Top Google Glass Apps You Cannot Afford to Miss

In the digital world, among numerous unique gadgets, Google has introduced another exciting device “Google Glass” in the form of wearable technology. Unlike other smart phones, the device has been structured on different features. It consists of a frame and a small programming hardware attached to it. An exclusive Google computer with amazing features has proved to be a tough competitor in digital world. For those who are adherent to Google apps, this bug would change their world. Whether exploring out new places or demonstrating lecture with digital slides or experimenting new dishes, Google Glass aids you with advance apps that acquire ability to comprehend surroundings and come out with the easy way out.

Google Glass apps have been developed on different paradigms. Some of them include;

Google Glass


Unlike other Android devices, this app allows you to take a photo at an unusual blink of eye. A small photographic hardware has been installed at the corner of frame. Once Winky has been configured, it would snap every desired moment without wasting a split second.


One can easily get a demanding recipe through vocalize search offered by KitchMe app. As the recipe is been searched, it flashes complete method along with an audible service.


Developers working on Google Glass Application Development have come up with a CNN news app with two significant features. This app offers bunch of news alerts and allows selection according to your preferences. Secondly, it is also able to load videos of the related document chosen. User can easily catch up live documentaries without reaching for television when it is least desirable.

Crystal Shopper:

Another interesting app Crystal Shopper is very practical when you are going to shop. With this app, Google Glass can scan barcodes of selected items to be purchased and delivers connected information. It even let you know the higher and cheaper rates of the product if available elsewhere.


Since presentations and demonstrations are becoming vital in every profession, this app can make it simple for you. As PowerPoint presentations can be uploaded online, YourShow can easily be connected to your Google Drive and then the slide show will begin on your Google Glass. It can help you to readily get important notes in front of your eyes and also allows to regulate slides hence an active engaging environment will be created which leads to get the audiences’ hook.

Glass Feeds:

Google Glass web development has been amazingly deployed for developing Glass Feeds that keep you in touch with events occurring all around the world. With this app you can select the news keeping your interest intact and can get latest updates.

Through Glass:

Google glass allows you a limited access on Facebook through its app as one can only share or upload a photo along with a description note under desired privacy terms. But if you have installed a Through Glass app you can enjoy a wide access to you Facebook page without any obstructions. You can easily update status, comment and like photos and can freely access timeline.