The App-ening Business of Facebook

I don’t think Facebook needs any introduction. If you have seen the movie, “The Social Network”, then you know all about how it started and how something so small took shape of an industry so huge. I mean, seriously, who ever thought that some day they will be able to look up their high school teachers online and know about what is going on in their lives?

Still, apart from the technology itself, I definitely give a lot of credit to our present generation entrepreneurs because they understand the meaning of best out of waste. You give them anything at all and they know how to capitalize on it.

This is exactly the reason why people have found an excellent tool for business promotion and marketing in the domains of Facebook. Once it spread like wildfire, it was easy to understand exactly why or how one could promote their businesses or Brands.

Facebook Application Development

Branching on from social media, there appeared a newbie in the horizon, namely Facebook Application Development. Now, I can totally understand your frustration and irritation when you keep on hearing the term application this application that, without understanding what an application truly is.

So here it is: an application is essentially a really tiny program that facebook apps developers make in order to facilitate certain actions or processes. Obviously, a popular definition of machines says that, ‘a machine is anything that reduces human effort’, similarly, ‘an application is anything that reduces the mechanical time taken to undertake a particular activity.

Types of facebook apps

Considering its popularity, many Facebook Apps Developers have gone out of their way to etch a mark in the domain of creativity and made applications that can help them cover just about any segment of human life. The kinds of apps available in the market today are:

  • Gaming apps
  • Multimedia apps
  • Lifestyle apps
  • Networking apps
  • Messaging and mailing apps
  • Set status apps
  • Picture apps

And many more.

Why are Facebook apps good for business?

Like I said earlier, any business thrives on the kind of publicity it can get. Basically, what I am trying to say is that a potential customer should be aware of what you can offer to them. I mean, if you know that something is out there only then will you be able to procure it.

That’s where facebook apps come into picture. If you hire a decent agency they can help you create a stunning app that can attract a lot of visitors to your original site, thereby increasing your chances of sale.

The larger picture

On the whole we can easily conclude that having a business app for Facebook today has become a business requirement. Unless you have a facebook identity there is a huge possibility that a large section of your potential clients will fail to know that you exist. And if they know you do, they are probably already looking for you.

ColdFusion Experts: Where Half Knowledge Counts!

ColdFusion has been a popular development language since the quarter of the last decade. Of course, owing to the fact that technology is an ever moving river, whatever is new and happening today, will soon wear out to give space to that which is new. I know it hurts to know that Murphy’s Law is most prevalent in the field of IT. That moment when you think you have the latest gadget, you end up finding out that something new has already been launched.

ColdFusion too began as a humble project to facilitate developers. However, today it has taken form of a full fledged development language to carry out complex functions as well as simple activities.

The know it all syndrome

More often than not, most people choose to hire ColdFusion developers who have adequate experience in multiple languages. However, it is somehow not so clear why they would do that. One thing that we all must know as aspiring web entities is that knowing everything about something is more important than knowing something about everything.

This is what I call the ‘know it all syndrome’. People simply assume that a person who knows a little about too many things will be able to handle their project efficiently. Whereas, in my experience I can confirm that quite the opposite stands true.

The right ColdFusion Development Company for your business

I know you must be thinking that I have been ranting about all the things that people do and don’t without delivering a solution. Don’t worry your answer’s coming. The best way to Hire ColdFusion Developer is to go through a company.

I personally have nothing against freelancers, but time has proven that freelancers are a little too free and might not be able to dedicate as much importance as required for a project that is important for your business.

You can rely on the popular search engines to find and provide you with a list of the high ranking ColdFusion Development Companies. You can go through the list and based on their service offerings and your requirements you can settle on the one you want to task with your project.

What should the search criteria be?

I have been approached on multiple instances to help with sourcing of the right candidate for a number of IT requirements. This is because people, who have a core business which does not belong to this domain, do not have too much idea about what are the key things to look for in a candidate or a company.

Regardless of any other practice that you employ the one most important thing that will facilitate your search is research. I know this is something everyone must have told you about. Research is the most important step towards getting the right solution. The better your research is, higher are your chances of benefiting. You have to know about the company’s experience and their history of work to know if you are happy with it. Also research a little about ColdFusion so that you can understand what you are getting into.

Living Longer with Google Calico

The human life has expanded in many ways. People have bettered their standard of living, students have a higher standard of education these days, and people are morally better off and so on and so forth. Naturally, everyone is sweating their asses of in order to make the most of the resources available and to ensure a bright future for their coming generations.

However, in spite of everything, we have been reduced to a mechanical force that is constantly running around to get things done. Jobs have become strenuous and happiness expensive. This is probably why even though medical sciences have advanced so much, a general human life expectancy is still a topic for concern.

