The Need to Focus on a Creating an Optimal Google Glass App Design

Google Glass is unlike any technology that the world has used before. There have been countless prototypes by scientists, but this is the first time a commercially viable product is just months away from a global public launch. Until this moment, technology like what Google Glass offers was only witnessed in sci-fi novels and movies. Anyone who is involved in Google Glasses App Development needs to remember that the interface is the device is nothing like smartphones or laptops. The option to controlling the device using your eye movement, voice, and limited touch capability is a strategic one and is going to spawn a new era of application design. A new application design and user interface are not only inevitable, but the very future of Google Glass and the devices that will follow it is going to depend on how easy to use the device is.

Minimal and efficient

Any application created for Google Glass will have to very simple in nature. It must be able to offer all necessary functionality without cluttering up the user display. Google Glass is meant to be worn all the time and is going to always be a part of the user’s vision. Any application that distracts the user is going to be a safety hazard and will be promptly evicted from the application store by Google. Developers will have to come up with a consistent Google Glass App Design that can be implemented across the entire range of applications being developed for the device. Precision is going to be a problem, and any design which has too many options will lose out because it will be next to impossible for the user to select the option he wants correctly, especially when he is in a hurry.

Building from scratch

Companies involved in Google Glasses App Development will have to give up on their existing designs. Just because a product was successful on laptops and handheld devices, there is no guarantee that it will also work for Google Glass. Creating a Google Glass App Design from scratch will give developers an edge. Giving up on pre existing designs and templates and starting work keeping in mind the new interface and a highly mobile environment in which the user will be using the device is the only way for designers and developers to come up with a design that becomes successful.

Functionality first

People will not be using Google Glass like they use their phones and tablets. Even gaming on the device will evolve and incorporate augmented reality to offer a completely different experience. Every feature that Google Glass applications and Glassware offer will have to provide value to the user. A design that incorporates functionality and delivers quality to the user will undoubtedly be the best way to ensure the success of the application as well as the platform that it was created for. There will always be novelty applications just like the ones that populate all popular smartphone app stores, but the developer’s primary focus will have to be on creating applications that make Google Glass an essential gadget that everybody needs to own.

Eyeing at a Piece of Future: The Google Glass

When I was a little child here were so many things that I thought were impossible. However, as I kept growing and technology kept on evolving I realised that there is absolutely nothing that can be regarded as truly impossible today. The rate at which technology took a turn forced me to join the world of web development and coding. And the more I learnt, the more fascinated I continued to get.

So, exactly what is futuristic?

Any technology that seems ahead of its time is futuristic technology. The best example that we can quote today is that of the Google Glasses. This piece of technology has been thought about ever since the series of Star Trek came forth. However, today this fascinating gadget is a reality.

What is Google Glass?

Google Glass is nothing but a wearable computer that one can mount just like a pair of spectacles. The Google Glasses do not sport any lenses ad are essentially just the frame with a tiny chip attached to one side of the frame. With the Google Glasses you can do a host of activities including clicking pictures, recording videos, searching maps and much more.

How does Google Glass Application Development help?

The quality and usability of any device is gauged by the kind of applications that can be run on it. Google Glasses app development is the process of creating apps that are usable considering the features offered by the gadget itself. Apps can be designed to serve different purposes based on the expectations of the customers.Google Glass

What kind of apps com under Google Glasses Apps development?

The list of apps that have been undertaken under the Google Glass Application Development project range from simple photo taking applications to complicated facial recognitions ones. However, the most popular apps include:

  1. Camera app for video and photos
  2. Facial Recognition across various social media
  3. Voice controlled status uploads on Social networking sites
  4. Voice activated phone dialer connected to the handset through Bluetooth
  5. Bar Code scanner
  6. Google maps

And many more.

What next?

Many technology enthusiasts are hoping to get their hands on this device to be able to better study it and create many other apps that can make the device much more usable. Amongst all the rumors about how amazing this device is, there is also a lot of discussion regarding how difficult it is to actually be used.

It is being speculated that the second version will be a lot more user friendly than the previous versions. The voice command software is better honed and the touch pad on the side is enhanced. Also, this new version can be worn with prescription glasses. It comes along with an earpiece too.

On the whole, as amazing as the Google Glass may be, there is every possibility that the device wasn’t yet ready for a launch. A few more functional and usable changes only will be able to make it a hit for it to be used as commonly as the smart phone.