Surgery in India with the Use of Google Glasses

When you talk about Google glasses app development India, it is all too believable that they must have come up with a thousand interesting app for the gadget, however, when it comes to acceptance of a new device, everyone does a double take.  This is probably why people love to talk about Google Glasses apps development in India but most shy away from its use in practicality.

To give the events a sharp turn and to make life a lot more interesting here, it has been seen that the Google Glasses has been used during a surgery in Jaipur in order to have it broadcasted to doctors all over the world.

Google Glass

What surgery are we talking about?

This surgery that used the glasses was performed by a team of doctors led by a US based orthopedic surgeon Selen G Parekh in Jaipur during the Indo US conference in Jaipur that was headed by Dr. Ashish Sharma.

This was essentially a foot surgery the whole of which was relayed through the Google Glass via the internet to other doctors all over the world. The entire surgery was broadcasted live making the whole event one to be remembered at the global level.

Google Glass has been used by surgeons earlier than this too. Ohio State transmitted an ACL surgery last August. But even an Indian surgeon performed a gastro-intestinal laparoscopy procedure in September. Google Glass’ health prospective has stimulated start-ups and medical technology firms to look further into the domains of Google Glasses Application Development in the medical field.

Scope of Future possibilities

The device can be, in the approaching years, used to

  • correspond with the family of a patient,
  • teach students remotely
  • Be in touch with other doctors during a surgery.

For those not familiar with the Google Glass Project, it is fundamentally a pair of wearable eyeglasses that provide increased reality features. The hardware consists of

  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities
  • (can work with Android and iOS devices),
  • cameras,
  • voice-activation commands,
  • Heads-up display.

Why it is important to record surgeries or even telecast them?

Well, if you ask a layman, he’d probably not be interested in recording or even telecasting a surgery, but what surgeons have found is that it can have a great significance on the teaching process towards new medical students. If you are teaching anything to aspiring surgeons then you must have sufficient data to show to them.

Google Glasses helps in giving the students a firsthand example of what they might be required to do later in their life, ultimately giving us better and more accurate surgeons. What’s more, it can also be helpful in getting in line advice from other surgeons all over the world during complicated cases.

It will also prove to be beneficial towards rural areas where medical assistance can reach through the wire before actually reaching them physically. This seemingly huge potential of the Google Glasses in every sphere of life has been the reason for Google to have shipped almost 8000 of their Google Glasses all over the world to various ‘Explorers” to identify what all infinite possibilities are there with it.

Plunge into the Arena of Responsive Bootstrap Web Design

There is a continuous process of change occurring in the arena of web design. Advanced technologies gain wider acceptance over a period of time and as a result these updated technologies make people increasingly tech-savvy. With bootstrap Html development, design innovation is getting more exciting and easy than before. With ground breaking applications of Bootstrap Web Design now, web creation is becoming more accessible to every person. In fact there is an upsurge in user-friendly sites which evoke lot of interest and simply look appealing. Let me explain the technology in brief for you along with its uses.

Bootstrap Web Design

Understanding Bootstrap

Bootstrap is a free collection of HTML, CSS and JavaScript code which is formulated for everyone and can be designed anywhere. Bootstrap was developed by Mark Otto and Jacob Thornton at Twitter as a responsive framework to build consistency across internal tools. Even novice Programmers and developers can develop a web design using it. They can easily create consistent and fast websites.

Bootstrap offers several powerful tools to developers who can create web interfaces. It is an HTML, CSS, JavaScript framework that you can use as basis for creating a web sites or web applications with interfaces that can be a huge advantage to developers. This front-end framework from Twitter is aptly designed to initiate the front-end development of numerous web apps and sites. Besides other aspects, it also includes base CSS and HTML for typography, icons, buttons, forms, layout grids, tables, navigation along with custom-built jQuery plug-ins and support for responsive layouts.

Responsive design

It is essential to make sure that the end users get the benefit of innovative technology. The responsive bootstrap web design is being used to build better sites. By using innovative frameworks like Bootstrap, you will be able to spend less time developing and get an opportunity to learn the results of feature choices. Anyone with lesser skills can also download Bootstrap and have a responsive site up in a matter of sometime. Lot of focus is given to Bootstrap HTML Development since a progressive future depends on it. It will make possible maximum user friendly driven solutions. Both the versions of bootstrap are tested and supported in the major modern browsers, such as the latest versions of Safari, Google Chrome, Firefox 5+, and Internet Explorer8+.

