Create Ordinary App Peerlessly!

We have seen the evolution of the computers with the time. The computers at their inception and the computers (in fact the types of computers) now have a huge difference in terms of size, capacity and the reliability, The main change is seen in the terms of the size. Some couple of years back, the computers occupied huge space and now they have just become immense mobile and light weighted; the best example comprising of the laptops, palmtops, tablets, smart phones and the most recent one, the wearable devices. Google has come with one of the most astounding invention with The Google Glass, a wearable device. The wearable technology has got immense demand owing to its hands-free feature. You can use the computers without frequent touches; just give a voice command and your work is done.

Google Glass

To make the maximum use of the glass, it is very important to install the relevant apps. This has flourished the Google Glass Application Development market. Many companies are plunging into the development of the apps and have succeeded to great extent. More and more users are buying the glass and hence it is obvious that they will need the apps to make it run. The companies engaged with the Google Glass Application Development have to undergo some research and analysis prior to making the apps.

  • Research it well:

Research may be with respect to two perspectives. The first one is to be aware that what type of apps are in demand or will be in high need in the future. The second perspective is undergoing profound in the research that if the app which resembles in one or the other way to the one you are going to make, decipher how you can make it better than the already existing app.

  • Undergo proper analysis

Once you are aware about the kind of app you are going to create, just think in profound that how you can make the app the most appealing and fully fledged. You can take the help of various analysis tools like mock ups. Also the look and feel part of the app matters a lot. Many times it is seen that out of the similar apps, the app with better GUI and color combinations is more prone to be used by the users. Also coding standard of the app matters a lot. If you have incorporated good coding strategies, it will be reflected as size and will be less error prone. You can insist using the reusable codes. If you have used some plug-in in your app, go for the lighter version of the same. Hence when you Hire Google Glass Developers, take care that they are aware about such concepts. Hiring goggle glass developers is very important if you want to go for good number of apps done and have more assignments.

On the whole, while developing the glass apps, just try to think out of box and try to accomplish the ordinary thing in the exceptional way!

Google Glasses – Beyond Wonderful!

The technology is flourishing to great extent, which can be reflected through many points like the relative size, i.e. the television sized computer screens are replaced by very symmetrical LCDs, the three bundled device i.e. CPU, Monitor and keyboard which occupied too much space are available in the form of comparatively lightweight laptops and that too without any compromise in the functionality. Though the factors like size, weight, space differs among these devices, the basic functionality remains the same i.e. you need to use your hand or fingers to interact with these devices. The profound change came when Google came with a stupendous device, which changed the way the computer-related stuffs were used. The device has got flourished as soon as it was invented because of its spectacular look – which resembles to any normal eye-wearing glasses and enormous features; the device is none other than Google Glass. Now many of the readers would overtake my words as an exaggeration but believe me, at the end of this blog, you will too be overwhelmed by the features provided by the device.

Google Glass App Development

Google glass apps

As I mentioned earlier, the glass is no less than any computer or laptop. You can do wide range of things using the glass. The use of glass has become a boon in the areas like medical – A veteran surgeon can treat good number of patients owing to the glass. Just as you need different software’s to run the computer and perform desired tasks, the glass also require “Apps”. These have invoked the need for Google Glass Application Development to great extent. Also for the Google Glass Application Development, you require to hire Google glass developers. As the device is quite newer in the market, still there are many uncovered and untouched apps that are needed to be created. In fact, many app development companies have started creating the apps which can prove helpful to the Google glass users. But developing out-of-box apps has direct relation with the developers you hire for Google glass app development. The companies who are in need of more goggle glass developers can go through the following points

  • Any apps have ratings along with the developers name; hence for some bucks do not compromise with the quality of the developers. Hire the best developers who can think differently and uniquely. At the end what matters is the peerless App and not the few more buck you spared after the developers.

  • Lock in good developers apart from hiring the new ones. The senior developers are in line with your company’s atmosphere and working. Hence, they can easily tackle the newbie and guide them in the best possible way.

Hence whether you want to capture a picture, search across the maps, overcome different language problems and so on, Google glass will be like your best pal. In fact, unlike other devices, you can see the result in front of your eyes and get the desired things done by your speech! Indeed Google glass can make the day to day activities very easy along with its application over wide areas.

