Analysis an Important Aspect of the Web Development

Ruby on Rails has got a great momentum owing to the spectacular features it possesses. Even the highly experienced developers have accepted this truth and have incorporated the use of this framework, to make the exceptional websites. As a developer, I have seen many scenarios where the involvement of the developers have made or mar the entire process of development. So here I will pinpoint the things which you should ponder upon when you invoke the need to Hire ROR Developer.

Whether it is applying the hands on cooking or reaching to some place, it is utmost important that you should carry out some prior analysis, whether implicit or explicit. So, is with the web development. Though many big companies have the business analyst to handle such task, while hiring ROR programmer, you should ask them to have excellent analytical skills. Let’s see in detail that why this prong has a value!

Hire ROR Programmers

Analysis includes the things which make us understand what is needed to be done. With respect to the development, analysis stuff includes,

Divide and rule: Divide the entire task into subtasks, which may be on the basis of many aspects like functionality, likeliness and so on. The modular approach makes it easy to program the things. Apart it reduces the redundancy to great extent depending on how best bifurcation you have encompassed. Also the independent portion of the task can be further analyzed by the module leader, which gives better understanding of the portion they are going to develop. Just think how easy it will be to convert modules to program, if all the requirements are crystal clear. It is just like you wanted to go from A to B, and you have properly searched the path using maps, with proper landmarks. You can smoothly travel to B, probably with short cuts and without any hassles.

Priority: Once you have extracted the modules, it become very important to know the dependencies of the modules on each other. For instance, Module M2 is dependent on Module M1, so the work on M1 should be started ahead of M2, so that you would not face the problem like waiting for something else to be completed. This improves productivity also. Taking the traveling example again, Making it quite different, let say you have two options to visit B, one is via C and other via D. Without proper research you just choose path via C and reaching half the way, you found it closed due to some disaster! Oh almighty! Take reverse and choose other path, do you have any other choice?

It is for this reason that I always suggest to hire the ROR developer who has some analytical skills. Hiring such ROR programmer will make the things go exceptionally well. Of course being a programmer, they must have good ROR skills and other necessary skills to develop the websites. Spend the necessary time after analysis and don’t make it haste! Do it at the best and get the best outcomes, in the form of well developed websites.

Important Role of ROR Developers in Development

Ruby on rails or ROR, is a name derived from the programming language Ruby. ROR is a framework which eases the task related to the web development and keeps your pocket heavy i.e. it is an open source. There are so many wonderful things that the ROR framework can accomplish. Let me give you an example: How would you feel if you get the not-so-logic involved tasks automatically? Yes, ROR helps you get the stuffs done easily by creating necessary models and also the visual portion of your website and then you are merely left with the important part of your website i.e. integrating the logical part, which makes the application on-the-go. So now it is clear to decipher that ROR allows you to focus on the important portion of your project by giving you all other possible tasks ready. ROR also have the web server and a build system. In fact with all these components, ROR helps you to get complete the complex web development with efficiency and at pace.

There are many methodologies adopted by the developers in order to have the web development at ease. ROR follows the agile development methodology which makes it just noteworthy and remarkable. We all are aware about the importance of MVC – Model View Controller structure during the web development. ROR follows this pattern and hence there is no doubt in the coding standard one can get using the ROR framework. But to get the best development one must have good minds that can turn the requirements into a fully fledged product using ROR. This invokes the need to Hire ROR Developer. Here are some of the points to consider while hiring ROR programmer:

  • As ROR is a framework of Ruby, it has the syntax and other usage which are dependent on Ruby programming. So when you hire ROR developer, you should make it sure that they have at least some basic understanding about Ruby or else are ready to learn the same.

  • As a software developer, we all are aware that for creating any live application one must possess some hands-on experience in the web development. You cannot plunge into the web development without having any prior knowledge and of course any good company would not allow that. So, while hiring the ROR programmer please ascertain that they have at least accomplished one web application project so that it becomes easy to train them furthur.

  • If you want to hire the developer for the ongoing projects, you would definitely want some experienced people to join your team. These are certain things you must ask before hiring any such candidate:

    • Implementing MVC structure using ROR
    • JavaScript, ROR testing
    • OOPs concepts. Basic programming sense like the knowledge of HTML, CSS and other database related stuffs.

Working with ROR is indeed a fun. You can create the most complex-type web applications easily using ROR. But all these things are possible only if you have great minds! So choose your ROR team wisely and get the flying colors in the development!

