Get out of The Mainstream Route and Enjoy The Simplicity of Ruby on Rails

I had always aspired to build a web application sometime during my study days. I had numerous ideas that flooded by brain and kept my adrenaline rushing to ooze these ideas out into the tech world. Right from those days I knew for sure that I will enter the programming world in the future. Then came the entry of Ruby on Rails. Even during research days for completing my final year paper, I had heard loads of things about Ruby; however, I had never delved into the programming actually.

I somehow embarked into my project with the use of Ruby; knowing nothing about it in the true sense. After passage of some time into the development, I was able to structure my codes, build the relationships between databases and make database custom queries. To my surprise, I had never before been able to understand any new programming language with such ease. I can say that Ruby on Rail programming is simply wonderful. Understanding the programming language altered the way I wrote codes. I quickly realized why people were hyping the language so much. My immediate reaction was to fall in love with Ruby. Its power while doing development projects was enjoyable and was something I had never experienced before, during my initial days into programming.

What exactly is Ruby on Rails (ROR)?

Ruby on Rails is a framework for development of web applications. This is based on the Ruby language. The design of this is done for eliminating loads of drudgery that goes into web application development with the provision of default setting that aids the elimination of configuration code and renders ample utility function sets which make common tasks easy.

Is it a good choice?

As I look back at the years spent in ROR Programing, I wonder whether I made the right choice. One method for answering my query was to consult fellow programmers and tech leads about this. Well, I did exactly that and the results were positive. Almost everyone supported Ruby. When I say this, I like to mention that techies are quite shy to indicate their unhappiness about technological choices. Hence, considering the huge positive response, I will take a average which is still good. This proved that Ruby was quite reasonable.

Did it provide enhanced productivity?

When you ask any Ruby Programmer working on the Rails framework about why they use it, the common reply you will get is to increase productivity. Early indicators I got on this front were from one of my projects that yielded immense improvement in terms of productivity. I again opted to consult fellow programmers in this regards. I especially asked everyone to compare Ruby with mainstream languages such as .Net or Java.

As per programmer tendency, everyone was of the opinion that there cannot be any objective measure for checking the productivity of any language. You can only provide subjective assessments. Overall, the reply was suggestive that Ruby on Rails programming had boosted productivity.

Viability of the platform

All the above queries I put before my colleagues sum up to on major question; was ROR programming viable as a platform for projects. This time the answer was vibrantly “YES.” The gains are positive and this platform allows us as programmers to produce better and responsive software solutions for clients.

Crazy but Correct – Top Tips on Hiring Ruby Right

Ruby on Rails programming, or simply Rails is probably the most sought after technological platform by people today. Earlier, people did not have a lot of interest in how the realms of technology functioned, however, today, with the importance of digitization; it has become inevitable to seek the help of developers.

Today, Individuals know more about technology than they would previously. What i mean is that maybe, five years ago, a multi millionaire producer of fabric did not know what went on n creating his website, but today, he would pay a lot of attention in identifying which technology can be used to make his web presence better because it contributes in a huge way in increasing your revenues.

Need for Recruitment

Any organisation of a decent size realises that it is of critical importance to hire the right candidates. Especially for a technology like Ruby On Rails Programming, it is evident that finding the right candidate can be a herculean task.

This is because owing to the popularity of these frameworks, the concurrent demand for the developers has increased immensely. So every time you recruit someone, chances are that you have fought for him already.

This is why hiring in the right way is of critical significance. Following is a list of tips that can help you find the most suitable ROR developer. These tips may sound crazy but are absolutely effective. They are:

Ruby On Rails

Forget Portals, Use the Feet

Of course, the internet has been designed to help you make the most of your time. It is definitely easy to quickly look up any online portal and find resumes, but trust me; it isn’t as effective as you would hope for it to be.

The best way to go about it is to get on your feet and start asking around for people who have had an experience in employing an ROR Developer previously. Take their numbers, approach them, scan their work and then decide for yourself.

Poach it out

Unethical as it may sound, the most effective way to get the right talent at your doorstep is to poach a qualified and experienced developer. That way, you don’t have to bother about paying agents and you are also certain about the quality of the work.

Blogging is a must

Try to look for an ROR develop who has a blog. It is not as if, if he doesn’t blog he isn’t good, but for the most part, a Ruby developer, usually writes blogs on ruby. It shows his interest and his comfort with the particular framework.

Budget Control

Make sure that you know the ongoing rates in the market for the services that you require. A good amount of research and asking around can help you in a great way. You must make sure that your developer has asked for more or less similar prices than others. If he charges too much, he’s just robbing you, but if he is charging too less, it’s probably because he isn’t as good as he claims to be!