What Makes ColdFusion Development a Better Choice than PHP Development?

The world of technology is rules by the codes that are written in order to ensure that the things that are intended are happening in the right way. This is probably why developers and software programmers have become so popular in the recent times.

Having said this, it is obvious that more and more people resort to PHP for all their coding requirements. PHP is reliable and robust and many big web names like Facebook have taken its refuge.

ColdFusion VS PHP

However, gone are the days when a particular language would help in sorting just about any problem. The requirements of a user have increased. People are constantly on the lookout for something new. In this quest for new, it becomes close to impossible to satiate every need with the same old means.

Hence as the decade takes a turn, the new face of ColdFusion emerges as the new favorite. More and more entrepreneurs are turning to ColdFusion Development for their web development requirements.

Why this over that?

There is no real answer to this question because the quality and usability of any technology is extremely subjective. How good or how bad a particular language or development platform is will depend on the needs of the user.

However, there are certain basic principles which make the ColdFusion Developer a better choice than a PHP developer. These reasons are listed below.

Developer friendly

ColdFusion is often regarded as a very developer friendly language because it is extremely easy to learn and very easy to read as compared to PHP. Any developer with any reasonable amount of knowledge in web development can very well become a ColdFusion developer within not more than 2 months.

Less Code

PHP is an intricate language that involves writing a lot of codes. However, unlike this, ColdFusion requires a lot less toil with respect to writing codes for effective development. This ultimately ends up saving a lot of time for both the entrepreneur whose project it is, and the developer who is creating the site.

User Friendly

When it comes to the user interface, it is very important that the user can actually modify or even control the site as the administrator comfortably. ColdFusion allows the developers to help in creating an interface that is extremely user friendly making the user in absolute control of his website.

Custom Tags

ColdFusion offers something known as the “custom Tags”. These custom tags are created in order to help you ease the act of managing and accessing the website templates. Hence, you no longer have to keep calling the IT professionals to help you access your own site.


Creating the site is not enough. One has to observe special caution regarding its integration. ColdFusion is very easy to integrate with Flex which makes it not only easy to work with but also aesthetically sound.

On the whole, with a good developer in your team, nothing can be too difficult; however, it is of critical importance that you know your own expectations from the site before you take the plunge!