Uber App Script that Works for All!

Uber is an app for booking taxi, has always operated to hit around the competition and provide answers to questions regarding its financial position. Even during a phase of strong domination and dispute from the competitors and various cases, related to the safety and employment policies, Uber has managed to come shining and twinkling in the market.

There are different apps launched in the market. These are launched by keeping in mind about the requirement of the common people. Before you buy Uber clone script or launch, there are thousands of questions about it, what does it do, how good is it, how much it costs, can I install it on my phone etc

What is New?

One of the latest products on the market today is the Uber clone. This is an on-demand taxi application very much like Uber, but with enhanced features.

I personally have not ridden in one of its taxis but I have met many people who have and they are all raving about the system. The drivers too, cannot stop singing praises of this clone. In short, I have not met anyone who is not a fan. Even more, the reason for us to ride using the Uber app script and experience it firsthand!

A trio operation

The Uber app clone designed keeping the two main parties of a taxi-ride in mind, the driver and the passenger.

For the passenger, the app provides an easy way of hailing a ride from the comforts of your location. All you need to do is download the app and register for it. You are free to look for rides.

  • No more roaming the streets at night
  • Only cabs that registered on the system will be available
  • You will be able to see the driver’s photograph on your screen when you book.

The passenger gets an estimated time of arrival, and they will be able to track the position of the cab on their smartphones. Payment has done automatically via credit card on confirmation of the ride. The cash option is available too.

So what is there for the driver? For starters, this could very well become the major or parallel income for them.  They do not have to pay anything like radio charges etc. to drive. Have the flexibility to turn the app on and off depending on their availability. They put their car and spare time to good use by driving for the script owner.

As a script owner, you will have to Uber App Script, which comes in a pack of three, the driver app, the passenger app and the admin (owner) web panel. You are in charge of the whole system, as it is your business. It is your responsibility that drivers who are registering on the system are qualified to drive and have all the relevant documents.  Your credibility as the business owner depends on the reputation of your drivers.

Benefits of uber clone script

I am sure you are wondering how you would benefit when you buy uber clone script. Firstly, the script comes at a very reasonable price so any worry about investment has gone. The beauty of this business that the system fully automated and you do not have to be at its disposal all the time. The main part, I save for the last. The finance, of course! For every driver booked on your site, you get a fixed commission. On top of that, you get another fixed rate for every passenger that uses the services of your driver(s), you get another fixed commission.

I would say that the way the global economy is doing, we all need to look at alternative sources of income, and I can’t think of any better than this one, can you?

Features of Uber clone app script

Simple login- Uber has a simple sign up option for its users. Riders can easily sign up by using their phone number g-mail account, Facebook account or any other social media platform.

Quick Notifications- Quick notification is sent to both rider and driver after the ride is confirmed. The users of Uber enjoys uninterrupted communication service using Google Firebase API.

Live mapping or tracking- This feature allows the driver to pick up the rider from their exact location and then drop the rider to their destination. Riders can also monitor every move of the driver.
Payment options- There are multiple payment options in Uber. A rider can pay the bill in cash, or with the credit card. Wallet option is also there in the application. Wallets are easy to recharge with the credit card. It’s easy to go cashless with Uber.

Promo Code: Promo code is another, a very captivating word to attract more and more customers. Uber provide promo codes to their customers from time to time. Riders can apply promo code for the ride and then that amount is deducted from the total ride amount.

Reviews and Feedback: Reviews and feedback help a lot to develop a feeling of trust among new users. So here, both the drivers and the riders can give their feedback and reviews depending on their experience.

ETA Feature- Estimated time of arrival of the vehicle is notified to the customer. It makes the riders comfortable and they can even finish off their some work at that time.

Estimated fare- Approximately fare is told to the customers before booking a taxi. This helps the riders to choose the vehicle that suits their pocket.

Different Currency options- Uber has different currency option so that the customers can also pay on their desired currency. It helps the business owner to boost his/ her business.

Schedule Ride for future– Customers can schedule their ride for the future purpose. Ride later option is available in the application to book a ride for a future purpose.

SOS feature- SOS feature helps the rider to overcome the emergency situation. After tapping on the SOS option, the details of the location is sent to the emergency contacts loaded in the profile of the customer.

Navigation- Navigation feature is very important for the drivers to reach their destination correctly. It saves their time and make them reach without any delay.

Give your Taxi business an unbeatable lead to hit your competitors! If you want to give your business a new rise with the app undoubtedly, this option is best for you! If you want to go with some other option, then you should first think about its credibility and goodwill in the industry.

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