3 Tips to Hire the best ROR Programmer

When it comes to the ROR development, there are good numbers of companies who have settled well and have very good portfolio items of their accomplishments. Still with growing needs of the market and increasing number of projects, there arises the need to hire some more ROR Developers. Even due to rise in the number of businesses who want their project to be done on ROR, many new companies are arriving for ROR development and many other are switching or expanding their company with the same. Hence for all these companies, the need to Hire ROR Programmers will always be there. So what points should be considered while hiring the ROR programmers?

Ruby On Rails

Conduct Smart Interviews:

I have seen many companies applying same obsolete techniques of interviews for hiring! The world is getting modernized so why not the interview process? Today is the eon where merely “Developing’ is not sufficient, you need to do really something different than your rivals. Hence for that difference, doesn’t be stickler for the rules while interviewing the ROR candidates. To have knowledge is different thing and along with the know-how, the developer should also know how and when to implement it. So be aware that you ask some very simply yet tricky questions or give some scenarios and ask them to give the best possible solution or improvements for the same. I have seen the crammers who can just answer any book-given questions easily but when they come to the field (here development), they are just a dim-witted one. Now how to extract the sharp people and what kind of queries to ask is upon you.

Hire ROR Developer as freelance:

If you are startups or you want some very high skill people or may be for some other reasons, you can hire the freelance ROR developer. There are good numbers of superior sites available for this purpose like ODesk, Elance etc. So you can hire such part-time or hourly based or task based developers. I have seen many companies hiring such freelancers when their budget or resources are less; or they need some extreme talents to solve their difficult queries.

Range of work and Versatility:

I just hate the developers who don’t want to come out of their comfort level. They are very happy with the “stagnant” work and are even satisfied with it. Hence if you are hiring the ROR developer, keep yourself miles away from such people because as the development company you are not going to develop similar projects always. This may create a very bad impression on your portfolios even. To plunge into different types of projects you need to hire the candidates who can easily adapt to the new requirements from the clients, who are ready to program any hard logic and come with some astounding results. In short the developers should be a good learner. Of course programming is like learning new things every now and then and adding up more knowledge, which is beneficial to both the developer and the company.

Proper Research is necessary when you Hire ROR Developers

I have been into web development for over a decade now and have worked on different languages and frameworks for my projects. However, some years back, I shifted to a new company and this is when I was introduced to the world of Ruby on Rails programming. The framework amazed me completely. Though in the initial days, I spent time understanding it, the ease with which I learnt things was amazing.

Important aspect to remember

One thing that I will like to advice is to conduct a proper research when you intend to Hire ROR Developer for your projects. Further, when you Hire ROR Programmer, remember to conduct interviews of every candidate your select to check the knowledge level. Do not lapse in this activity as your project needs to be in proper hands. Ignore the amount of time this may take; ensure that you hire ROR developer who is only the best. Further, even if time is spent, the excellent framework offered by Ruby on Rails will ensure that the project is completed quickly, thus covering for the initial spent time.

Hire ROR Developer

When you begin your search to hire ROR programmer, you have the option of working with a team, or some individual developer. Outsourcing is the best option available however. This will lead to saving lot of your money and the experience and skills associated with this option will be useful for a enhanced final outcome of your web application. Also keep in mind, that the entire globe is full of expert professionals and hence your scope for searching the right one is quite wide.

Know your purpose

When you intend to work with an individual programmer or a team, the aspect that is extremely important is to understand the purpose for which the application is being developed. You need to have a complete plan for the project. This will also help the developers to understand your needs and then work accordingly to achieve the deadlines. You need to provide details regarding the time span available with you for project completion, the frequency which will be needed to updates and the reporting pattern. This will aid the developers immensely and they can work according to your plan.

Trials can help

When you finalize upon some Ruby developer for your project, it can be helpful if you conduct trial runs. These trials can obviously be utilized for the future tasks. Further, check what programming languages the developer has worked in the past apart from Ruby on Rails. This experience can be helpful for project development. Though this is not compulsory, it surely is helpful. Moreover, the resourcefulness and the immense flexibility that Ruby on Rails offers, is enough for developing a good application even if the developer is less experienced on other frameworks and has only worked on Ruby.

Finally I will like to add that there is no programmer available who can claim to be an expert on every language and framework. Every one has his or her own special expertise. It is you who has to decide which framework is required from your end. Seek the abilities you require and begin your search accordingly. This also means that your goals have to be clear. Clear goals are beneficial for the project; not only from your perspective, but from the developer point of view too.