Turn a Profit with Glass Development

Of course you cannot judge a “Glass” from its “look”, you need to wear it! Had you even imagined that wearing a glass can make your search over? Hey, this is not an exaggeration, it is the truth. I just wore a “glass” and asked it to search for the best restaurants in the nearby and as if a dream coming true in front of my eyes, the results came and that too just some few cm away from my eyes with relevant and immediate information. This is a short, sweet description of what the special glass from Google can do.

Now let’s talk about the development side of the glass apps. Google glass of course is a newer tech device than the ones in almost the same category like smart phones. So it is quite certain that the number of apps of the former one are comparatively lesser than the later one. This gives a hint to all the smart developers to start developing apps for the Google glasses. As this is the mere an inception of the Google Glass, the demand for the apps will be there at leaps and bounds. So this is a good time to go into the field and make your name in the same. The benefit you will gain here is that, you are getting a chance to be an “earlier“part of this exceptional product of Google in the form of developing the Google Glass apps for the people. Here i focused to the earlier part because by participating to the development of the app, you will almost get mastery in it, when it is going to be used just like any other common device. I would recommend you to hire the best Google Glass Developers and commence the development for the amazing. You will probably get an opportunity to make a good position when it comes to Google app developers.

Also if you want to stand well in the competition don’t be stingy while hiring the Google Glass Developers.

  • From the very starting do focus on the quality developers. Of course this quality may cost you more, but don’t be parsimonious in it if you want some really eminent app.

  • How to reach them? Yes, this can be quite difficult but not impossible. You can hire the developers from many job offering portals. You can even conduct some face to face interviews for the same.

  • Freelancers: this is also a good option. If in the starting you cannot afford to have employers of your own or due to lack of the resources, you can go for the freelancers who will work for you with their own resources. But be aware, don’t be dependent on them or rather avoid imparting the things which are needed in urgency.

So what are you waiting for? Start developing the fantastic and useful apps for Google glass and get ready for good amount of money coming to your way.

Crazy Apps for Google Glass!

Google Glass happens to be the hottest bun in the tech bakery. Just about everyone wants a piece of it. But really, it is only the design and the gossip that has got the glass ticking? Well, actually, being a developer of the smartphones for almost a decade, when I first heard about the glass, all I could think about was the extent of craziness that we could bring upon with a gadget as cool as the glass.

The Google glass is a wearable computer. For non technology related people, that’s okay. But for people like me, who live, eat and die in codes, the glass breeds a whole new ground for creativity. I mean, have you ever given it a thought! If you’re smart phone is cool, what will you call the Glass!

Don’t listen to me

Listen, I might get all biased about technology, but you don’t have to take my word for it. Just a simple Google search will show you Google Glass app development is trying present the world with some of the best kinds of applications that you have ever seen or thought.

Suddenly, with Google Glass App Development, movies like iRobot seem true! Alright, taking a deep breath let me explain what the Glass is all about.

Hire Google Glass Developers

The Google Glass is a wearable computer that can be mounted just like a pair of eye glasses. The initial version was glass-less, however, the newer versions include the option of putting prescription as well as sun glasses to the frame.

It has a small microchip attached to the frame which displays all the things. It is voice controlled but also has touch sensors on the frame near the temple to handle it easily. There is a wide range of apps pre existent in the Google Glass sphere but a lot of work is still underway.

Cool apps to have on the glass

Eye Scanner app

Remember Mission Impossible? Well, it’s become a little real now. Instead of contact lenses which can blink and print, you can do the same with your Google Glass. Blinking has become enabled on the glass which will allow you to upload whatever you click the pics of to the Google drive. Soon, we can also expect the Dropbox to be connected with it.

Facial Recognition

If you are going to a high crowd density area, just keep the facial recognition app on on your glass and it will ensure that you never lose track of your friends and family. It will scan through the crowd and identify the people you are looking for so that life is a breeze for you!

Get the bird’s eye view

If you have a little trouble with your vision and couldn’t get front seat tickets to the concert, with the bird’s eye view you can get a cool close peek at whatever you want. This app zooms it out for you and keeps it right in front.


