Build Your Own Outstanding Instacart Clone App for Your Grocery Shopping Business

Have you ever bought groceries online? If yes, then you know how incredible the app is designed and coded. So, if you want your customers to feel the same, then, it is time to launch the best grocery ordering and delivery app – Instacart Clone. After the pandemic and even during those tough times, people started using the online grocery apps that delivered the daily essentials to the doorstep. That was the peak time when people actually realized how useful this app is and how the future beholds!

Naturally, this amazing mobile app is here to stay for a long time. We can say that because if you look at the scenario today;

  • Everyone is happy with ordering their groceries online and getting them delivered straight to their doorstep.
  • Every customer who cooks has this app installed on their smartphones.
  • More and more customers are shifting from offline shopping to online!
  • At-home delivery is triggering more sales from online grocery stores.

So, if you are planning to build an online grocery store like Instacart Clone, then, here’s a list of features that you must definitely add to your mobile app. Take a look at them!

Best-in-class Features for Your Customers to Enjoy Seamless Grocery Shopping

Every entrepreneur should provide the customers with the most appealing and convenient features in their on demand grocery delivery app. These are the features that let the customers shop for groceries while sitting comfortably in their homes.

  • Easy login/sign-up

To sign-up, your customers can use their social media accounts, phone numbers, or email. Whereas to login easily into the app, there’s the smart facility of login with Face ID and Fingerprint Scanning. Therefore, depending on the device you use, you can enable one of the biometric authentication systems.

  • Search nearby shops/stores

Using the app, your customers can easily find nearby shops and stores to order groceries from. This will help them to explore a variety of vendors near their location plus order from them. Choosing a store in closer proximity will enable the customers to get faster deliveries.

  • Order tracking in real-time

Did you know that the Instacart Clone app comes with a GPS? Using GPS-enabled maps, your customers can easily track the location of the delivery driver. Live tracking the drivers will let your customers know their estimated time of arrival plus the current location.

  • Scheduling the delivery service

Your customers will love ordering groceries instantly. However, to add to their succor, the app also lets the users schedule the services. For instance, if you are not at home until 09:00 PM and you want the delivery to be made after that, you can easily schedule the delivery! While checking out, the customers can tap on the Book Later option, and from the time slots that pop up, they can select a suitable time and confirm the delivery!

  • Voice instructions for the delivery driver

The Instacart Clone app has this unique feature where the customers can record and upload voice instructions for the delivery drivers. The driver can listen to these delivery instructions only after they have picked up the order from the store.

This feature comes in handy when the customers want to provide clear direction, parking, or drop-off instructions to the delivery driver.


On the whole, if you want to develop an on-demand grocery delivery app like Instacart, it is highly recommended that you reach out to a white-labeling firm. The firm will provide you with a top-quality product plus integrate your preferred languages, currencies, and payment gateways as well!

So, what are you waiting for? Get the clone app script and kick start the app development process!

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