What does the world need?

In terms of technology, Google has always been available like a multi headed monster, trying to cope with various different agendas while still behaving excellently at its core process that is, searching for database.

However, I don’t think people ever thought of Google entering the health industry. But surprise, surprise! Here we have Google creating Calico in association with other firms asserting that with the help of Calico (the company); they will attempt to find a cure to cancer from the enormous pool of database in the cloud.

If it works, it could increase the life expectancy of man by many years. Diseases like Cancer have threatened human life since a very long time and Google Calico is supposed to help us out live longer.

The Page Belief

Larry Page delivered a speech about Calico, the other day. He tried to explain why they had started off with this venture and what they aimed at achieving with it. Google Calico is almost like a gift from the fortune 500 companies, to us humbler livers.

He sure did sound very enthusiastic, because he kept saying that if one was to really put their mind to something, there was no way he wouldn’t be able to find a solution. Basically, he means that if there was the right technological algorithm for anything in this world, it would work out perfectly.

The charms of immortality

I was watching this series called Castle the a few years back and a particular episode keeps coming back to me. The Ambrosia project. It was something to do with preserving the human brain even after the death of the individual, in the hopes of resurrecting him to immortality. I know it sounds farfetched, but the series had depicted it in such a scientific way!

Google Calico project reminds me of that. Somehow the idea of living more or staying youthful forever has been terrifyingly appealing to the humans for a very long time. As early as the Egyptian civilization too, was all into researching the secrets of living longer.

How far is Google Calico?

Well, the sad truth is that although the claims have been high, Calico is neither near the solution nor has any idea about how to increase the human lifespan. But I am sure, they will do it soon enough!

Multilingual Website Design: How many does your Website Speak?

It is true that the world is shrinking at an enormous rate and this is why the global boundaries that used to restrict business in the earlier days has melted away. The earlier days saw a world that was occupied by people of different places all trying to win over territories to rule them. The modern day has a slightly different approach.

People are still trying to get over boundaries and explore newer places, but not in some crazy quest for autocracy, but one that would help them make more and more money.

The Role of the Internet

The internet has acted like a powerful tool in ensuring that a lot can be done without actually having to travel the distance. The restrictions posed by physical distance have been completely eradicated. Once people understood the true potential of the internet, there were many efforts of various kinds that were made in order to ensure that every potential of it can be exploited.

Websites ensured that people can today have the power o conducting business transactions in an orderly fashion without being worried about the distance. However one problem that surfaced from time to time was the problem posed by language.

So how were people to overcome that issue? Was there any way people could convey whatever they wanted to, to an audience who did not speak English?

Multilingual Web Development

Multilingual Website Design became the ultimate solution to these problems. A multilingual website is one which allows you to create the site in English, but it automatically translates to the language of the viewer when they open it from their browser.

A multilingual site has proved to be a very useful option for most business owners on a global level. The numbers of non English speaking users of internet are increasing day by day and a multilingual website offers you the opportunity to be able to sell your products and services to that crowd as well.


Initially people would be worried about purchasing online because of many security threats involved. However, today owing to the many online payment gateways and secure access transactions; it has become possible for people to rely on online purchases.

This coupled with the easy accessibility of products and the fact that the products are delivered at your doorstep. You don’t have to worry about taking time out for shopping and just do it on the spur whenever you feel like it.


On the whole if you want to expand your business across borders then it is now time for you to take the plunge into the world of limitless possibilities of multilingual website designs.

In order to get the best website done, remember to hire the right website designer who has had some experience in the same domain for the best results. Make sure you know all about the different interpretations of languages in different places and their cultural connotations to ensure you don’t make a negative impact on your prospective audience.

Why Some People Hate ColdFusion?

ColdFusion is one of those technologies that have had a love hate relationship with the world of development. It works in waves, you know, where once there is a huge surge of ColdFusion web development, and then there is an utter lull. However, being in this field for a little over a decade, I would often wonder, how can a technology be hated so much even though it offers such great results?

Now, obviously, anyone in the blue nowhere cannot last with only one programming language, so bread and butter wasn’t a problem, however, I was always faced with an itch so as to what makes people dislike a technology so powerful and beautiful. This led me through a vast phase of research and referral where in stomped though directories and forums of details to understand what the people wanted.

My search made me stumble upon certain facts like:

The world is driven by rumors

It’s true! What I found out was that for the most part a lot of things that made people dislike ColdFusion, did not even exist. There are myths around ColdFusion that state it is not secure or even susceptible to complicated coding, but it is absolutely incorrect

It is difficult to find a reliable ColdFusion development company

Now, this is a real problem. Owing to its features and flexibility, sometimes business owners specifically look to have their site developed in ColdFusion, but the panic caused by the myths along with the difficulty in looking for the right company and in time discourages the developers to a large extent.

