What to Keep in Mind When Designing a Facebook Fan Page?

Despite all the security threats that people have faced from time to time with respect to Facebook, people all over the world have accepted it with open arms. More and more business owners are interested in developing their online identities and more so on Facebook. This practice is primarily because more and more people have come to understand the tremendous potential that it has with respect to audience penetration and reach.

Facebook Fan page designing

Facebook Fan Page Design has become a deep rooted practice in the world of marketing. However there are a few things that one has to keep in mind while designing the ultimate facebook page for a better business boost.


A picture can speak a thousand words and so when you upload a striking image it will catch the attention of maximum of your users. An image has to be such that it can convey the depth of what you can offer to your customers. It should need no more explanations. Once you have put that image on top, it should tell your audience how sincere you are.Facebook Fan Page

Upload fresh statuses

If you keep uploading statuses regularly it will make your audiences appreciate your participation. There is no point in creating a fan page and then leave it to gather dust. Keep it fresh and regular. It keeps the viewers hooked on to it to know what’s fresh. A fresh and bright post can make the day of your visitor and in turn yours too.

Stay abreast of current happenings

People have a tendency to search or look up trending topics. So, if you know something has caught up on the trend winds then ensures to incorporate them in your fan page. For example, when gangnam style had hit the jackpot, simply incorporate its images and videos and relate them to your business with some clever status updates.

Keep to context

Make sure that what you portray on your page is well within the boundaries of the context of your business. If you are in the music industry make sure that your page talks more about things in the music world than anything else. Use colours and themes that reciprocate a musical impression. Do not get carried away by things that look pretty but are of no use to you or your users.

Give Offers and Discounts

Everyone loves to be bribed. So give it out on a limb. Give a little incentive to your users. Give them a reason to be attracted to your Facebook Fan Page. Unless and until you do that there will be some other company putting out some other giveaway and your customers will happily tread that road.

On the whole it is very important that you put in love and efforts towards making your fan page a success. Please remember that making an online identity for yourself is a continuous process and not a onetime event. You have to keep on working on it until it comes to an auto mode.