Tweet with a Blink of your Eyes

With the dawn of the internet and the coming of search engine master Google, technology has changed by leaps. Today we can sit in one part of the world and see what is happening miles away. But with the coming of Google Glass things are about to change for all. Google Glass is an awesome eye gear that has GPS, camera, micro phone, speakers and Wi-Fi, it is truly a futuristic technology which we have it at the blink of our eyes. Google has invented many apps for easy comfortable use of the Glass for easy and convenience of the user. The best part of Google Glass is it is can be connected with the social networking sites that we use frequently.

Google has created a set of Apps which are known as “Glassware” for Google Glass which includes apps for all social networking sites. These apps aren’t just mobile apps fixed into the Google Glass but they are developed from the scratch keeping in mind the smaller display size as compared to the smart phones available in the market.

Tweet through your glass

Twitter has come up with an app that allows you to share photos taken by Glass. But unfortunately Twitter app doesn’t allow you to do stand alone tweets and you are not allowed to add description before you upload your photo. It does however allow you to compose tweets and reply to people whom you follow. It’s only your photos that will be visible to your followers and nothing that you say. But it allows you to favourite or re-tweet ant tweets.


So what the Twitter app doesn’t allow you to tweet in text it uses the Glasses so-so camera to take picture and post it on twitter in a simple manner. You just have to authorise the app and enable sharing contact and just tap to share a photo and it would be tweeted in the traditionally way with a hash tag marking like #throughglass.

The challenges ahead

Twitter app for Google Glass app is still at its infancy and needs to come up with various features in future. Twitter app has a great challenge in front of it to overcome the challenges it faces like adapting to voice and tap interface. Using Glass to take picture and tweeting is relatively simple function for Twitter app, which traditionally used key board based text input device even if it was a key board of a smart phone.

With the coming of the Google Glass Twitter has decided to branch out to reach out to Glass users. It would also allow you to tweet videos and photographs along with a 140 characters tweet. This all happens with you just commanding your glass but the voice recognition has certain limits to it and some inaccuracy which would become accurate with the passing time.