How To Avoid Hazards of Multilingual Website Development

There is absolutely no doubt about the fact that everybody wants to become bigger in their own sphere of business. If you are a small time tailor, you would like to own a shop some day, and then later wish to have your own brand going on with a chain of stores and eventually have a customer base all over the world.

Now, earlier on, hopes such as these would be considered funny and unrealistic, but with the kind of power that internet gives you, one can easily achieve just about anything. The internet offers you to be able to reach and access the whole world.

How does accessing the world mean good business?

I know, you aren’t asking this, I am just answering it for the benefit of the less internet savvy people. Essentially, the internet is a medium to increase your reach and consequently your accessibility. If you are a little business owner in Utah, you will still be able to reach customers in Belgium, only with the help of the internet.

Distance no longer poses a real threat to the growth of business. Of course, you’ve really got to be good in order to be able to sell to a global audience, but apart from the quality of your core business, there is nothing that can stop you from becoming a global sensation.

So, how do people in foreign countries get what I am saying?

A few years back the concept of Multilingual Website Development was born owing to the need of explaining customers in a foreign language speaking environment to understand what you are saying.

Multilingual website development is nothing but the process of creating a website and ensuring that it is readable in multiple languages targeting your niche clientele. This is a very creative area which moves away from mere translation of web pages to actual explanation of various clauses and offers which can enhance your productivity and profitability manifold.

Is multilingual web design quick and easy?

Well, in a manner of speaking, multilingual web design can be a little more complicated than the others. And this is not only because of the whole process of feeding in double or triple content. Multilingual web design is made to please or at least appeal to a huge stratum of audience base which includes people from different backgrounds, different cultural connotations and beliefs as well. This is why the entire process of designing has to be such that regardless of what you put forth it does not hurt the sentiments of anyone belonging to any section.

Avoiding the hazards

The most prevalent hazards of multilingual web design are the ones where you focus only on one ethnic group and depict something that might mean something else to an audience elsewhere. For example, you might use various colours to denote a lot of things; but the same colours can mean a lot of things in different places. White is the colour of marriage in the west while in Asia it denotes mourning.  This is why it is of critical significance that you pick out neutral colours that have a global and standard acceptance to particular topics. It is best to seek help from professional multilingual website development expert who can show you all the things that must be done in order to enhance your profitability and reduce the chances of an accidental ‘lost in translation’!

Google Glass App Development Company to develop unique and user-friendly apps

Google Glasses is an advanced version of smart phones and tablets. To purchase this latest hi-tech wearable and futuristic eye gadget having a chip at the corner of the frame, the users have to wait until next year. This light in weight gadget gives hand-free experience for the users and easy way to interact with the search engines. Glasses can store huge volume of data and gives high speed internet access. Users can search information about any domain within fraction of seconds.

This glassware is the web service which receives and sends information using glass as medium. Google has already offered solution for the developers to create apps in glassware form. This allows the developers to build the apps that are hosted and operated on cloud. Here the users can gain the advantage of using the apps without need of deploying and configuring it on their devices therefore helping to save the storage space.

Best practices followed to develop an App

Google Glassware or apps for this fabulous device should be unique in functionality, design and usability. Since, this gadget is totally different from mobile device in use and design so, the app developer should design the apps exclusively for the glass. This device is just kept an inch away from eye so they need to develop the app in user-friendly way.

  • App should be very specific to Glass i.e. the apps that are developed for laptops, Smartphone’s should not transfer the features to Glass and make it compatible to it. The developers should concentrate on the glass functionality and should understand and make the apps which boost the user experience.
  • Apps should interact with the users when they want it and should be able to ignore it when it is not required to avoid interference in work
  • Notification type Apps should deliver latest information to the users by giving fresh content in timely manner
  • Do not deliver the information at unexpected times as it gives bad experience for the users. So it is better to see time, frequency and location before sending any information
  • Apps should send the information at right time and place to gain users attention and engagement. For example, displaying a list of items that are available in the departmental store as soon as user enters the store on his/her glass
  • Apps developers should not embed advertisement within the glassware, since this may annoy the users

By following the above mentioned guidelines you can definitely design unique, workable apps which give appealing and captivating experience for the users.

Google glasses are fully loaded with many applications. Some of the standard apps include Gmail, Google+, GoogleNow, etc. Few of the apps include facial recognition, news and media apps, social networking apps, language translation, note taking, barcode scanner, QR reader etc. giving appealing and seamless experience for users. The Google Glass App Development companies are undertaking this app projects and applying all their skills for giving out unique, feasible and usable apps for the users.