Hire ROR Developer and Enhance Productivity and Profitability of your Business

Ruby on Rails commonly referred to as ROR is an open-source web development programming language. Currently all qualified web developers are making extensive use this of this language for the swift development of even complex websites. It is indeed one of the most rapid and convenient programming languages. ROR is a significant and well accepted framework that develops a website in an easy and simple manner. One of the important advantages of using Ruby on Rails is that it supports numerous databases such as SQL and ORACLE. Besides this, it really helps in developing Database driven web applications. Hiring experienced and skilled ROR developer for your web application development is very beneficial.

Hire ROR Programmer

Get the best database driven website at cost effective rates.

As you hire an ROR Developer, you will get the best possible web development services. In addition you will get the services at an affordable cost. As you engage a professionally qualified ROR developer you will be able to get one of the best database driven website. The ROR developers who are experienced and highly skilled will be well equipped to give you an excellently designed website. They will help you to get a website designed with Ruby on Rails program which is user-friendly and will enable you to get the maximum amount of audience.

Save time and money for website development

Opting to hire an efficient ROR programmer will make the process of your website development easy and convenient. You will be able to save your precious time, money as well as other important resources.

Get immense business benefits

As you hire an ROR developer, he will provide you with comprehensive business development strategies keeping in view your target market. Besides this it would be very convenient to approach the target clients and thus enhance your business. He can develop your website keeping in view your specific business needs and requirements. An efficient developer will help you to design new and innovative strategies which will increase your web traffic and promote your business.

Search for efficient ROR developers online

ROR developers are now available for hiring at very reasonable prices. You can search on the internet. Thus you can hire ROR programmer and developer without having to invest any amount of extra money.

The business houses can Hire ROR Developer on an hourly, weekly or monthly basis. As your business company wants to launch a new project then too you can hire ROR programmer who will work on the project basis. This will reduce costs. You can analyze the quality of work depending upon your business needs and also save your time and cost.

In addition you can outsource development services or independently working ROR developers. There are numerous outsourcing companies who offer the best ROR development services. Rather than having in house ROR developers and programmers you can hire them whenever needed and thus save more time and money.

In case you do not want to hire ROR developer on a permanent basis you can even hire Ruby on Rails developer or ROR programmer on temporary basis. In this manner you can get the advantage of their expertise and skill whenever required according to your business needs. Not only can this, if you want you can change the temporary contract into a permanent one. Thus you will be able to get excellent work done through ROR experts and stay ahead of competition.

How to Hire ROR Developer for Best Ruby on Rails Solutions?

Ever since the time that website have become so popular more and more people have begun to seek newer platforms to develop their online identity in. This has also forced a huge demand on the digital enterprise to produce better and more creative developer in any framework.

However, the biggest hurdle is always in identifying a reliable developer who can understand the company’s requirements and produce a solution that can contribute to the profitability of the company.

Having been a developer for the better part of a decade, it dawned on me that human resources was a much more complicated arena, especially when it comes to ruby on rails. Ruby on rails is an open source framework that I have worked with and therefore know fairly well about all the things that are important while developing unique and customized solutions.

Solving the HR puzzle

When you Hire ROR Developer, it is not just on the basis of a simple resume check followed by an interview. Development is a field that needs palpable solutions. So, when an HR representative calls for a ruby interview, it is essential that a Ruby developer is around to understand if the candidate is as good as he claims to be.Hire ROR Developer

Now, you would say that “if I already have a developer, why would I bother to get a new one”! True, that is. So, in case you are looking for your first ruby developer, it is best to seek help from someone in your circle that you know already has one.

In case it is not feasible for you to identify anyone such, then have your human resource manager study ruby on rails for a while. Thorough research of at least a couple of days will help him identify the key areas of concern.

Basic principles

Apart from all the technical details involved, there are a few basic principles that you should be very careful about. These are:


Please don’t count experience in terms of years. What I mean is, Ruby has been around for only over a decade. So it is pointless if someone has 20 years of development experience with hardly six months into ruby itself. Make sure that you check out if he has done sufficient work in the area that you want him to work with. See his product catalogue and check if he has worked alone or in a team.


You might find the best developer with an attitude that is pretty useless. Is it a safe bet to hire him? The answer is NO! No matter how good he is, unless he has the attitude to deliver the best results for the benefit of your company, do not hire him. Everyone wants to make money, but only those employees who have the company’s interest at heart should be hired.


Developers are infamous for their sudden jumps. Check out his previous work record to ensure that he is a stable person. You don’t want to hire and train him and then lose him out to a better offer just within months. Check if he is a local, has a family and is serious and passionate about his work before you even think of hiring someone. Also, ask him the reason to have left his previous company and thinking of joining you. If the reason is only money, then he might leave you too.

