The Better Fan Page: A Cheat Sheet to better your Custom Facebook Fan Page

19 Nov

A Facebook fan page has become one of the most rudimentary necessary of any business today. However, is creating a fan page enough? Are you doing justice with the infinite possibilities that you can tap by simply erecting a silly fan page?

The answer my friend, is blowing in the wind, okay, just kidding. The answer is simple. There is nothing in the digital space that can simply be created and left along to multiply by itself. It requires constant care and updates to keep it alive.Custom Facebook Fan Page

Following is a list of top tricks that you can do with your fan page to keep those fans coming and increasing your ‘Like” meter.

A picture speaks a thousand words

I know I am probably repeating a cliche, but trust me. The cover image that you must put on your fan Page is the saving grace. The human attention span on an average is less than 8 seconds, further reduced by 5 if someone is preoccupied or thinking about something else.

This leaves you with a healthy 3 seconds. Your cover photo has to be such that it can grab the eye balls and trap their attention in those 3 seconds to compel the user to go on reading or to hit the ‘Like “ button.

The best way to do this would probably be to use bright colors, which are, of course, relevant to the products and services that your company offers so that it can reinforce your brand’s name in the minds of the visitors.

Update your page

By updating your page I don’t mean simply logging in and putting up a stupid status message. The updates that you do on your page have to make sense. They have to have the power to interest people.

I mean, for the love of God, please stop updating silly things such as, “Cold outside, come and shop with us inside”. Not only does this status not make sense, it hangs on the brink of absurdity. The same thing could have been said in a much nicer way, such as, “welcome winters with a warm Wardrobe: Sale by XXX! Hurry!”

In your Custom Facebook Fan Page, you can even keep updating your About section by adding new details and putting forth interesting milestones. Facebook fan page development allows you to keep uploading interesting images as well.

Image Size

You don’t want to scold or even bombard your users with information. You basically want to include them in your activities. This is why it is important that you use images of the right size so that there is no problem with respect to the audience’s perception. Also, files that are too heavy take time to be visible and files that are too light aren’t as attractive to look at. Find out optimum size ration and ensure that your images are converted to that size before you move forth with anything.

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