All about Google Glass and Google Glass Apps Development

With continuous research and development in technology all over the world, it is natural that there are new inventions in regular intervals. Then people all over the world continue the discussion about the good and bad effects of new technology and it should be used or not. For business men all over the world, it is an opportunity for doing a little more, reaching out the customers a little further and goes to another level.  But, it is not very easy to use each new technology and device for the business. As most of the people does not know about the gadget and what it can do. Also how to get best benefits from the gadget. So, it becomes more difficult for the people to use it as the businessman or the customers. One of such gadgets today in the market is Google Glass.

About Google Glass

This is one of the latest technologies in the market which have lot of innovative features which are futuristic and stunning. But, it is not so easy to use today as it is completely unique. The display of this gadget is different and also the control buttons. Due to these issues, the Google Glass is very difficult to use just for any purpose.

As the name suggests, the Google Glass can be broadly defined as a wearable computer which can be mounted on the eyes like you wear any other type of normal sunglasses. But, it has lot of features which can innovative. Due to these characteristics, the client has do thorough research when he or she makes decision to authorize Google Glass Web Development for the products and services of the company. Also, he or she should check the valid resources which are available online for comprehensive information.

Google Glasses

Why to do Google Glass Apps Development

The device and technology of Google Glass is completely difference from various earlier devices such as mobile, smartphone, desktop and laptop computers etc. So, the technology for the right operation and display is completely different from the others. Also, with the glass the output is completely different from the others.

So, it is necessary when the client makes the decision about Google glass app, the technology for Google Glass Apps Development is completely different from the others and require specialists like others for the best result.

Looking for best resource for Google Glass Web Development

As the technology is becoming more and more popular with people around the world, you can find lot of Google Glass web development companies in the market. As the client naturally would like the best company for making their app, it is difficult to find the best resource for the project.

The best way to choose the best company in this field is to check whether they possess that device. The companies who are using Google emulator for making app are making assumptions about the suitability of the app for this device.

If you choose some company which has Google Glass, the app developer will be able to create the perfect app and test it from every angle on the device itself and improve the defects. You also need to hire the developer who has worked with you before and know your requirement without saying. He and she also will be able to show you the results before launching app in the market.

Recommended Apps for Google Glass

Technology has developed to the extent that looking at things (we usually would have no idea about are), we get to know each and every detail on it. If you are informed enough, we are talking about the innovative Google Glass technology. The first super computer has today transformed into a little eye piece that you can comfortably wear around and look good with. Factors like weight, size, space and capabilities have been heavily worked upon and we have the concept of wearable technology. Google Glass, one can say is beyond being innovative – it’s exceptional.

Google Glass

Now, what is Google Glass meant for? While it is strictly restricted to American citizens for the time being, the technology as such has been sending waves across the globe and subsequently has been offering marketers a unique platform to showcase their presence. From entertainment to utility, Google Glass facilitates all kinds of apps. But what have the owners been looking for?

Shopping apps

Google Glass Web Development can take online shopping to a whole new level. The shopping apps that have been rising in popularity include live feed features that let the possible shopper compare price differences across marketplaces. Locally, the eye wear will also be able to guide you to all the possible retail stores that keep the product the shopper is looking for. And be rest assured that a Google Glass owner will not be using the technology to shop for shampoos! Marketers in the luxury niche have a competitive advantage with Google Glassware.


Now this is seriously amazing. If you are meeting your (potential) partner for the first time, wearing this glass will present you with all the details of the person present in front of you. You have his/her name, profession, hobbies, education background, interests, addresses and even telephone numbers if she has permitted it on related websites. Impressing and taking the conversation ahead could be so easy with Google Glass! Not only information, Google Glassware for dating will even identify pupil dilations, tonal intensity and body language of your date and give you feedback whether he/she is interested or not!

Fitness apps

While fitness has been highly supported by technology lately, Google Glass web development can take it to a whole new level. You will have suggestions for exercises, diet, sleep and everything that will keep your body and mind in perfect shape.

Lie detector

A lie detector can be a highly beneficial tool regardless of your line of work. Be it a student or a teacher, doctor or a patient. A common man or a high class executive, lie detectors will make your life easier in realizing the type of people you deal with. It can even be a huge asset if you are into any kind of business.