In order to actually execute a well-thought out, conversion-driven application or site for a client, it takes real hard work and involves lot of time, and effort. Now days social media is becoming the most effective and affordable type of marketing as well as advertising strategy for business. More the hype and more buzz is build, it will help to target more customers at your doorstep.

Before innovative framework of Bootstrap was introduced, different libraries were used for interface development, but Bootstrap HTML design has made things easy and convenient for the developers as well as for young entrepreneurs. Learning how to use numerous features of this framework with efficacy is a key to creating better and more user friendly sites. By using frameworks like Bootstrap, you can save on lot of time and effort in developing. Rather you can spend more time learning the outcome of feature choices. Anyone can easily download Bootstrap and have a responsive site up in matter of three to four hours. Lot of emphasis is now being placed on this step, and thus well-thought out, effective and user-experience driven solutions are being created.

Hire ROR Developer and Enhance Productivity and Profitability of your Business

Ruby on Rails commonly referred to as ROR is an open-source web development programming language. Currently all qualified web developers are making extensive use this of this language for the swift development of even complex websites. It is indeed one of the most rapid and convenient programming languages. ROR is a significant and well accepted framework that develops a website in an easy and simple manner. One of the important advantages of using Ruby on Rails is that it supports numerous databases such as SQL and ORACLE. Besides this, it really helps in developing Database driven web applications. Hiring experienced and skilled ROR developer for your web application development is very beneficial.

Hire ROR Programmer

Get the best database driven website at cost effective rates.

As you hire an ROR Developer, you will get the best possible web development services. In addition you will get the services at an affordable cost. As you engage a professionally qualified ROR developer you will be able to get one of the best database driven website. The ROR developers who are experienced and highly skilled will be well equipped to give you an excellently designed website. They will help you to get a website designed with Ruby on Rails program which is user-friendly and will enable you to get the maximum amount of audience.

Save time and money for website development

Opting to hire an efficient ROR programmer will make the process of your website development easy and convenient. You will be able to save your precious time, money as well as other important resources.

Get immense business benefits

As you hire an ROR developer, he will provide you with comprehensive business development strategies keeping in view your target market. Besides this it would be very convenient to approach the target clients and thus enhance your business. He can develop your website keeping in view your specific business needs and requirements. An efficient developer will help you to design new and innovative strategies which will increase your web traffic and promote your business.

Search for efficient ROR developers online

ROR developers are now available for hiring at very reasonable prices. You can search on the internet. Thus you can hire ROR programmer and developer without having to invest any amount of extra money.

The business houses can Hire ROR Developer on an hourly, weekly or monthly basis. As your business company wants to launch a new project then too you can hire ROR programmer who will work on the project basis. This will reduce costs. You can analyze the quality of work depending upon your business needs and also save your time and cost.

In addition you can outsource development services or independently working ROR developers. There are numerous outsourcing companies who offer the best ROR development services. Rather than having in house ROR developers and programmers you can hire them whenever needed and thus save more time and money.

In case you do not want to hire ROR developer on a permanent basis you can even hire Ruby on Rails developer or ROR programmer on temporary basis. In this manner you can get the advantage of their expertise and skill whenever required according to your business needs. Not only can this, if you want you can change the temporary contract into a permanent one. Thus you will be able to get excellent work done through ROR experts and stay ahead of competition.

Multilingual Websites are the Need for Sustaining Business Competition

There is no one on this earth who is not aware of how big the internet is and how vast its power is. It has an impact on daily lives of people along with businesses. This makes it mandatory that all business houses and entities have their web presence in the form of a website. Whether it is the development of a simple website or an e-commerce one, web presence is a must these days to survive in the competition.

I have experienced many instances wherein people are aware about the importance of a website and also have one for their business. However, the issue begins when you reside in some country that does not have its spoken language as English. This will prompt people to develop their company website in the local language which people can understand. You will find that the internet is thronged with websites in English language; however, it needs to be also understood that there are loads of people residing on this earth that do not understand English, or speak some other language. Though many users of internet are familiar with the English language, there are some aspects that they won’t be able to understand.