Interesting and Fun apps for Google Glasses

Some of the renowned apps that are designed by Google Glass App Development Company and have gained the eye of experts include:

Crystal shopper:  This is very interesting app for the people who shop often. This app scans the barcode on the product you have selected to purchase and gives all the information embedded inside the code.

CNN app: It is a wonderful and interesting app for the users who would like to know the latest news updates. You can read the headlines, articles, etc published in real-time in front of your eyes. You can read the news as per your preferences. It even loads the videos of the documents so that you watch the live documents without missing them i.e. in case you are away from your place.

Google Glassware To Develop Specific Apps As Per Google Glass Functionality And Built In Features

Google Glasses are the next generation hi-tech eye gadget that has surpassed Smartphone’s and tablets.  This lightweight, easy wearable gadget gives a wonderful experience for the users. This can be carried to any place easily without much hassle. People can perform all the tasks such as capturing pictures, recording videos easily and quickly with a simple voice command. This helps the users to travel and explore new places across the world. The GPS chip embedded in this device provides easy navigation with Google maps. This device works either with the help of a mobile or Wi-Fi connectivity. It is a tiny computer that can be worn on the eye similar to the spectacle. The individual can access to the internet and can get any information within fraction of seconds by giving commands in microphone.

Applications in Google glasses

This device is incorporated with many standard applications such as Gmail, Google+, Google Maps, etc. Apart from these existing applications, it is also embedded with new apps such as facial recognition, news and media apps, social networking apps, language translation, note taking, barcode scanner, QR reader etc. using this device gives seamless user experience.

Many Google Glasses Apps Development companies are coming forward for undertaking the app developing projects and giving out wonderful and user-friendly apps for the people. Google is giving chances for all the business irrespective of size to develop the apps. This is the right chance for the companies who want to gain brand reputation and earn more and more revenue. Since, the technology has no ceiling; every day new apps get released into the market. The apps that are very useful for the users are having greater demand and have more download.

The Google Glasses Apps Development companies for developing the creative and innovative apps should have professional staff, good infrastructure; provide cost-effective solutions, delivering the project in time, etc. They should put all the skills in forth to take their business to heights. Since, the demand for these glass apps is increasing day by day in the market place.

Glassware is being used to build the apps. This glassware in turn is using Google Mirror API to design unique, innovate, fun apps for this futuristic technology. These Google Glasses are developed using either of the two programming languages such as Java and Python.

Importance of Glassware

Google Glassware is the web services which allow sending and receiving the content to and fro from the glasses. It offers various services, for example

  • Gmail service which helps to receive and send messages to your colleagues and friends
  • Google Now to view the information related to you and your location such as cricket score, weather report, flight details, stocks market details on glasses.
  • Google+ allows you to view the comments posted, take video calls, share photos and video with your friends and circles, etc.
  • Google Play music allows you to listen to your favorite music that is stored in Google Play library.

The Google glassware you built should be unique in design, functionality and usability. You can make your app stand out unique among all by following below points:

  • Ensure that the glassware is specially designed and tested for glass to give wonderful user experience
  • Apps should be effective, up to date and on-moment
  • Should not include unnecessary technological interruptions such as recurrent notifications which may annoy the users
  • Should give what the user is actually expecting out of the application

The Origin and Development of Ruby Programming

Being a Ruby developer for over a decade, I have been repeatedly asked this question: So, How reliable is Ruby, really? I often retort with a grunt to that question, but as fate would have it, I have developed a liking for the concept of blogging and here I go discussing whatever happened to be of Ruby Programming.

What is Ruby?

First things first. Before we get into the intricacies of how to handle ruby, we must first understand what ruby is all about. Ruby is basically a programming language that helps people develop various kinds of web and mobile applications apart from websites.

Essentially Ruby is a simple and neat language and has a lot less complications as compared to Java and Python. However, it is always best to have a developer who has a basic understanding of multiple languages. Especially knowing Java and PHP will be of great help.

What to take care of while undertaking Ruby Programming?

If you have decided to move forth with having your own online identity and have settled on Ruby Programming, then there are a few things that you must be very careful about.

  1. Ruby does not have a lot of Documentation. This means that there is very little to fall back upon. This might pose a problem for greenhorns, but remember to choose a ruby developer who has at least 3 to 4 years of experience. For him, it should not be a problem.
  2. Ruby does not happen to be a very scalable framework. So, if you are the measuring types, ruby might not be the best choice for you. You have to be patient with ruby because it shows results in the long run.
  3. Unlike other frameworks, ruby is relatively new. By new I mean it has been around only for about a decade which gives the developer a lot of blank spots. There is much yet to be discovered with respect to the possibilities of things that can be achieved by Ruby.

