Top tips to increase customer acquisition for an app like Doordash

The food tech industry has grown like never before in the recent decade. As more and more celebrity chefs have started digitizing their skills and more food competitions have hit the telly. People’s knowledge about various cuisines, growing pallets and unknown ingredients has increased significantly. This is also another big reason why people want to taste different food items from around the world. This in turn has grown the food market unprecedentedly.

However, how is it that people find restaurants? How can someone sitting 20 miles from a location know that there is a restaurant serving the exact same kind of food that he or she has been dreaming about? The answer is simple: Food delivery apps.

The food tech phenomenon has made is very easy for people to simply search the app with the name of the cuisine or the food item itself and lo and behold! The name of the restaurant pops up. And, it doesn’t just stop there. Your customer can place an order for their favorite food on the app and get it deliver right at their doorstep without even having to step outside their homes.

Nevertheless, the popularity of these apps has significantly grown the number of such apps in the market. As more and more food delivery apps start entering the market. It becomes difficult for food delivery app owners to acquire customers. The client base is divided and no one seems to be able to tap into the complete potential of the market.

So, if you too have a food delivery business or wish to start your own business with the help of an on demand food delivery app like DoorDash or Favor, here are some of the top tips from the industry to help you augment the acquisition of your client base rapidly.

1. Who is your app for?

For the most part, people assume that zeroing on a target audience is very simple. Especially when it comes to the business. Everyone is your target audience provided you have the right kind of tie ups with restaurants of a varied variety serving different types of cuisines.

However, these things aren’t as simple as they appear to be. If you research properly, you will realize that each pocket in the geography of your business location has a different pattern of food behavior. Some places are hot spots for fast food, while others are more of a ‘refined palette’ zone.

It would help your business tremendously if you can find out what works where. And make sure that your app is designed in a way to cater to the user type in terms of navigability and usage. What’s more, this will also ensure that you can make the right kind of tie ups with restaurants. So, you don’t want to invest in a relationship with a fine dining restaurant in an area that demands fast food and so on and so forth.

2. Create a Brand Voice

Today, any business is no longer about demand and supply. It is about an image, a brand and its language. To ensure that you make a mark in the market, you have to focus on building a brand. Along with that you will also have to create a brand story. Look at it from a customer’s point of view. If you know of a food delivery app that has a great brand story. A good logo and a communication line that resonates with you. You wouldn’t be tempted to download or use any other app.

There are many professional companies that provide assistance with brand building. Make sure that you invest a little right at the out set of your business so that you can create a buzz in the market right from the beginning. Some interesting ways of end user market can be guerilla advertising or even pranktizing.

3. Get the best app in the market

A major part of the business essentially revolves around the app. This is why; there is hardly any doubt about the fact that your app has to be of top notch quality. As mentioned before, ever since the food tech market has become the ‘vogue’ many app developers and designers have started building their own versions of this app. The multitude of options only serves to confuse the new entrepreneur so as to which one should be the one that helps their business.

There are two ways you can go about avoiding this confusion:

  • Build your own app from scratch: While this may seem like the most practical and on point solution. You have to bear in mind that building an app this magnitude is a herculean task that not only demands as long as a couple of years, but is also very capital hungry.

You will not only have to hire more and more resources to build the app. Your investments will also include getting the infrastructure ready for a development centre to build the app along with the technology stack that will be needed.

  • Buy a ready made app based on the Door Dash clone: This is perhaps the simplest approach to getting your app. If you are confused with too many options available in the market. Simply opt for one that is loaded with the right features and enables you to take a live demo for the app.

This means that you can download the app and take the app for a real time test drive. You will thereby be able to check the app thoroughly from the customer point of view. The delivery driver point of view and even the admin and restaurant point of view. A thorough checking will ensure that you only end up paying for things that you want in your app rather than putting in money without having to going in blind.


The single most important thing while building any business is to make sure that you have done adequate research. You must give your market a thorough study to understand what your customers want. Once you know that turn the focus of your attention towards getting the right mobile application. To ensure that you have the right app, make sure that you take a demo of the app before you invest in it. It will also help if you take a look at the developer’s customer reviews to ascertain the authenticity of the company and developers. All the best!

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