Multilingual Web Development

Everyone has at least once visited some website that is developed in a language that we don’t understand or are not able to read. What is our response? Well, we immediately skip this site and prefer some other one that we can read. However, from the business perspective, this can be harmful as it may lead to loss of prospective customers. This brings us to the aspect of multilingual web design.

Let me take you some avenues where you will understand how multilingual web design proves beneficial and what is needed for this aspect.

Opportunities in business

There are loads of organizations spread across the continents who trade internationally. These are the ones who are badly in need of Multilingual Website Development. Let me explain with an example. Say some business is operating from an English speaking country and intends to do business in different countries where the spoken language might be Spanish, German, Italian or anything else. In an ideal situation, this particular business needs to have a website in every language that it intends to do business with. This will display the professionalism and courtesy of the business in the minds of customers or say future prospects from these respective countries.

Multilingual speaking people

For business entities who already have some additional language display on their websites, there is one more aspect that they need to consider. While it is a fact that the foreign clients will find it easy to order services or goods from their website, it is sure that at some point of time, one such customer will like to speak with the concerned authorities of the particular company from where they order. They may need some kind of support or advice related to the products or services rendered by the company. Hence, such companies need to hire some employee who can speak the languages in which the website is developed. They can at least hire freelancers who can take calls in the respective languages.


The future will definitely prove the vast need of multilingual website development. With the internet spreading its roots to every corner of the world, more languages will be added to the web community. Hence, though it is not necessary to have a website that is made for all languages, you need to ensure that you have versions for the regions you conduct business.

Acquire Original Online Solutions by Hiring ColdFusion Development Company

Innovative web applications are being introduced in the virtual arena. These modern technologies are used to formulate strong online presence. Another important developing platform which is gaining rapid popularity is ColdFusion This has evolved as an important medium for swift web application development, since it offers multiple advantages to programmers who can  now easily create highly effective web applications which are progressive and consistent. With Cold fusion applications being easy to install, you can have rapid access to an encouraging user-interface. ColdFusion is a swift application development language which delivers excellent results built on Java. ColdFusion platform facilitates lot of amazing techniques

Hire ColdFusion Developer

ColdFusion- As an excellent choice for development

Users can now procure novel attributes by working on the standard developing or even on the developing edition of ColdFusion. The current version of ColdFusion has HTML5 Video player, adobe flash player, apache solar, improved schedule bar as well as XPath integration. It provides an excellent opportunity for skilled developers to organize amazing data on the web. In addition it can be managed with much ease. ColdFusion development is also recommended for its security characteristics that improve the presence of websites.

ColdFusion has gained rapid popularity because of its dexterity to transfer supportive data from one connection to another. It supports a collection of JDBC data type for transferring of data and is used for growing technologies.

Hire skilled ColdFusion developer

It is essential to Hire ColdFusion Developer who possesses the ability to track projects as well as handle back-end deliveries for the website. This is a demanding task and thus needs the expertise of a skilled developer. The current updates, newly added features and attributes of the community, and related elements can be delivered only by an expert developer who has the talent to produce and work on this innovative platform. In order to get classic online solutions which will enhance the potential of a company, it is crucial to hire ColdFusion developer. A brilliant developer will only be aware of the details of the platform on which website integration is developed. For practising ColdFusion web development and justifying its integration, your company is completely dependent upon the ability of a developer.

Outsource from the development company at cost effective rates

ColdFusion application development is one of the most lucrative options for progressive companies. In order to get cost effective as well as qualitative services, it is best to outsource to a reputed ColdFusion Development Company. This endeavour will prove to be highly economical and beneficial since you will have access to skilled and expert developers. If the developer is unskilled then the outcome will be disastrous. Hiring a ColdFusion Development Company will help you to empower the website with different built-in capabilities so as to prevent Cross-site request forgery and scripting attacks.

It is important to research thoroughly on the net and create options. Then you can select one of the best Companies for development and also for hosting. High quality and reputed IT companies offer efficient services. It is also important to find the pricing structure and view the bargain which the company is able to offer before you engage them. In addition, check into the quality of customer service they offer. It is best to be cautious and check to see if there are any complaints lodged about the company online.

