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What is there in a Google Glass App?

25 Dec

For anyone who is familiar with the idea of Google glass they know what a great leap it is in the technology world. Not only does it open us up to wonderful ideas but the landscape of computers will change drastically once these glasses hit the market. The simplicity f the design and the efficiency […]

The glass struggle continues

26 Sep

As time goes by and Google glasses don’t seem to make too much of a progress, people are beginning to wonder if it really has been created for mass production at all! I mean, Google Glass apps development seems to be the crowning glory of every app development firm these days, but what good is […]

The Requirement of The Skilled Google Glass Apps Software Developers

21 Feb

Regarding the new electronic device Google is the most popular and widely used search engines over the internet. It has recently introduced the highly advanced Google glass electronic device on a global basis. This device contains a number of apps and features which are absent in any other computing device in the world electronics industry. […]

Bring the Virtual World More Closer than Mobiles with this Innovation

17 Dec

The entrepreneurial minds always work ahead of times and trends. They are always able to see things that will make it big someday in the future. Quite instantly, they get their teams to wreck their brains and start building on such ideas for making them a reality. These ideas become the big things and storm […]

Legal Concerns for Glass Lovers!

9 Nov

Although Google glass has sent shivers down the spine of every technology lover, there are other serious concerns that have begun springing up only to discourage the not only the product but the concept itself. People like me would probably kill to get their hands on their own pair of Google glass purely for the […]

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