The Best Websites Built on Ruby

Ruby on rails is quite popular amongst business owners of small or medium size. However, today, with the kind of flexibility it offers, it does not come as a surprise that Ruby has become the backbone for some of the world’s most used websites.

We have seen that for the most part, PHP has staked its claim over the web development territory. However, ROR programming has now slowly and yet steadily started inching towards the throne. Essentially, if you Hire ROR Developer with the right attitude and skills, then there is no doubt about the success of your online identity.

Following is a list of the best websites that have been built using Ruby and their nature and scope.


Scribd is a fantastic website that allows users to read and share literary content of any nature. So, if you have made a project on the Hamlet and people have loved it, Scribd will allow you to upload the same, so that someone else can draw inspiration from it. It has various features such as reading modes and page layout for the user’s convenience.

ROR Web Development


Missed an episode of your favourite series? Well, there’s no problem at all! Just log on to and see everything that you ever wanted to on TV. Hulu too is built using ROR Programming and is an excellent example of a simple and user friendly website.


Crunchbase is a website that offers database regarding technological companies, inventors and employees that is visible to everyone and can be edited from time to time. Here you can easily access database and statistics of huge companies like Facebook and YouTube to identify what is going on in there and it’s concurrent effect on the market.


This is a fairly popular website. Slideshare basically operates with the fundamental principle of allowing people to share and use slideshows to educate or learn and even promote their business all over the world. With Slideshare you can discuss any form of agenda with the global audience through the medium of slides.

Zen desk

If you were losing out on business because you could not give the right customer support when they needed it, then you must use Zen desk. This amazing website built on Ruby offers a web based help desk kind of software within built self service customer support system and a support ticket system which allows you to offer unbeatable service to increase the repeat value of your customers.

Yellow Pages

There is absolutely no need to explain what yellow pages does because people have been using it since the dawn of the last decade. What we can tell you is, it’s built on Ruby!

Bleacher Report

I really don’t know why the site is named so, but this one is an amazing website in terms of look and feel. This is a website built on Rails that enables users to share content (text or otherwise) for the benefit of others. You want to share some interesting report or article or even a creative slideshow, well, you have found the place!

4 Basic Tips That Are a Must to Hire ROR Developer

PHP, Ajax, HTML et al are some of the basic tools for web development. These technologies are quite well known among the layman as well as professionals, who use these tools and technologies. Nowadays, new technologies are increasingly being used by a number of companies for web development. These technologies help develop dynamic web content and provide numerous other features and functionalities that were never seen before. One such technology is Ruby on Rails, which is based on the Model, View, Controller or MVC architecture. 

Because ruby on rails technology is an integral part of web development, Rails programmers are also much in demand. So, if you want to Hire ROR Developer, here are some tips that you can follow. Take a look:

  1. Search for them intelligently: It is very easy to find developers, if you know where to look. For instance, you can interact online with numerous developers at various ruby on rails forums, websites etc. On these sites, the developers discuss their work, share opinions, give feedback, post comments, post their sample codes or even share their entire portfolio. This gives you a chance to analyze their work and also, contact them easily if needed. Additionally, you can also visit developer’s conferences or other meets and find talented programmers for your project.

  2. Start an employee referral scheme: Another way to find the best ROR programmers is to start a full-fledged employee referral scheme. This is immensely beneficial as developers who already work for you, can refer their friends, acquaintances, ex-colleagues and other known professionals with expertise in rails technology. It also saves you truckload of time and at the same time you get some of the best developers in the industry. Easy isn’t it?

  3. Ask for their past work: Always make it a point to ask the developer you are going to hire, about a documentation of their past work. This will help you analyze their strengths and weaknesses, know their experience, what are their expertise, what level of work they will be able to handle, who they worked with etc. This will also help you negotiate a price at the time of hiring them.

  4. Take a test: If you want to know how much knowledge the developer you are going to hire has, you can take an on-the-spot test for the same. What you can do is, go prepared with a number of questions related to ruby on rails and ask them these questions verbally. Alternately, you can ask them to write a sample code or give them a code to debug. If you don’t have sufficient knowledge, you can ask an expert to help you or do some research and then prepare the test(s).

To sum it all up

These are some of the must know tips for hiring rails programmers for your company. All these tips are easy to follow and will help you hire ROR developer easily. Just follow them and in no time you will get the best talent in the industry. All the best for your endeavour.