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Kuwait’s unhurried but advanced climb as the start-up core of Middle-East has a lot of determinants to thank. At the same time, the country is drilling on the track of incalescence the creeds of Silicon Valley to attain its start-up core status. Even the regional government has stepped forward to offer a helping hand in making the country oil-rich and less dependent on oil. According to some assumptions private sector will play a major role in reshaping the economy of the country. It will come out as a less oil-dependent country, creating more and more jobs for the coming generation. The Government’s another important agenda is to make Kuwait, the capital of food all over the world by 2030. To achieve this target, there is a big role in food accelerators, food delivery startup, culinary schools etc.

food delivery startup kuwait

It may sound little surprising but, but it looks like that the government is focusing to achieve the above-mentioned goal as soon as possible. We are saying this on the basis of a boost in the food-tech start-ups in the nation, and with the two different acquisitions till now- Carriage and Talabat.

Here are some of the factors which gave rise to food delivery startup in Kuwait

  • It happens a lot of times that people love to enjoy comfort at their home. They get their things to their doorstep, and the developers, with the internet piercing rate of 80 percent, banked on this very concept, which also led to the flow in vogue of mobile applications not only in the food domain.
  • If we talk about the last year then Kuwait acquired its own food accelerator, in the name of Savour Ventures.
  • The arrival of diverse and new digital concepts in the food space.

Story of Carriage

Story of Carriage is bot unknown today. Everyone knows well that it is the 2nd Kuwaiti start-up to get attached by a big reputed company, after 2 more years of a dry spell as Talabat was attained in 2015.

The carriage founder of this app are Musab Al-Mutawa, Abdallah Al-Mutawa, Khaled Al Qabandi and Jonathan Lau. After the launch, the co-founders invested the sum amount of money around $1.3 million. Just from the beginning phase, the founders of the company approbated in having a full-fledged team of different implementers. It led them to employ an expert team of marketing, accountants, customer service, programmers etc.

Apart from ordering facility, Carriage also provides amazing services to the different restaurants for the purpose of food delivery ordered by the customers.

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