Can Technology Get Emotional?

Had you asked this question to anyone about a couple of years back the answer would definitely have been a solid no. I mean, I remember watching the movie iRobot and laughing to myself thinking whether someday we will really be so close to something like this or not.

Today however, Google Glasses apps development brings a new surprise for all of us. Not that it can feel or anything, but it can surely read emotions. Talk about how advanced technology is getting! I don’t know whether to be happy or to be dismayed and almost scared of a terminator like future that awaits us!

Google Glassware

What are we really talking about?

So, basically all this gab about emotions being read by the Google glass is essentially the development of new Google Glassware that can read the faces of people and determine their emotions based on their expressions.

It works on the principals of identifying and co relating facial expressions of people (often across a whole room) and gauging what they are really feeling on the inside. It has essentially been developed to help owners of showrooms and other retailers to determine how many people will actually buy their products.

Helpful for the sellers or even buyers?

The Emotient software becomes aware of and analyses anonymous facial expressions of persons and groups that the Glass wearer sees to settle on a cumulative emotion read-out. It however is not responsible for storing images or even videos.

Emotient predict that its Sentiment Analysis Glassware could be used by retailers to perk up the understanding of cumulative customer sentiment, which may be chiefly useful in determining and assessing store performance, and consequently overseeing product and advertising/promotions, as well as customer satisfaction.

However, the big question is can the buyers too not benefit from it?

Well, it doesn’t have any sort of truth serum in it, not does it have any lie detecting software, and so if the buyer wishes to understand whether the salesperson isn’t lying about his products, then probably Google Glasses Apps Development will have to strive harder at it. However this emotion reader can definitely help buyers understand if the willingness and attitude of their sellers.

Of course, there are other apps too that can help the buyer get the best buy like barcode recognition and comparison which can help you get the best prices of the same product in and around the area. The entire field of Google Glassware is one that is richly exploitable because of it relative novelty. There is so much more to come and so many ways in which more and more people can benefit from it.

Developing apps for the Google Glass

As it gains more popularity, the number of people interested in developing apps for the Google glass is increasing with leaps and bounds. However, one very disturbing factor here is that a lot of companies that are in fact making these apps aren’t completely equipped to do so, or are just creating mediocre replicas of pre existent android apps.

As a buyer, one has to be extremely careful about who to hire and where to get the best services from. In case you are interested in having Google Glassware developed for you, you must make sure that you keep a thorough check on whom you are handing the big responsibility to.