What is there in a Google Glass App?

For anyone who is familiar with the idea of Google glass they know what a great leap it is in the technology world. Not only does it open us up to wonderful ideas but the landscape of computers will change drastically once these glasses hit the market. The simplicity f the design and the efficiency these glasses will provide are mind boggling and it will make daily commute through the internet a refreshing experience. Google glass is an eye wear which can be worn when the user feels like it and it acts like a computer. It works in the same way with every feature available. Think of it as a piece of eye wear from those sci-fi movies you watched as a kid. It’s a revolutionary idea which is still over development and once it is completed it will be a massive hit. There are a few factors which come to the app development when you first start. For instance the limited screen size requires the app to be drop dead simple and to the point. This will help in using the app in a smooth manner and won’t look cluttered. The Google Glasses Application Development team has worked wonders into creating new apps and designs.

Google Glass App Development

Designing the apps

It’s not a hard idea to come up with the idea of an app. Even building the app is not that hard, with the right ideas and effort that is possible. The tricky part is incorporating the designs and paradigms into the app. It is built for a different type of screen or a device so the previous ideas will not work which were hits for smart phones and tablets. The apps need to be crisp and to the point. With efficiency that will make the user feel glad that he is using Google Glass. The Google Glasses Application Development teams need to keep one thing in mind that is they must not design an app which gets in the way. The app has to be made in a simple way and must be direct regarding its usage. Also honesty about the intention of the app is needed. This will help in the user knowing which app to use and which not. For instance Unispeech is an app which translates conversations in near real time from different languages. This is a great app which will help out in so many ways. The idea is simple but the design and efficiency of the app is what makes it truly great.

The new age of apps

The Google Glasses Developer must have an open head and willing to work on new areas of design and usage when creating apps for Google Glass. This helps in getting the best out of the apps. No one wants an app which is not exactly what it proclaims and something which doesn’t look and seem efficient. That is the principle factor every Google Glasses Developer must keep in mind. The Google glass interface is being challenged and surely within a short amount of time there will be a booming market for Google glass apps. It’s a wonderful piece of technology which will create heads turn hen it hits the market. Not only is it a revolutionary idea but when it is produced it will be one of the most efficient ways of browsing the internet, only time will tell where it leads to.

The glass struggle continues

As time goes by and Google glasses don’t seem to make too much of a progress, people are beginning to wonder if it really has been created for mass production at all! I mean, Google Glass apps development seems to be the crowning glory of every app development firm these days, but what good is an app without its proper hardware?

While these questions that just started haunting the minds of many an entrepreneurs who have already begun investing in Google Glasses application development, it seems the rest of the world is going absolutely crazy about it.

Every kind of business, whether a start up or an established firm, is today thinking of having their own app for an increased productivity if not for marketing. Google glasses might not yet be out on a massive scale but the ones that have already reached the users have gotten rave reviews and I guess that is what is keeping the enthusiasm on the high for the Google glass app development front.

Making an app for a business

We have already established in the last year that Google Glass Application Development has a lot of potential if the right kinds of apps pertaining to the right kind of fields are created. Say for instance, the Glass could be a boon for the world’s medical situation in a big way.

Every surgeon would want it and every medical student would love to get a live view on big surgeries even if they aren’t physically present there. However, how useful it will be in manufacturing and the designing sectors is a matter for time to tell.

Designing an app right

The right idea can make you millions but everything is in the execution. If you aren’t able to deliver a great idea in the best possible way, you might lose out everything on it. What I am saying is that you could have the best products in the market, but if you don’t know how to pack and sell them, no one is ever going to buy!

So, an app will essentially act as your packaging. If you end up doing it right, minor product flaws too might be overlooked. This is why it is incredibly important for you to design the app with utmost care and perfection.

The glass hasn’t been used by the people. Although it comes from the house of Google, its user interface is much different than the android OS for mobiles. So, most people aren’t going to be fully aware of how to use it to its fullest capacity.

This is why you must ensure that your app is designed in a way that requires minimum user input while still being interactive. Just in the name of creativity, make sure your designer isn’t making the task of using the app a difficult one for your users.

Watch out

Whatever you do, whether you choose to have your own app developed for glass or not, make sure that you know all that there is about this gadget. It will surely take us one step further into the future and we will be better equipped to support all our other ventures. And who knows if it starts making sense at some point, you can have the best app ever that can boost your business at an unprecedented rate faster than you ever thought possible!

The Requirement of The Skilled Google Glass Apps Software Developers

Regarding the new electronic device

Google is the most popular and widely used search engines over the internet. It has recently introduced the highly advanced Google glass electronic device on a global basis. This device contains a number of apps and features which are absent in any other computing device in the world electronics industry. Thus, the Google Glasses Application Development is widely applied in developing the system and application software for the device. The owners of the electronic companies are very much expecting from the Google glass device business. It has been launched a few days, but within this short time, it has already gained a huge worldwide popularity.


The software technology

The application as well the system software used in the devices is powered by the Google software. Thus, these technologies are always very easy, fast and flexible to use. All kinds of latest Microsoft office applications can be installed and worked on this device. Very high speed wireless internet can also be availed on this device. The back dated software can be uninstalled with the reinstallation of the latest advanced software on the device. These technologies are planned and developed by reputed software engineers and developers round the globe.

The development and application

The Google Glasses Application Development is done in major multinational companies. The best technology driven web site based software is used for this purpose. The web sites are brighter and livelier with the help of the software. It widely uses the Ruby web based software technology for the Google glass web development. Huge data can be retrieved and modified with the help of this latest introduced software technology. The website can also be very easily connected with all types of database software and data banks with the help of this technology.

