Why should you definitely drink alcohol?

For years and years, we’ve heard that drinking is injurious to health. Well, so is having too much sugar or salt, or bread, or rice or just about anything in this world. Moderation is key to a happy and healthy life. It would be so much better if everyone stopped villainizing alcohol and started understanding all the benefits that it has to offer to the human body. There’s a reason why it’s been around for so long and not perished.

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Before we get into the health aspect of it, let us find out how was alcohol born? Who made it for the first time? When was it first created and how? Alcohol wasn’t invented. IT was discovered by the Neolithic man around 10,000 B.C (just like the movie). Archaeological evidence suggests that people during that time had discovered the joy of having a drink or two of fermented fruits which gave them a certain degree of intoxication.

Evidence also suggests that sometime around 7,000 B.C China worked out a way to ferment honey with rice and fruit. Rice has still stuck with us. People still make wonderful fermented drinks out of grains such as rice, barley, wheat etc.

Now, let’s get onto the advantages of alcohol:

Increase your Libido

Alcohol is an excellent way to lower your inhibitions. It helps in breaking mental barriers. Contrary to popular belief a few glasses of booze on a regular basis helps in rectifying erectile dysfunction. People feel more at ease with their sexuality when they are drunk. They learn to let loose and be open to having fun.

Keep away from a common cold

Alcohol is a very hot substance. It accelerates blood flow which increases body heat. Small doses of alcohol will definitely make your body resistant to cold. You can build a gradual immunity towards the common cold by consuming eight to fourteen glasses of wine per week. It can lead to as much as 60% percent reduction in the perchance of developing a common cold.

Reduce the chance of getting gallstones

Consuming small amounts of alcohol regularly can reduce gall stones to a large extent. Just ensure that you aren’t getting all boozed up. So, what are gallstones? Gallstones are basically hard, pebble-like deposits made out of cholesterol that has hardened and settles inside the gallbladder. Gallstones can lead to a lot of pain and cramping in your stomach. Alcohol is usually responsible for increasing good cholesterol in your blood stream. This is why it also changes the level of cholesterol in the gallbladders. Moderate drinking can therefore help in ensuring that your gall stones don’t start acting up.

Take that belly bulge out

Yes yes. We’ve all heard about the beer belly and the high calories that alcohol brings. But really, put a little thought in it and you will realize that the fattening part of any drink might not be the drink itself but the devil that resides in the sugars that make up for the snazzy cocktails. The best way to consume alcohol is straight up and in moderation. Research indicates that people who consumed a very small quantity of alcohol regularly (daily, that is) had a different way of metabolizing alcohol. This means that the biological wonder that we are has attuned itself to process empty calories in case it is consumed in small dozes and regularly. Just like a sort of vaccination.

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How to get alcohol whenever you want it?

Now, no matter how good alcohol is for us or how popular it is, there is always a social stigma attached to any kind of intoxication. This means that sometimes it might get difficult for people who want to be discreet to buy alcohol without letting people know.

This is probably why on demand alcohol delivery is gaining a lot of popularity. An on demand alcohol delivery app is primarily a mobile application that enables customers to purchase any kind of alcohol right from the comfort of your homes. This means one can simply log into the application, choose the liquor, add their address and the liquor gets delivered to their place.

For obvious reasons, alcohol delivery is turning out to be a very popular business option for people who don’t actually want to be involved in the business but definitely want to make a good amount of money through an on demand alcohol delivery app.

A Business from Booze Delivery

Alcohol is quite synonymous with happiness, socializing and partying. However, sometimes, a glass of beer can also be the perfect companion to loneliness and solidarity. The problem, however, lies in having to get out of the house on those chilly nights because you ran out of your beer. What’s worse is that one might have to travel halfway across the city to grab their favorite beer or the right blend of wine or just end up settling for something that you don’t like.

Addressing this very issue are our modern day apps! Well, yes, not all heroes wear capes!

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App-ing for booze delivery

Booze delivery apps have become quite popular in the market these days. It has become a convenient option for anyone looking to drink up till the wee hours but has run out of alcohol. The beauty of such apps is that it seems to be based on the working models and principals of the Uber taxi application.

So getting your booze delivered is as simple as booking a cab.

From the business point of view

Booze delivery apps are not alcohol manufacturers or restaurants serving alcohol. Such apps are essentially a platform that allows independent shops or alcohol distributes to make their services of delivery available for the customers who might need them. These applications are independent of any individual responsibility of getting anything delivered anywhere.

You can think of such apps as a movie hall. The movie is produced and directed by one group and the end user watches it. The movie hall is just offering their screen to display the film. Now whether the customer likes the movie or not, watches the whole movie or not or even if he doesn’t show up to watch it after booking the tickets, does not involve the movie hall. They get a fare for making their screen available.

Likewise, these apps get a commission every time someone orders booze for delivery through the app. They can order a brand of their choice; they can specify the location of delivery and so on and so forth. The application owner continues to make money every single time any kind of user orders any kind of alcohol.

Popular Booze delivery apps in 2018

There are quite a few such apps trending in the market these days. Amongst the most popular ones are:


This app has been running successfully since its inception in the year 2013. The app was started by two friends in Boston and has turned out to be a huge success in multiple cities.


Just like the name the app itself is quite amazing. It has a beautiful web panel too with lovely blogs about different cocktails, different kinds of glasses etc. The best thing is that there’s no minimum order amount.


It’s all in the name. The word Klink evokes emotions that every drunken buddy can relate to. Klink has a minimum order benchmark of about $20 to $40. It’s quite a user-friendly app.

Starting your own Business

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There is no doubt about the fact that these apps are a raving success no matter where you launch them. There are many companies that are offering such ready-made apps that can be launched in under a week with features such as customized language and currency for ease of access in a global scenario. If you can manage to do a little research and identify the right company for the task, you too can successfully own a booze delivery app and be a cape-less hero for many out there!