Looking for a Ruby developer

Human resource is probably the most difficult corner in any business establishment. Ultimately, we are only as good as our team. We might know all the secrets of creating the best outputs, but without someone who can actually deliver, we are handicapped.

This is why sourcing a Ruby Developer has to be done very carefully. Now, you can g the easy way and hire a company or agency to tackle with your online presence issues. Or you can hire a full time developer who will work with you to create and maintain your site the way you want it to be done.

While hiring ensure that you search the candidate based on his experience and not just by quickly going through his resume. Usually web development is undertaken by a team so the final product might be impressive but you must not get carried away until and unless you are sure about his role in the development of the site.

Check out his background to ensure that he is legitimate and has the skills that he claims to. You can also ask him to give you a demo, however small, just so that you can appreciate his attitude and his credibility.

On the whole, no matter how many people work on your website, you have to work closely with them at all levels to ensure that the final product is what you had in mind and better. Unless you do that there is every possibility that you will end up with a website that neither represents your company, nor its ideology.

Multilingual Website Development – Some Valuable Tips for Beginners

Time has proved that English is a dominant language on the Internet; however, things are rapidly changing with billions of individuals preferring websites in their own spoken languages. Research has proved this fact about liking of regional languages for building websites. Figures also suggest that with this increasing need for multilingual websites, it is always better for the regional players to build websites in their local languages.

Being in the web development domain for several years, I have understood the importance of multilingual website development and hence, have learned the techniques and become proficient is this regards. However, there are many who need to understand this multilingual prominence and stay in sync with changing times. I am sharing some important and useful tips here for starting out as multilingual developers of websites.

Use of TLDs (Top Level Domain)

The domain being the foremost aspect of websites, you will need individual TLDs per language for infiltrating foreign regions properly. This will also lead to boosting the site credibility along with ranking your website high on regional search engines.

Hosting Platform

Try as far as possible to host every TLD on regional servers, as this too helps in accentuating search rankings.


There are various elements that you need to consider while engaging in multilingual web design and overall navigation along with page structures. My experience suggests that the use of frameworks that are consistent for branding and are recognized locally world over are best. Such frameworks are flexible for changing languages and preferences of design for every market. I always make it a point to research about competitor websites from every market, as this aids in understanding the likes in regards to content and design for different cultures.

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)

I always keep the content aloof from the design with the use of CSS. This will prove beneficial if the need for switching content from one site to the other arises.

Choice of color

When you consider multilingual website development, the color connotations for different cultures needs to be considered. Different regions have varied color preferences. This makes it imperative that you choose colors that suit different cultures.


It is always preferable to use Times New Roman, Verdana or Arial fonts for whichever market you intend to target. These are universally accepted fonts.


You need to ensure that your stay in sync with cultural sensitivity while choosing images for your website. The images need to be appropriate according to target markets. For example, you need to use Chinese people for images on sites for the Chinese market. The images may lead to offending cultural sentiments and thus gain prominence while selection.

Use of Flash

My personal experience in terms of Multilingual Web Design has been to stay away from Flash as far as possible. Use of flash slows down your website loading and shoos away visitors.

Translate option

Lastly, ensure that the translator you use for different languages is professional in his or her language. You need to remember that languages are tricky beasts and fluids, having the potential of leading to misunderstandings. Inappropriate language use is sure to scare potential customers away from your website. Relying completely on Google Translate option is not advocated. This will be more harmful for SEO keywords.

Finally, I want to add, that multilingual web development can only be perfected with extensive practice. Hope my suggestions provided above will prove beneficial for you.

Perform Google Glass Application Development Using APIS To Design User-Friendly Applications

Google Glasses are the next generation eye gadget that is going to hit the market in the next year. This portable, flexible and lightweight device can be carried to any place easily. This extraordinary eye gadget works either with the help of a mobile or Wi-Fi connectivity. They can record videos and capture picture of every moment in your lifetime. The individuals using this device can never go wrong in directions. People interact with this device through a microphone, optical display, touch pad and a bone conduction transducer.

Developing Google Glass apps

Google Glass Application Development is quite similar to that of an Android application development. The only difference is that, Google glass uses a different set of APIs. The application for these Google glasses are being developed using either of the two programming languages i.e. Java or Python. Google has developed a unique App engine Software development kit (SDK) in either Platform. However, these glasses can also be created in Maven or Eclipse Integrated Developer Environments (IDEs).