With an app to sync your presentation with your glass, you really don’t need to keep turning your head back and forth while giving a presentation to the audience. You’ll have all the details right in front of you. A slight variant will also allow you to compeer effortlessly!

Google Glass Enhances the Users Ability to Retrieve Information

Of late Google has disclosed their new and innovative development within the optical industry and it is really specific to optics. ‘Google Glass’ is a world-shattering new device that has actually taken the technical world by blizzard. This device is considered to be the smartest and coolest glasses that anyone can possess. A blend of few of your favorite social media websites such as Google+, Google chats and text messages, these glasses permit you to do each and every activity from the easy comfort of your eyes. They make use of almost all the technological advancements that includes Global Positioning Systems (GPS), smart phone electronics as well as voice over internet protocol (VoIP).

So let me take you through a tour of what exactly are these amazing glasses and the process of Google glass application development.

Google Glasses are Future Eyeglasses

With more and more advancement in technology, the Google Glasses lenses enable you to clearly visualize through the apparently usual visual-world and hence, get hold of high-tech updates in this process. The Google Project eyeglasses are a device which will be used in the near future. With the change in style and fashion, the adaption of these glasses is sure to buildup one day. Yes, Google Glasses are the future eyeglasses. Firstly, Google Glass provides the users with plethora of smart phone features in an increased reality ecosystem which assists the users to discover lot of capabilities.


Future of the globe is in the Hands of Google glass developers

The advantages of Google Glasses are endless. But at the same time, to avail those advantages, it is really very imperative to Hire Google Glass Developers so as to get well acquainted with the device. They will make it really very simple for you to understand any kind of translation if required. The Glass that you will wear on the face will fundamentally transform each and every human-computer interaction, thereby making it more cherished. Owing to the fact that you do not have to use your hands and the images project on the transparent screen, this creates a sense of vibration within you.

Recognition is sure to become simpler.

The Google Glass Developers have by now started working on the development of apps that will assist in identifying people from a big crowd, using of a difficult set of algorithms which takes into deliberation the face, the kind of outfit that an individual is wearing and various other things, provided the users have a photograph of the said individual within the Google Glasses database.

For Google Glass Application Development, the usage of this device and that too by experienced developers is very important. The possibilities with this device are really amazing and unbelievable. Moreover, the web also plays a very big role in enhancing the security setups and lots more. The amalgamation of Google Glasses and the Web is all geared up to improve it further.

Google’s hi-tech computing gadget is probably going to change the global scenario. This future communication device is actually a distinctive piece that provides all the latest updates to the user. There were some difficulties that the developers had to face while inventing this device. But now, there are approximately 10,000 Glass explorers who are using it. And very soon the number of users will increase at a massive rate. The time will come when everywhere every individual will be saying, ‘I wish to work on my website on Google Glass’. So don’t wait any longer and hire Google glass developers for an enhanced experience of this device.

Hire Google Glass Developer’s Having Sound Knowledge on Various Platforms to Create Interactive and Uniquely Featured Apps

Hire Google Glass Developers

This gadget is loaded with default applications such as Google Now, Google Maps, Google+ and Gmail etc. The Glasses Application Development company developers have created various applications such as facial recognition, news apps, Photo manipulation, note taking, social networking apps, and translation of spoken and written language, sharing screenshots, QR reader and barcode scanner in an effective and user-friendly manner.  These apps are highly compatible with Google glass functionality and built in features.

Interact with your favorite websites with the help of Google glass web

Google Glass Web Development is done using RESTful HTTP services. The only way to open the web browser is to pass voice commands to search apps and click on the search results to view the websites. The web is being designed using various technologies such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, CSS Animations, etc.

Google Glass web development designs the website user interface in an efficient way. The glass specific designs are very similar to that of mobile specific designs. They design the web page with less loading time giving captivating experience for the users. More creative ideas and concepts are being used to design the web in the glasses. Most of the sites are developing glass specific apps rather than glass specific website designs. This is the best way to interact with various websites by giving voice commands.

