Best Practices for Google Glasses Apps Development

Google Glasses have charmed their way in to the world of technology. Considering the limitless possibilities that it offers, who wouldn’t want to own a pair of these amazing glasses? The irony although is that this “glass” in fact comes without a shred of glass. But, there are many rumors that Google is talking about an association with Ray Ban to produce high end glasses for the same. Does it make it even more expensive? I don’t know, it probably does. But when someone places a bit of future in your hand, I doubt if people will hesitate before spending for it.

I mean, probably I am just over excited but give it a thought. A device like that put together with advanced Google Glass App development can open avenues that people probably never even thought was possible. If technology experts could make this a reality, you really don’t know what will come next. My guess is, soon there will be a ‘Minority Report’ kind of an application for the Google Glass, which will make the world a crime free place.

Okay, I overstepped it, but I am truly excited. Like me, I am sure there will be many out there just waiting to take the leap into the majestic realms of Google Glasses Apps Development. However, let’s take a deep breath and think about it once more.

Is Google Glass app development akin to Smartphone app development? The answer is ‘NOT”. There are many nuances associated with the Glass that one must know full well before jumping on with the bandwagon. Following are a few details that might skip your mind but are very important if you want to develop a great app for Glass.

The Glass Community

Since the Google glass is such a unique device you will find that there is a huge online community of Google Glass enthusiasts. Before you begin developing for this unique product it is of critical significance that you become a part of this community. This will allow you to gain an insight about what the product really is, it operational behaviors and the consequent reactions that it has been getting from the online community. Apart from this it will also help you to seek advice from other experienced developers which can prove to be very helpful for your own career.

Go through the IO 2013 Google Glass session Videos

It might seem to you as a very silly suggestion, but trust me. It is important that you understand what you are dealing with. This is where watching these videos will be helpful. Getting some advice is one but actually seeing things in action might open up our clogged brains and show us things that we otherwise would not notice. It will also give you details regarding glass features that you will find nowhere else.

Get the act on

Researching is important but only so long as it results in something concrete. Don’t spend so much time researching about it that you lose interest in actually creating something. You have to become a developer, not an expert. People expect apps from you and not lectures. So get practical and let the magic flow!