This Google Glass Application development is made by third party developers. This gadget is also incorporated with already existing applications such as Google Now, Google Maps, Google+, Gmail, etc. These developers have created various free applications such as facial recognition, news apps, photo manipulation, note taking, social networking apps, translation of spoken and written language, sharing screenshots, in an effective and user-friendly manner.  These free third party apps are entirely set up using Mirror API. They use this technology to create cloud-based application in order to communicate with the Google Glasses in an authorized way.

The Google Glass units are entirely managed and configured by Google app known as MyGlass. This unit allows the people to upload the video to Google+ in real-time at a faster pace. They can even carry out the video or voice calls with their friends, happily. The person with whom you are in video call can experience the environment in and around your vicinity equally as you. This extraordinary product is being tested by the explorers in order to give a high quality and bug free gadget to the customers. This explorer unit has strict terms and conditions. They have no right to resale and transfer information about this product.

The Mirror API is even supporting to create web-based services known as Glassware to integrate with Glasses. The code does not run on glasses instead it will use a cloud based API to set up this functionality.

So, now the Google Glasses are packaged with a web browser allowing users to add the glasses to various web screens such as desktops, Smartphone’s, tablets, smart TVs, etc. easily.

Google Glass Web Development is done using RESTful HTTP services. The only way to open the web browser is to pass voice commands to search apps and click on the search results obtained. You can view top seven pages of the search engine results in the full-screen mode.

Google Glass Web Development is being done in an effective way to create sensation and gain attention of experts in the mobile world. The web is being designed using various technologies such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, CSS Animations, etc.  The Glass browser works as desktop browser in case if it is not defining any view port or as landscape Smartphone in case of using viewport Meta tag and device-width.  This browser is the best way to interact with various websites by giving voice commands.

Get out of The Mainstream Route and Enjoy The Simplicity of Ruby on Rails

I had always aspired to build a web application sometime during my study days. I had numerous ideas that flooded by brain and kept my adrenaline rushing to ooze these ideas out into the tech world. Right from those days I knew for sure that I will enter the programming world in the future. Then came the entry of Ruby on Rails. Even during research days for completing my final year paper, I had heard loads of things about Ruby; however, I had never delved into the programming actually.

I somehow embarked into my project with the use of Ruby; knowing nothing about it in the true sense. After passage of some time into the development, I was able to structure my codes, build the relationships between databases and make database custom queries. To my surprise, I had never before been able to understand any new programming language with such ease. I can say that Ruby on Rail programming is simply wonderful. Understanding the programming language altered the way I wrote codes. I quickly realized why people were hyping the language so much. My immediate reaction was to fall in love with Ruby. Its power while doing development projects was enjoyable and was something I had never experienced before, during my initial days into programming.

What exactly is Ruby on Rails (ROR)?

Ruby on Rails is a framework for development of web applications. This is based on the Ruby language. The design of this is done for eliminating loads of drudgery that goes into web application development with the provision of default setting that aids the elimination of configuration code and renders ample utility function sets which make common tasks easy.

Is it a good choice?

As I look back at the years spent in ROR Programing, I wonder whether I made the right choice. One method for answering my query was to consult fellow programmers and tech leads about this. Well, I did exactly that and the results were positive. Almost everyone supported Ruby. When I say this, I like to mention that techies are quite shy to indicate their unhappiness about technological choices. Hence, considering the huge positive response, I will take a average which is still good. This proved that Ruby was quite reasonable.

Did it provide enhanced productivity?

When you ask any Ruby Programmer working on the Rails framework about why they use it, the common reply you will get is to increase productivity. Early indicators I got on this front were from one of my projects that yielded immense improvement in terms of productivity. I again opted to consult fellow programmers in this regards. I especially asked everyone to compare Ruby with mainstream languages such as .Net or Java.

As per programmer tendency, everyone was of the opinion that there cannot be any objective measure for checking the productivity of any language. You can only provide subjective assessments. Overall, the reply was suggestive that Ruby on Rails programming had boosted productivity.

Viability of the platform

All the above queries I put before my colleagues sum up to on major question; was ROR programming viable as a platform for projects. This time the answer was vibrantly “YES.” The gains are positive and this platform allows us as programmers to produce better and responsive software solutions for clients.