ColdFusion Development Renders Advanced Modules for Web Applications

ColdFusion application development delivers convincing results that are built on Java. Basically, it is an application server as well as language where you can create web applications. For average users it may not be that much within their reach. In this modern era, you can come across numerous platforms for applications as well as web development. The most popular and well-liked option available at present is actually ColdFusion development. Moreover, with this platform, you will surely have a lot of flexibility and advantages whether you are functioning for a large company or a small company. It is a great solution and lot of people are not aware about it yet, even though it is in existence from quite some time.


All about ColdFusion

ColdFusion was initially developed in the year 1995. It is essentially a method of merely simplifying the procedure of connecting the HTML pages and the database. Recent editions of ColdFusion are proficient to incorporate many different kinds of applications into your website, which can really be very advantageous. There are some important features that you will find when you integrate ColdFusion for the purpose of application development. These features are

  • Easier client as well as server cache management
  • Task scheduling
  • Easy and simple file management
  • Easy data recovery

A ColdFusion Developer offers High Performance and Competence

The team of ColdFusion Application Development or an individual ColdFusion developer will be capable to make use of programs like Java and Flash in order to generate new and innovative applications for your website. This in turn helps to enhance the operation of website and you will discover that exact reporting will be much easier. In today’s time, lot of businesses; may it be big or small, will hit upon quite a bit of features to love ColdFusion. In order to create a catalog of products or applications, you must gather all possible information and hence this is the best solution for it.

When you hire ColdFusion developer, he or she will aid in producing vibrant and exiting web applications can be generated that is sure to take over globe. These companies or individual developers need to get acquainted with the prospective of contemporary technologies that are utilized to put together online presence. Besides, ColdFusion is a lot more than simply a developing platform. Being a medium for quick web application development, t ColdFusion provides a variety of benefits, which really backs programmers in order to build up exceedingly effective web applications. These applications that are developed are ought to be long-lasting as well as dynamic. Such kinds of applications are very easy to organize and assist a constructive user-interface for affluent experience.

ColdFusion Development Company renders excellent and remarkable opportunity for the developers to set up outstanding data on the web or handle it with no difficulty at all. In order to Hire ColdFusion Developer who may track projects and handle timely deliveries you will find out that this is a demanding task if you are not aware of proper search channels. It is a fact that if you want to be aware about your development, then you need to be aware about your developer as well. The latest updates, features, elements and attributes can be delivered if you hire a ColdFusion development company or a well experienced developer who actually has the appropriate knack to manufacture and hence work on the particular platform.

Explore The World of Immense Possibilities with Facebook App Development

Facebook has become the most preferred platforms for communication socially. It provides loads of opportunities for different companies and brands to promote themselves and their services and products on a large scale. This social platform has introduced the world with Facebook applications that allow the promotion of brands in a grand fashion and that too across the globe to a wide audience. This in turn helps businesses to reach new heights in terms of revenue generation.

Entrepreneurs across the globe are finding it quite easy to promote their brands, right from the day that social networks; especially Facebook, saw the light of the day. The medium sized and small business houses started rejoicing due to this wonderful medium that allowed them to promote their brand online. Most importantly, they are able to do this at a very low fee.

Hire Facebook Developer

As Facebook, which is considered as the leader for social networks, has millions glued to it, anything that is advertised here gets noticed. This aids in finding prospects quite easily for the business houses. This also can be done at negligible prices as mentioned above, when compared with other forms of publicity channels and mediums.

Hire Facebook programmer and create ripples in web marketing

You can opt for the services of a good Facebook App Development Company for raising the stakes of your brand on the online medium. These companies will develop apps for your business and aid in sending and spreading messages about your brand to loads of prospective customers. This will result in leaving footprints about your brand on the viral marketing platform. Most importantly, this will establishes the brand online and that too at very low cost. Further, finding a good Facebook app development company is also quite easy as there are many rising up with every passing day.

All the reputed Facebook app development companies have experienced programmers who are capable of handling diverse needs. So when you Hire Facebook Programmer, he or she will be able to offer you interesting and innovative apps related to your business or maybe some personal interest too.

