The Best Websites Built on Ruby

Ruby on rails is quite popular amongst business owners of small or medium size. However, today, with the kind of flexibility it offers, it does not come as a surprise that Ruby has become the backbone for some of the world’s most used websites.

We have seen that for the most part, PHP has staked its claim over the web development territory. However, ROR programming has now slowly and yet steadily started inching towards the throne. Essentially, if you Hire ROR Developer with the right attitude and skills, then there is no doubt about the success of your online identity.

Following is a list of the best websites that have been built using Ruby and their nature and scope.


Scribd is a fantastic website that allows users to read and share literary content of any nature. So, if you have made a project on the Hamlet and people have loved it, Scribd will allow you to upload the same, so that someone else can draw inspiration from it. It has various features such as reading modes and page layout for the user’s convenience.

ROR Web Development


Missed an episode of your favourite series? Well, there’s no problem at all! Just log on to and see everything that you ever wanted to on TV. Hulu too is built using ROR Programming and is an excellent example of a simple and user friendly website.


Crunchbase is a website that offers database regarding technological companies, inventors and employees that is visible to everyone and can be edited from time to time. Here you can easily access database and statistics of huge companies like Facebook and YouTube to identify what is going on in there and it’s concurrent effect on the market.


This is a fairly popular website. Slideshare basically operates with the fundamental principle of allowing people to share and use slideshows to educate or learn and even promote their business all over the world. With Slideshare you can discuss any form of agenda with the global audience through the medium of slides.

Zen desk

If you were losing out on business because you could not give the right customer support when they needed it, then you must use Zen desk. This amazing website built on Ruby offers a web based help desk kind of software within built self service customer support system and a support ticket system which allows you to offer unbeatable service to increase the repeat value of your customers.

Yellow Pages

There is absolutely no need to explain what yellow pages does because people have been using it since the dawn of the last decade. What we can tell you is, it’s built on Ruby!

Bleacher Report

I really don’t know why the site is named so, but this one is an amazing website in terms of look and feel. This is a website built on Rails that enables users to share content (text or otherwise) for the benefit of others. You want to share some interesting report or article or even a creative slideshow, well, you have found the place!