Not much is known about ColdFusion Web Development

Although I hate to admit it, but it is really difficult to find some authentic and genuine details about ColdFusion online easily. Technically sound people know the right kind of words to search with and therefore are able to extract some details but a layman world never even have heard of ColdFusion web development in his daily life. Some people still associate it with the whole nuclear reactor thingy.

So, how to sort the problem?

To begin with, let me show you what ColdFusion really is.

It is essentially a programming language that helps developers create stunning websites with outstanding features so that your business can do extraordinarily well. You can create websites and web applications with ColdFusion if you hire a professional ColdFusion Development Company at very affordable rates.

The chief advantages of working with ColdFusion include:

  • Reliability
  • Better runtime performance
  • Security
  • Ease of use and access

Why it is my favorite?

ColdFusion happens to be my personal favorite development language because it is easy to understand and work with. Of course there are things that I have to be really skilled at if I want to make the most of it, but that isn’t the fault of the code itself.

ColdFusion offers limitless possibilities. It presents you with the scope of creativity combined with feasibility which is a fail proof formula for a successful outcome. I have made many projects in ColdFusion for clients all over the world and not one of them has ever complained.

Also, editing and making changes is a cake walk with respect to ColdFusion web development. I personally love it, and would always advocate for it. Try it out to know what I mean!

The Biggest Mistakes of Facebook Application Development!

Facebook application development has become a rage for the people today. Because of its novelty and its unique approach at engaging people, more and more entrepreneurs are beginning to understand the true potential of Facebook application development.

Having said that, it is quite obvious that, the concurrent demand for Facebook App Developers has too gone up tremendously. As more and more developers see a promising future in this field they are drawn to take it up as their career option making it extremely difficult for any business owner to choose the right kind of facebook app developers for their own business projects.

The malpractice

I know I regard it as though this was a profession such as that of doctors but, in more ways than one it is. The life of the project completely depends on the way a developer handles it. Facebook Application Development is a subject which is as critical as it is interesting.

This is one very predominant reason which leads to many horrendous and unforgiving mistakes that people make while creating a facebook app. Anything in the online world has very little margin for error. This is because the word spreads quickly and somebody somewhere has already seen it before you have been able to rectify it.

This is why you must choose your developer carefully and ensure that you get the best out of it every time. Ensure that he has some experience in the concerned genre to be absolutely sure that your site is a complete success.

What the app should have

The best advice that I can offer is that any app that one is getting designed for their website should definitely provide a very personalized experience to the User. Until and unless he feels awesome about using your app, there is no way he will return or even mention it to anyone else.

The biggest advantage of being able to use facebook as your medium is the fact that people do the marketing themselves. So you must ensure that your app has certain qualities that would force the people to themselves talk about it and involve more and more people.

Take time but make it special

I know a lot of people find it morally obligating to simply launch an app just because their competitors are doing the same. Really, you don’t want to be that person. Why would you want to bombard a user with something utterly nonsensical?

Take some time to get that perfection. Leave no stone unturned in thinking hard about what has to be done and how it can be achieved in the shortest time frame possible. However, in your haste do not leave creativity behind.

There one thing for certain and that is the fact that the human mind is fickle and so you have to ensure that you apps are creative and innovative enough to keep your target audience hooked. If you slip out of their mind or fail to make that big impression, you are gone.

Coldfusion Development V/s PHP: Which One to Go For?

Amid all the confusion of which one ranks amongst the top development technology today, ColdFusion has become my favorite. I simply adore it because it is simple, effective and not so expensive. I mean, in my line of profession, we come across many clients who are not particularly sure about what they want, but they keep asking what to go for, what not to do and how to proceed with web development.

Actually the most that people have heard of is PHP and how great it is so clients keep asking me to work with PHP only. However, when I sit with them and explain to them the pros and cons of both, they happily agree with me to use ColdFusion.

Can we rule them as one better than the other?

For the most part, no. When we talk about two different technologies, I would urge you to never compare between them. They are essentially created for different purposes. Before you decide to go for one option, you have to understand the role you want your website or web application to play and then based on your requirement choose a language which will facilitate you to get best results.

Why I suggest ColdFusion to most Clients?

Although I said that we should not compare between two languages, it is of utmost importance that we consider our options in terms of resource and time availability before we decide to settle on a particular technology.

I love PHP, but I find that ColdFusion has an edge over PHP in a few respects. Following is a list of my observation:

  • Requires much less coding
  • Offers a much clearer and neat and clean presentation
  • splendid amalgamation with PDF’s and SWF’s
  • It is essentially tag based which makes it easy to learn. If you already know html, then you can easily become a ColdFusion Developer
  • It has in built charting,
  • It also bears an in built XML integration ,
  • Has an in built read and write registry
  • carry out programs and batch files on the server,
  • POP mail recovery
  • Better session management as compared to PHP which uses the file system making it incredibly slow and not at all flexible.