Regarding the developers

Many companies are looking to Hire Google Glasses Developers in different parts of the world. Since the demand for the Google glass device apps is increasing day by day, the requirement of the developers is also increasing in the same manner. The industry needs experienced as well fresher Google glass software application developers. They must have a very good concept of the web based software development technologies for the best programming purposes. Developers of technical backgrounds and experienced are preferred for these posts. They must be adept in all types of Object Oriented programming (OOP) languages.

The opportunities

The job opportunities for the Google glass related software developers are very high in India as well worldwide. All types of big and small companies are interested to hire Google glasses developers with better pay scales and in prestigious positions. Thus, many young software programmers are learning the new Google powered web based software technologies for grabbing these golden job opportunities in various reputed companies. These programming job positions are all permanent without any future chances of job cuts or downsizing. The chances of promotions and increments are always very high. Thus, it is a very safe and a secure career option for the present and the future generation software programmers round the world.

Bring the Virtual World More Closer than Mobiles with this Innovation

The entrepreneurial minds always work ahead of times and trends. They are always able to see things that will make it big someday in the future. Quite instantly, they get their teams to wreck their brains and start building on such ideas for making them a reality. These ideas become the big things and storm the world. One such aspect is Google Glass which is definitely the in-thing currently. Though not spread across the globe, this technology will surely hit the people everywhere.

If you happen to be a developer like me, you need to start learning all the rudiments of Google Glasses Application Development. If not now, you will find yourself lagging behind, as developers the world over will grasp this opportunity to build apps for the technology.

The Reality

When we consider the recent past, the mobile applications world was quite nascent. Along with Android, Apple store was in its development stage. Entrepreneurs, developers and companies having power pertaining to developing mobile applications and platforms during those days, performed well after that stage. These companies dished out robust applications and models due to early advantage.

There will be many who will like to bet about Google glass apps development redefining the technology industry. There may be many who will doubt this aspect. One of such individuals is myself. However, you definitely do not want to lag behind and watch fellow programmers and app developers leading the race in coming years. I personally believe in jumping the race right now, as I don’t intend to watch millions wearing these Google glasses and then think that I should have done this before.

Important Aspects

Google Glass applications are known as Glassware. This is a fairly easy technology to build if you know the nuances. It is not much different from building apps for Android. You just have to encounter different sets of programming interfaces. The result will be quite similar to Android apps. You can also use APK (Android Packet File) and port it for running on Glass; however, it is better to build something for glass directly.

There are certain things you need to know before beginning Google glasses application development. Firstly, you need to know that these apps can be developed using either Python or Java programing languages. Google has implemented Kits for App engine software development known as SDK in short for each of these languages.

The next aspect in line is setting up of Mirror APIs that primarily connect with Glassware. After this you need to develop Timeline Cards that are user interfaces for Google Glass apps development. You can test the user interface of these cards within the playground of Google glass testing environments.

Whenever you build some app for Glass, remember to keep the users in front. These users will not resemble the usual mobile users preferring to be always online. Though this latest technology offers numerous aspects to the wearers, you need to remember that they will feel the need to be alone sometimes. People live in real, physical environments and whatever they will view through the glass will always be virtual.

You need to understand that the privacy of users is important. If your app irritates them constantly with unnecessary information or notifications, then the entire purpose of developing the app will vanish.

Legal Concerns for Glass Lovers!

Although Google glass has sent shivers down the spine of every technology lover, there are other serious concerns that have begun springing up only to discourage the not only the product but the concept itself.

People like me would probably kill to get their hands on their own pair of Google glass purely for the sake of being able to own a piece of modern technology and maybe for the sake of Google Glass apps development.


So, where’s the problem?

The downside to the concept of having a Google Glass is the utter and vehement disregard for people’s privacy. I mean, think about it, once the product becomes out for sale, there will be hundreds of stalkers with Google Glasses and they could use this device to secretly film other people without their knowledge. Is there anything that can be done to stop such activities? I guess not. Of course until there is something at the most fundamental level that can curb such incidences.

Is the problem restricted to privacy?

It would have been alright if the problem was only limited to clicking pics and filming people, however, the larger picture clearly shows that with the kind of advancements being made in the field of Google Glasses application development, there is nothing that can’t be created.

I remember watching the series Sherlock Holmes and in one episode they show Professor Moriarty loot a bank with an iPhone app! I don’t know how feasible that is, but with Google Glass, many threats can be carried out seamlessly.

There are places of national interest where photography is banned; there are clubs, pubs and other places where a certain degree of privacy is enforced. Can Google Glass be banned from such places to avoid catastrophes? And if yes, then why buy a device that you can’t flaunt everywhere you go?

Google Glasses Apps Development

Google claims to have created special avenues which restrict some apps to be created. According to them, facial recognition apps won’t be allowed on it, however, we all know the word of hackers and how they can easily get around barriers.

The repeated question that we keep getting with respect to Google Glasses Application Development is whether it is safe for people to own one or even to be around someone who owns it. As a developer myself, I would personally love to sport a Google Glass regardless of how dorky it would make me feel, but the lack of an individual IP address makes it susceptible to cyber crimes such as voyeurism and other issues like movie piracy.

Is there a solution?

There’s always a solution for technological problems if you look hard. I guess, we all have to put in our best efforts in order to be able to create safety apps for the Google Glass that can be helpful in some or the other way. Until then we can wait for some intrinsic changes that Google makes in its newer version!