Uber Taxi Clone Passenger Features

So, you have finally decided to invest a few pennies and get yourself uber clone script. This sounds great but there are some criteria, which you must fulfill first before you can invest in any particular product. For the first step, you need to look for the scripts, which can offer you with lifetime extended license, along with 24 x 7, for all year around. After that, you need to look for those scripts with 6 months of post sales supportive service and license for a domain. You can further look for the scripts, offering support to multiple languages.

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Other basic services to look for Uber Clone Script

Apart from the points mentioned above, you should look for the basic services, as related to uber clone script. It comes with the multi-currency support services, with lifetime extended support, noted for the bugs. There are separate applications meant for passengers and drivers. Therefore, if you want to know more about the best buy when it comes to uber script, you have to look for these points first.

Features for the passenger apps

Now, if you are looking for the necessary features, before you invest money and Buy Uber clone Script, and then better get along with the features, dedicated to passenger apps. The users can enjoy geolocation along with easy registration and authorized features. The apps are meant for a layman, without much technical knowledge. On the other hand, they can edit or view profiles if they want and set their credit card details permanently for any payment procedure. They can request for a ride, select the cab type, check for the available cars and enjoy one tap booking.

Further added bonus points

Apart from the points mentioned above, the passenger app comprises of some extra features. Consider all these points first, before you buy Uber app script, for your help.

    • The passenger can have a direct chat with the driver after ride booking. This will help the rider to keep in touch with him or her if the driver is new is the business.

    • If they need to take any extra route or shortcuts, the passenger can have a direct contact with the driver first, for that. No extra charges will be applied if the distance is the same. But, if the distance is more than the previous one than some amount will be charged extra. Well, this depends on the distance as well as the type of ride that customer has chosen.

    • The riders can further enjoy easy trip tracking, as another integrated part of their service. With the help of GPS and PUBNUB, the riders, as well as drivers too, can track their route. With the help of live tracking system, both can remain secure through the whole trip.

    • Moreover, with automatic fare calculation and cashless payments, you are free from any extra burden. Cashless payment is way much secure as they are done virtually. With the help of integrated payment gateways, the online transactions remain protected and debit as well as credits to the account very soon.

  • If you want to know the trip history or rate the driver, then you can do that, as well. Through Review and rating option, any rider can rate the driver as well as can write the comment according to the behavior of the driver towards the rider. Trip history is way much easy to find, just tap my account and then trip history.

Features for the drivers:

The Uber Clone is not just best for the passenger, but for the driver, as well. They have some features, too, which you can jot down over here.

    • A driver will enjoy secured login or registration services over here. He or she can even log in through social accounts also. As all personal details will be accessed through the social media accounts.

    • They can edit or view a profile if they want to, and view ride requests for the customers. Yes is it very much easy for them to choose the rider as they receive many ride request at one time? But at one time they can only accept the one, so they have all right to choose the one that is near to their place.

  • They have the liberty to accept or decline any ride request if that does not go with the areas they are covering. For example, if the driver who in some certain area and receives the request from another. He or she has all the rights to decline that same request as the place can be far from his or her area. It will be better for him or her to accept the ride request that arrives from their area.

Chat with the passengers now

uber clone script

After accepting the ride request with the uber clone script, drivers can easily chat with the passengers. They can always create a new route over here, as the drivers will have a thorough chat beforehand. After reaching the pickup location, set by the passenger, the driver can always start the journey. It is going to be an easy route for all, and the ride will be completed at the end of the journey. There are so many important features available in this sector now.

This app is a very well thought out and mapped project. It addresses all the important requirements that one can face when one uses a taxi application. From chatting with the driver to finding the map, everything is right here.

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