Winner Emerges on the Google Glasses One Day Sale Fight!

The big fight over who all could claim the glasses for themselves in the one day Google Glass sale has seen only a few winners. Although, a lot of people would have been hopeful about getting their hands on this, but only a few have been so lucky.

ESiteworld, an IT company has bagged their prize! They have gotten their own pair of Google glasses on this one day sale. It is now evident that they will be able to prepare apps with hands on experience on the device which will make their device more efficient and definitely a sure success.

What does the company have to say?

The company claims that they are extremely excited for being able to own their own Glass. It is said that they are firm believers in trying to make a big contribution towards the glass community with the help their Glass.

A spokesperson from their firm claims that they had been working on the simulator so far, but now with the device, they can actually feel the change and understand what all could go wrong while depending only on the simulator for Google Glass app development.

They state that they will be obliged to put in more and more efforts now so that they can directly see the output and perceive from the audience’s point of view what all are the things that need to be worked upon.

Knee deep in Google Glasses apps development projects, they claim that are working hard to launch some of these awesome tried and tested apps for the general public. Soon, ESiteworld will have pioneered the industry with their streamlined and effective Google Glasses App Development.

Google Glass

What are the chances of the success of this device in general?

For the most part, this gadget has been appreciated by whoever has been able to use it. Apart from a minor amount of criticism, it can be said that this gadget is very promising and is sure to do really well when you see the bigger picture.

Of course, you will find people complaining about it, but it is best to get reviews from the horse’s mouth rather than people who have never really even seen the device. Until and unless this device is made open for the public, one would not know exactly what to expect.

Many future one day sales are expected before Google goes all out and launches the Glass in the open market. Anyways, that will have bought Google enough time to work on any complaints that users must be having till then.

Creating your own application

A lot of people are sceptical about developing their own app for the Glass because they cannot appreciate exactly how big or how popular it will get in the future. However, those who begin now are sure to get a certain edge over those who don’t because they will already have gripped their customer base before their competition gets to it.

Even if you want to take some time before being completely sure about whether you are seriously interested in having your own app designed for the glass or not, it might be a good idea to spend some time in researching the potential market and the infinite possibilities that one has when it comes to the glass.