What USP to look out for in the developers?

I completely understand that everyone will have this query. It is genuine too. This is because, the market is full of developers and finding the best is on the agenda of companies and individuals alike. This can sometimes become quite confusing due to numerous options present.

So finding that unique point while searching for good companies or programmers is necessary. Good companies will always have some unique points. They will first analyze your needs, goals and your idea before beginning their work on the application.

Once they are completely satisfied with their understanding of your needs, only then they will begin exploring the type of audience that is needed for your promotion. Once all this is accomplished, they will start designing the app. Once the development is complete, they will start testing it to remove any bugs. Thus their approach towards your app development needs will be well-planned.

Further, good companies will also help you in monetizing your apps by marketing them correctly. Hence, if you are seeking to avail of the services of app development companies, keep all these points in mind before making the final decision. This will result in your project running smoothly.

Utilizing Facebook Apps for Gaining an Edge in Global Markets

Facebook has taken the world by storm. The power of this social network is so immense, that if you consider it as some country, it will have a population that will place it amongst the top 5 countries in terms of people. Millions use this network for different needs such as staying in touch with friends, interacting and also to promote their business and brands. All these impressive attributes make Facebook the most sought after avenue for business promotion.

Businesses are able to connect with unlimited users who can become their potential clients. I hope that with such statistics to back it, Facebook can be best suited for your promotional needs if compared with any other network. Facebook app development opened up many avenues for my own fashion business. I intend to share with you some inputs which I understood about the immense power of Facebook app development.


The way to adopt

The foremost aspect that you need to consider is finding a good Facebook Application Development Company that has the capability of building good apps by engaging it’s expert programmers. These programmers can build on your idea and possibilities for providing you with the much needed edge over competitors present in global markets.

You need to choose a Facebook application development company that has been into such work for some years and have a complete understanding of how the social networking giant operates and functions.

Some aspects that may misguide you

There are some aspects that can make you feel that you do not need the services of Facebook app development companies. Since, almost everyone is on Facebook, has shared videos, photos, commented on posts and viewed wall posts regularly, this gives them an impression that they know everything about the network. However, though you are aware how to work with Facebook, this does not necessarily make you an expert. When it comes to developing apps for Facebook, this job is better handled by expert companies and developers only.

From the point of business, Facebook is a treasure which if used properly, can lead to loads of benefits. It is not possible that if used correctly, Facebook will not provide you any advantage. Any individual or business can access this network without the presence of any approval process. However, there are some guidelines that Facebook provides for enabling the developers to construct good apps that will be able to leverage the profit and visibility of client organizations.

Varied options

Entrepreneurs and companies can have 2 ways using which they can build their apps on Facebook.

Facebook hosted apps: This is exactly what many of you may think when we talk about Facebook applications. Facebook hosted apps are ones that will require the Facebook platform for working. Facebook has the provision of building your own websites on the network. Such applications are developed on Facebook itself and are accessed using the network. These act as extensions of your Facebook pages.

Own website hosted apps: You have the provision of integrating Facebook features on your website. This allows your users to fetch the data on Facebook for use on the platform of your website. Login is allowed using Facebook accounts.

You need to opt for any of the two methods mentioned above. Any way you choose, I can assure you one thing, your reach will be increased significantly.

Explore The World Differently with Google Glassware

A new technological revolution is going to transform the way we will be using digital media in the near future. This latest invention commonly known as Google Glass is generating lot of interest and curiosity. This innovative product launched by Google is bound to become extremely popular in the marketplace. Let me take you through some of the important aspects related to this technological masterpiece.

This outstanding device which is tiny yet powerful, will be able to perform a number of varied functions ranging from clicking crisp pictures, making videos to sending speech-text messages. The frames are very stylish, and will be available in a variety of colors including, orange, blue, white and black. You can wear them like any attractive pair of glasses and make it your fashion accessory. Even fashion icons keen on making a fashion statement are seen excited about this novel gadget.

This wearable computer is set to create history in digital technology. You can activate numerous Google Glass functions through your voice commands. The reputed search engine giant has introduced this device with the idea to make the user more familiar with virtual data. This outstanding technology is taking a leading edge, and will be extremely efficient.