Top Google Glass Apps You Cannot Afford to Miss

In the digital world, among numerous unique gadgets, Google has introduced another exciting device “Google Glass” in the form of wearable technology. Unlike other smart phones, the device has been structured on different features. It consists of a frame and a small programming hardware attached to it. An exclusive Google computer with amazing features has proved to be a tough competitor in digital world. For those who are adherent to Google apps, this bug would change their world. Whether exploring out new places or demonstrating lecture with digital slides or experimenting new dishes, Google Glass aids you with advance apps that acquire ability to comprehend surroundings and come out with the easy way out.

Google Glass apps have been developed on different paradigms. Some of them include;

Google Glass


Unlike other Android devices, this app allows you to take a photo at an unusual blink of eye. A small photographic hardware has been installed at the corner of frame. Once Winky has been configured, it would snap every desired moment without wasting a split second.


One can easily get a demanding recipe through vocalize search offered by KitchMe app. As the recipe is been searched, it flashes complete method along with an audible service.


Developers working on Google Glass Application Development have come up with a CNN news app with two significant features. This app offers bunch of news alerts and allows selection according to your preferences. Secondly, it is also able to load videos of the related document chosen. User can easily catch up live documentaries without reaching for television when it is least desirable.

Crystal Shopper:

Another interesting app Crystal Shopper is very practical when you are going to shop. With this app, Google Glass can scan barcodes of selected items to be purchased and delivers connected information. It even let you know the higher and cheaper rates of the product if available elsewhere.


Since presentations and demonstrations are becoming vital in every profession, this app can make it simple for you. As PowerPoint presentations can be uploaded online, YourShow can easily be connected to your Google Drive and then the slide show will begin on your Google Glass. It can help you to readily get important notes in front of your eyes and also allows to regulate slides hence an active engaging environment will be created which leads to get the audiences’ hook.

Glass Feeds:

Google Glass web development has been amazingly deployed for developing Glass Feeds that keep you in touch with events occurring all around the world. With this app you can select the news keeping your interest intact and can get latest updates.

Through Glass:

Google glass allows you a limited access on Facebook through its app as one can only share or upload a photo along with a description note under desired privacy terms. But if you have installed a Through Glass app you can enjoy a wide access to you Facebook page without any obstructions. You can easily update status, comment and like photos and can freely access timeline.

Facebook App Development – Changing the Way you Reach out to Prospective Customers

Facebook has proven it’s mettle by being a social network that is loved by millions across the continents. It boasts of a huge network of social enthusiasts comprising of people from every age group. Right from professionals to students, everyone is hooked on this platform in one way or the other. Facebook is not just an interaction board for staying connected with family and friends; it has a broad scope for brand promotions too. It encompasses loads of groups that are not restricted to friends only; it has business groups that are thriving on the immense popularity to gain more revenue. The multitude of businesses that deploy applications for Facebook is always ascending.

I intend to bring to your notice some important elements related to Facebook App Development. These Facebook applications have become one of the major factors for transforming the social network into something more than being a connectivity platform. With the number of users increasing every passing day, the pages and groups related to business are also witnessing a rise. This rise has popularized the use of apps through invitations and sharing nature.Facebook

As a programming enthusiast myself, I always wanted to explore various platforms. As Facebook offers you the privilege of working on variety of programming languages such as, JSP, ASP, PHP, ColdFusion and others, my obvious choice was to groom myself to become a Facebook App Development. The development of Facebook apps is quite a task and needs smart work as you need to utilize stored data on Facebook along with the photographs. Additionally, there are some other considerable tasks that we as developers need to perform such as, sending notifications and invitations within the application and creation of control panels and updation of user  profiles.

Growing business with Facebook application development

Every business needs a huge client base for producing revenue and flourishing in this vast marketplace. However, the ratio amongst customers and profit is seen to be directly proportional to increase in number of customer guarantees leading to heightened profit margins. Most of the business houses are striving to do their best for obtaining huge user bases, eventually profiting from the marketing applications developed for staying ahead in the competition. In this very process, the companies are using strategic apps development modules for taking advantage of social media. Facebook leads the pack in this regards. I personally, love designing and developing apps for this social platform due to the immense strength of customer loyalty it attracts.

Important elements to keep in mind

As a Facebook apps developer, I feel the need to remind fellow developers and aspirants that Facebook is showing tremendous growth in terms of users. This leads to the increase in number of people using apps every day.

However, the flip side from the developer perspective is that, due to the fast evolution, the interface for Facebook app development is being altered quite often. As a developer, I will recommend to keep yourself abreast of the changing features for functioning effectively. You need to browse through all the principles suggested for Facebook applications development along with the privacy policies. There are some limitations that you need to consider before designing or developing apps for Facebook, failing which, the chances of refusal from the social network are quite high. The developer road-map will act as an able guide in this regards.