How Usable is Glass?

Google Glasses development have revolutionized the entire world to the point that although the general masses don’t have the glass with them just yet, they are still willing to shell out thousands of dollars just to ensure that they have an app ready on the glass platform the day people are in a position to buy it.

There are many advantages to doing this. Apart from giving you a lead in terms of visibility and brand promotion it will also ensure that you are already reachable by your audience when they need you. The biggest and the most effective tool of business is media and publicity and the Glass will allow you to do just that and that too with a pinch of panache to it.

Will the glass really become main stream?

Well, there are many arguments to it. With the glass basically, you will never find a mediocre response. People either love it or hate it. We can all understand the love for the device but understanding the hate is sometimes difficult.

We spoke to a couple of Glass researchers, explorers and enthusiasts in general to understand why would people be against such a cool gadget and we found out that perhaps this time, Google bit a little more than it could chew.


The users of the glass claim that it has not yet become one hundred percent ready for use. The glass is still in its trial and error phase which it relies on its explorers to help with. Having said this, not all explorers have been comfortable with it.

Most problems occur when people have already created a mental wish list of the things that they want with the glass whether feasible or not are not their problem. So when anything that falls short comes out of it, they are terribly disappointed and that is where the hate emerges from.

So, is the glass ever going to be acceptable?

Acceptable is an understatement. The glass is set to change the way people have been thinking till now. The glass might not be all ready just yet, but then even the telephone had an initial version which has now over period of time developed into so many various forms.

The glass does have some minor difficulties but with time and newer bug fixes, it is sure to emerge as the new hero of the tech town. The glass has already started touching various industries and making life easier.

Explorers have found its unique uses in the fields of surgical medicine, fire fighting, advertising, telecommunication, defense forces and so on and so forth. Every industry can make the most of the glass with the help of glass application development. There can be customized apps that will help you achieve whatever it is that you want to and make it much easier for you to grow with your business.

Google glasses application development

The process of developing new and unique glassware to help with various performances is known as Google Glasses App Development. In the last couple of years, the prospects of Google glasses app development have gone so high that non IT companies too are entering into the sphere of creating Glass apps to sell them off. Glass apps can be made for both promotional purposes or even just to ensure that your business processes run smoothly.