Figuring Out How To Avoid Ruby Mistakes

Being a Ruby on Rails Programmer for the better part of the decade, I have experienced that it happens to be on e of the best frameworks to build your website on. In today’s times, having a website is very important, but creating one and just leaving it idle isn’t going to help. You must ensure that your site is better than other websites from the same domain. This is probably where an ROR developer comes into picture.

Essentially, Ruby is quite easy to work with, but as simple as it may seem to be, it is very easy to go wrong with it. People tend to make the silliest of mistakes while working with Ruby. Ideally I would suggest that you seek the help of a professional ROR developer to create your site, however, even if you do so, its best that you know the snags yourself so that you can hold yourself upright while dealing with it.


The one thing that people tend to mess up with ROR Development is trying to do everything all at once. If you ask any decent Ruby on Rails Programmer he would tell you that Ruby is a difficult language. The more you try to speed things up, the slower it will get you. Take things one at a time and progress slowly, there will be no problem at all.

Recruiting the right candidate

The other big mistake usually made in ruby is recruiting the right candidate. There are many Ruby Developers out there but you would be surprised to know that there are hardly a few that are truly dependable. This is because of the difficulties posed by the intrinsic structure of the language.

Don’t make the mistake of looking up ruby developers’ online and finalizing one without even having a look at their previous record. If you are going for a company that offers these services then you must take a look at the developer they are offering you and please make sure that you check his personal catalog.

What I mean is that the company might have created many stunning websites, but how many of those have been made by your developer? You have to make sure that you know that perfectly.

Money matters

Do not get carried away. Usually Ruby does require a big budget if you are going for a complicated site. Make sure that you conduct thorough research so that you know exactly what you are doing and where all is the scope of over spending.

Ideally you should make a list of the things that you want in your website. You must also discuss with your developer regarding what are your expectations with the site itself. Once you have these things clear, go online and get a general idea of the kind of money that will be involved in making this project. Once you do that stick to it. Some developer might give you other ideas but remember that it is your website and only you are in the position to judge what you can do out of it.

What Makes me Love Ruby!

Being in the field of technology and web development for over a decade, I can proudly say that I do have a certain level of knowledge regarding programming like a dog knows its way back home. As a child I would love to play little treasure hunt games and both my parents being IT professionals always coded their little hints on tiny chits that I had to search.

I know it for a fact that it is those formative years that have ingrained this sense of satisfaction in me, when it comes to writing programs and codes, creating my own treasure trove. I love development and I absolutely adore Ruby programming because it makes development an easy peesy task for me.Ruby on Rails

Top reasons for the love

My love affair with ROR Development in my green and salad days as a Ruby Programmer. I learnt that there were many things that made Ruby a great tool for developers all over the world. The top reasons are:

 Dynamic Typing

If your ultimate aim is to get your pages successfully bootstrapped and even out all the modifications that you must make during the early stages of development, then a dynamic typing offers you the best flexibility.

Although static type languages also have their own advantages but when you start ROR Development, you will come to realize how easy dynamic typing makes your task. It makes sure that you are not required to design and form a formal interface in order to implement new objects. It also helps you t swap out a class for another very easily.

Remarkable Modules

As a ruby programmer, you will easily be able to identify that it offers some great features like the ‘traits’ of scale, squeak and Perl. Basically, these modules that Ruby offers enable one to add new elements of the class hierarchy at runtime in a much easier and more effective and fruitful way.

The use of super too can be evaluated at the runtime which will again help you to consider and appreciate any modules that may be added to make it easy for an extension of functionality on a super class multiple times (as per requirement) without any restrictions.

Apart from all this, Ruby modules also offer the life-cycle feature of hooks append_features and included. This effectively makes it feasible to exploit these modules to their fullest capacity so that extensions can be isolated and distinguished from one another and the classes can be extended based on their features.

Enthusiastic community

In the digital world, you can accomplish just about anything if you have the right kind of user community. Ruby has an extensive user community that is not only knowledgeable but also very positive, extremely supportive and absolutely enthusiastic.

I don’t wish to demean anyone else, but I doubt if there is any other language community online that responds as fast as veteran ruby users do. They are very passionate about whatevers happening in this field and leave not stone unturned to contribute to its success and popularity.