Roles and responsibilities of Google Glass developers

Hiring the Google Glasses Developers is the challenging and daunting task for every organization, since the project will be totally managed by these people. Any wrong step taken in the selection process can ruin the entire organization. These business people have to Hire Google Glass Developers who fulfill the below criteria

  • Should be certified in Google Glass developing and designing
  • Should have sound knowledge in Java, python and Google Mirror API
  • Should be able to analyze and develop the bug free code
  • Should develop an unconventional and highly featured apps
  • Should be familiar with two ways of writing applications for glass  (Mirror API, Glass development kit)

So, companies should Hire Google Glass Developers fulfilling the above requirements to develop innovative, useful and fun applications for the forthcoming fabulous device. This app should be friendly with not only tech enthusiasts, but also with people who have zero knowledge about technologies.

Hire Google Glass Developers to Build The Apps that are Usable and Unique

Google glasses are the latest augmented-reality-based wearable computing gadget that allows the users record videos and capture pictures of every moment in their life time by giving a single voice command. This device works either with the help of a mobile or Wi-Fi connectivity. The GPS chip embedded in this device allows the users to find out the direction of any location through Google Maps. This portable gadget is an advanced version of both Smartphone’s and tablets.  This gives hand free experience for users and allows easy interaction with the search engines. The individual can get any information at faster pace by giving commands in microphone. This microphone connects to the Google search engine and displays all the results on the screen provided on the glasses. The user interface of this device is completely different to that of Smartphone, tablets, etc.

Google Glass Developer

Various Apps and Their Development

The demand for the Google Glass application developers are accelerating day by day. The Google Glasses Applications Development Companies has to take advantages of this new app market as early as possible to design unique, innovative and fun applications. Some of the standard applications that are incorporated in Google include Gmail, Google+, Google Maps, etc. There are many more interesting and workable applications released by third party developers such as facial recognition, language translation, social networking apps, note taking, barcode scanner, QR reader, etc.

The Google mirror API develops cloud based application for the glasses but these apps can interact with the glasses only in limited way. However, the Glass Development Kit which is going to get released in the market has many features embedded in it which allows the developers to create dynamic user interfaces, augment reality gaming and many more applications. But the Google Glasses Applications Development companies undertaking this project should fulfill the below mentioned requirements

  • Well trained and professional staff
  • Should provide customer support
  • Should deliver the project on the specified time
  • Should provide cost efficient and user-friendly solutions
  • Should have good infrastructure

Few of the interesting apps concepts that can be installed in Google Glasses include

  • Sharing videos and photos in real-time: You can set-up a video conference with your friends and colleagues using integrated Google hangout software. This allows the individual on the other end to experience the vicinity as you.
  • Navigation:  Navigates to the location the user requires using Google Maps.  People can even use My Glass apps in the absence of GPS to see the clear cut directions.
  • Facial recognition:  This app will recognize your face and identify your friend in the bustling areas effectively.
  • News and Media: It allows users to receive and view the latest news in front of their eyes. You can view headlines, images, articles published quickly and easily.

Requirements of Google Glass Developer

Many of the mobile app development firms have started hiring extremely professional Google glass developers to create interesting apps that are compatible to the glass functionality and features. Creating the apps for these glasses gives a different experience for the developers.

Hiring the Google Glasses Developers is the crucial job for every organization, since the project will be totally managed by these people. Any wrong step taken in selection process can ruin the entire organization. This business people have to Hire Google Glass Developers who fulfill the below criteria

  • Well trained and professional staff
  • Should provide customer support
  • Should deliver the project on the specified time
  • Should provide cost efficient and user-friendly solutions
  • Should create unconventional and highly featured apps for the customers
  • Should have good infrastructure
  • Should be certified professional in Google Glass designing
  • Should posses sound knowledge in java and Google Mirror API
  • Should be able to meet the deadlines of the project
  • Should understand the requirements of the clients quickly
  • Should be able to analyze and  develop the code
  • Should give best and cost effective solutions
  • Should be aware of the content he is going to work with
  • Should be able to manage the task tactically
  • Should design the apps by keeping target audience in mind

Companies should hire Google Glass Developers who can fulfill the above requirements to develop innovative, creative, usable, exciting and fun applications for this wearable eye-gadget.