Which one is more Cost effective?

When it comes to a cost analysis I would have to agree that both are pretty much the same. The only difference is probably because ColdFusion happens to be a little simple and therefore its turnaround time is faster. So if you have hired an hourly developer or something, then PHP would be an expensive option.

One word of caution, you have to be very careful about how you select your developer. In the present times, it is easy to get cheated. Be careful of selecting an appropriate ColdFusion developer so that your final product is a success.

The Tough Side of ROR Programming

Ruby on Rails has made a name for itself in the last few years owing to its innumerable advantages and service offerings. Many entrepreneurs who have recently entered the industry are all excited to have their web presence acknowledged and knowing the kind of technological advancements being made in the industry most people seek skilled Ruby on Rails Programmers.

However, one thing that people have to understand is that ROR isn’t all that simple. It is a beautiful yet complicated world of technicalities and coding which has to be dealt with, with special attention and care.

Having said that, the herculean task of creating stunning websites with a bunch of codes is given to the developers who try to juggle between client requirements and virtual possibilities to ensure that the outcome gets a positive response.

Why is it so difficult?

There is no doubt about the fact that ROR Programming entails precision and for that a very skilfully interlaced code has to be put forth. ROR is a wonderful application to be used with Ruby but is generally used as a programming language.

This is why it poses difficulty in terms of scalability. Ruby is essentially more resource hungry than its other counterparts including PHP and Java. This leads to a critical crisis for people who aren’t too comfortable with the language itself.

The problem of libraries

Another predominant problem with Ruby is that Ruby on rails has a comparatively smaller object library which affects the overall functionality of the final product. So if you have an enormous concept in your heads, it will be a little difficult for the programmer to actually execute it.

For other languages like PHP or Java it isn’t that much of a trouble owing to the huge library which acts as a total best friend for the developer. I personally don’t find it to be an issue but it does bite from time to time.

The silver lining

You surely know that in spite of so many hindrances, it still proves to be one of the most popular development languages in the present day and age because of the kind of flexibility it offers. Basically, what I am saying here is that in the digital world today, nothing is absolutely flawless, but with a little effort it can take your website to newer heights.

When it comes to an online business or even just the web presence for your existing business, you can be absolutely confident that with the help of the right ROR development company there is no way you can be stopped from achieving the ultimate success.

However, make sure that you have done adequate research before you enter into this world. Although you don’t have to do anything yourself, but if you know what is about to happen and other such details regarding the technology itself, no one will be able to con you!

Is a Facebook Minisite a Good Option for You?

If you are a business owner in today’s market, there is no way you haven’t heard about facebook. Facebook started off as a little social networking site for teenagers and collage goers, but has today mushroomed into a living cash cow.

The beauty of Facebook lies in the fact that it doesn’t just earn for its developers, Facebook can help every business owner sitting in any corner of the world generate more and more revenue.

So how is it that people intend to earn from this ginormous network? Well, if you ask me, there are multiple ways if you know how the internet works. In case you don’t, let me explain.

The Minisite

Facebook gives you the opportunity to create a minisite within itself to promote your own brand or company. What is a facebook minisite, you ask? It is a simple page on facebook that acts as a tiny individual website. Having it on facebook allows you to ensure that maximum number of people can access it and thereby you can increase the traffic on your original website.

Facebook Minisite Designing has become quite a popular trends in the last few months actually. Before it, people would just try to put up an amateur effort in popularizing their brand though a fan page or something. However, the kind of response that received has led people to understand that with the right kind of efforts and investment in this direction, there a lot to achieve.

Cost effectiveness

A minisite is practically inexpensive because facebook lets you have it for no cost. You only need to spend on getting a responsible and creative brain to handle your Facebook Minisite Designing. A lot of this will depend upon the kind of target audience you have and what is your brand known for. You have to showcase your products and services in a way that it attracts the maximum numbers of your relevant population for the campaign to be successful.

Multilingual Site

In case you are the global kind of a company, with a multilingual web design, make sure that you mention it on your Facebook minisite as well. A Multilingual Web Design always makes people more confident of your establishment as you come out as a non biased seller open for non English speaking market as well.


While designing your site make sure that you have paid adequate attention to the content of your site. The minisite’s content has to be extremely attractive. It has to be compelling enough to drive more and more of your readers to jump back to your original site. Your content should have a lot of images and a little less pomp. The users are smart and have very little time. Make sure that your site’s content is self explanatory and can register in the minds of the users without too much thinking.