The most interesting features about this device are its various apps. Google has invested lot of brain power as well as money in Google Glasses Apps Development. Everyone is keen to know about some of the basic apps which are to be found in this modern device. The more you relate with the Google ecosystem, the more user-friendly Google glass would be for you.

Google Glass Apps Development

Charter your way with Google glass

In case you are seeking directions for going to a local restaurant or want to attend a business meeting in a hotel or are on an adventurous trip , all you need is to make a voice command to Google glass. Instead of using a, tablet or a Smart phone for going to Google maps, and then have access to the information, you just have to utter the command. You can get the present view through its built-in web cam. By using Google Maps and GPS built into the glasses, you can reach your destination .The directions will be displayed on a prism, and the information appears right above your eye.

Record a memorable video ‘hand free‘

Should you desire to record a video of your friends anniversary celebrations Google Glass will allow you to shoot and record without using your hands. You can also send that video straight to email or text or share with friends. You can’ interact’ with groups on Google+ and make them a part of your activity. Sharing in real time will be much easier and more fun. Video conferencing becomes a child’s play.

Google Glasses apps development will reveal novel ways to view the surroundings and allow additional options .You can ask questions and get instant translations. New computing researches will make life and business easy and more convenient. The Google Glassware includes various apps for trying to help you drive safer, controlling basic services on Glass (such as Wi-Fi), helps you to frame a photo before giving the photo command or winking. The users can have access to numerous core features of Google Glassware, as Google refers to it, on the Glass Web site, and take ultimate advantage of these features to their advantage.

Google Glass Enhances the Users Ability to Retrieve Information

Of late Google has disclosed their new and innovative development within the optical industry and it is really specific to optics. ‘Google Glass’ is a world-shattering new device that has actually taken the technical world by blizzard. This device is considered to be the smartest and coolest glasses that anyone can possess. A blend of few of your favorite social media websites such as Google+, Google chats and text messages, these glasses permit you to do each and every activity from the easy comfort of your eyes. They make use of almost all the technological advancements that includes Global Positioning Systems (GPS), smart phone electronics as well as voice over internet protocol (VoIP).

So let me take you through a tour of what exactly are these amazing glasses and the process of Google glass application development.

Google Glasses are Future Eyeglasses

With more and more advancement in technology, the Google Glasses lenses enable you to clearly visualize through the apparently usual visual-world and hence, get hold of high-tech updates in this process. The Google Project eyeglasses are a device which will be used in the near future. With the change in style and fashion, the adaption of these glasses is sure to buildup one day. Yes, Google Glasses are the future eyeglasses. Firstly, Google Glass provides the users with plethora of smart phone features in an increased reality ecosystem which assists the users to discover lot of capabilities.


Future of the globe is in the Hands of Google glass developers

The advantages of Google Glasses are endless. But at the same time, to avail those advantages, it is really very imperative to Hire Google Glass Developers so as to get well acquainted with the device. They will make it really very simple for you to understand any kind of translation if required. The Glass that you will wear on the face will fundamentally transform each and every human-computer interaction, thereby making it more cherished. Owing to the fact that you do not have to use your hands and the images project on the transparent screen, this creates a sense of vibration within you.

Recognition is sure to become simpler.

The Google Glass Developers have by now started working on the development of apps that will assist in identifying people from a big crowd, using of a difficult set of algorithms which takes into deliberation the face, the kind of outfit that an individual is wearing and various other things, provided the users have a photograph of the said individual within the Google Glasses database.

For Google Glass Application Development, the usage of this device and that too by experienced developers is very important. The possibilities with this device are really amazing and unbelievable. Moreover, the web also plays a very big role in enhancing the security setups and lots more. The amalgamation of Google Glasses and the Web is all geared up to improve it further.

Google’s hi-tech computing gadget is probably going to change the global scenario. This future communication device is actually a distinctive piece that provides all the latest updates to the user. There were some difficulties that the developers had to face while inventing this device. But now, there are approximately 10,000 Glass explorers who are using it. And very soon the number of users will increase at a massive rate. The time will come when everywhere every individual will be saying, ‘I wish to work on my website on Google Glass’. So don’t wait any longer and hire Google glass developers for an enhanced experience of this device.