures greater transparency between the developer and the client. Also, this facilitates any modifications, corrections, additions, deletions of any kind during the development phase, which is not available for any other business model. So then don’t you think hiring ColdFusion developers would add greater value to your desired and valuable projects? Think again.

Why are ColdFusion web programmers in demand?

ColdFusion is a popular programming language and the emerging technology is also seeing a parallel increase in the growth of the community of ColdFusion programmers. Custom ColdFusion development companies offer services to hire ColdFusion programmer teams for bespoke web applications. ColdFusion programming language has been a successful tool to develop websites and web apps for every kind of business across all categories and sizes.

ColdFusion web programmers have been greatly in demand as a consequence to the popularity and demand of the programming language itself. Built on a robust J2EE platform, ColdFusion aids development of complex, interactive and dynamic websites and web apps. It is much faster compared to other development platforms, which is why it is rightly known as Rapid Application Development language too. ColdFusion was developed way back in 1995 and since then the language has been evolving and improving only to be better with each version. ColdFusion programmers are experts in developing websites using this amazingly advantageous programming language.

Today a lot of offshore outsourcing web development companies from India offer services into custom ColdFusion development. The growing demand of ColdFusion programmers stems from the inclination towards this programming language from developers and clients alike. ColdFusion programmers at these development companies are professional veterans in the industry who hold considerable experience into website development using ColdFusion. Hiring ColdFusion programmer for website development has become a usual practice for offshore clients who seek programmers who are not only technically sound but also cost-effective. ColdFusion programmers are expected to be creative, experimental and innovative in developing customized websites for clients. They can also add a lot of interactive elements like Flash and Java to the website to make it more engaging and entertaining. Clients that hire these programmers constantly communicate with their dedicated developers until the finish of the project and also monitor their projects remotely from any part of the world.

Choosing ColdFusion Application Development

ColdFusion has become a popular technology amongst various other emerging technologies for rich web development and dynamic web apps development. Despite the fact that the Rapid Application Development technology costs a little more, ColdFusion Application development provides the legion advantages of ColdFusion technology to develop amazingly different and unique apps, just the way you want them.

ColdFusion  Development does not involve a lot of coding as required by PHP, JSP and ASP based apps. ColdFusion application development is also popular among developers owing to its simplicity of use and its high performance features. ColdFusion web development uses advanced versions of ColdFusion technology that helps build unique, dynamic and feature-rich ColdFusion web apps across various corporate and individual needs.

Advanced versions of ColdFusion also add to the functionality and usage of ColdFusion apps. It can also be easily integrated with different platforms and it allows building add-on apps into existing ColdFusion apps. ColdFusion app development also aids in apps which require large amounts of data or information to be managed. And not to forget, that ColdFusion is very easy to learn and use. ColdFusion apps assure you of higher reliability and higher run-time performance. Newest versions of ColdFusion not only improve the development time but also improve run-time performance.

ColdFusion is an excellent technology for developers to make rich, entertaining and engaging apps for their clients. Hire ColdFusion Developer is an emerging service in this field that allows clients to engage a professional development company after properly assessing the developer and also keep a track on the development process by monitoring the project remotely from any part of the world. ColdFusion app development has helped developers make the most of this incredibly successful technology to experiment, create and explore newer web apps. It is undoubtedly the best technology today for innovative, engaging and dynamic web apps development.