With Google Glassware, you literally see the road ahead. There is no need to feed data into the smart phone – just speak up your destination and you will instantly know which way to go and how long will it take! Feel like James Bond already!

Plunge into Google Glass App Development

Google glass is in a great conversation among the people and why not! It can accomplish many tasks in a cinch and with less efforts and user intervention. Just wear a device, as if you are using your wearing glass and see all the things happening as per your command, right in front of your eyes. You need not look for the things across your smart phones or laptops but instead just request the glassware to do the things for you and the glass as if an obedient child will get back to you with the relevant results. This was a simple example of what you can do with the glass. But there are many other astounding applications of the glass where it can prove to be a life saving one and the best example is in the medical and particularly during the surgery.

Though many advantages of the glasses are disclosed and have been incorporated in the day to day life, still many more are on the way. In fact one can come across many exceptional things that you can do with the glass. This has also given immense rise to the development of the Google glass applications.

Google Glass

Google Glass Web Development has just great future due to immense popularity of the glass. Whether it is for education purpose or in air force, everywhere the glass has shown its magical usage. Just recently I came across its usage at the airport. Yes, you can search for the parking space, the status of your flights etc. You can even estimate the fare of the travel.

Glassware App Development

  • Develop and test:  the development of the Google glass application should be quite at pace. This is because the invention is quite recent and there are so many developers who have already engaged themselves with its development. Start the development in such a way that no bugs are left uncovered. Even a minute mistake can lead your app to get rejected by the users. I would like to give you a tip here, follow the baby steps. Test each individual independent portion properly and slowly integrate them with full fledged app at the end.
  • Its glass! Yes, while developing the app you should be aware that it is just a glass and you can think of its dimension which is nearly the same as any ordinary glass. So let your app be such that it looks beautiful and worth using and seeing in that size.
  • Versions: Google glass apps are developed in android. Just take care about the stable version of the same and how compatible it will be for the glass.

Indeed the web development with Google glass is though quite emerging but will have a mammoth growth in the future owing to its outstanding features like timely information, relevant and immediate response and so on. With Google glass, really one would like to say that “Sky is the limit”. So happy Google glass apps developing!

Google Glass Taking ‘Hands Free’ to a Whole New Level

The obvious benefits of a wearable computer includes the ability to accomplish a lot more with minimal human efforts, but completely eliminating the need to use your hands is a whole new chapter for technology enthusiasts globally.

One strange thing about general people mentality is that they value a unique experience over usability. I know it sounds slightly unsettling but it is true. A research conducted by the team of ‘Brain Games’ suggests that almost 80% of the people would prefer to use a device with difficulty if it had some unique experience to offer rather than a highly usable device that was simple but boring.

I guess, the makers of the Google Glass Web Development have caught on to this study and started developing apps that are so customized that it completely eliminates the requirement of the user to finger touch his options.

Google Glass Apps

Was glass conceived to be such?

There is no doubt about the fact that when the glass was being developed the ideas that brought it to fore did include a hands free experience, but was it so well attuned to it? My bet is that it wasn’t. However, the one big thing about Google Glass app design is that the explorer program gave a lot of room for developers and different people from different places to ‘explore’ the device to the fullest.

What I mean is that the explorer program wasn’t only to see the world through glass as the popular saying goes, but to also identify all the things that the glass could achieve. Google Glass web development and Google Glass App Design further exploited these finding s of the explorer to develop a device that was not only superior in its operation, but also promised the users to give that experience that they long to have.

Customizing Apps

Applications make a device. If the apps that are used on the device are good, then so will the device be. I mean, today people don’t buy devices because of their stylish looks or operating systems. They buy it for the apps. You can have a very stylish and sleek phone that doesn’t accommodate any of the top apps like Facebook and Whatsapp, but no one will buy it. They will instead prefer a lower version at a higher price because it can offer these apps.

Bearing this in mind, Google Glass app development has stretched itself to parameters where it can customize an app to the degree that it allows people to experience it as their own. Eliminating the touch factor too goes a long way in encouraging people to use it.

Futuristic dimensions

The more we introduce futuristic technologies to the market, the easier it is for people to get bored of it. I mean, when the telephone was invented, people probably jubilated over it for a century before the next big find in the same field.

However, with the kind of competition that exists in the market today, it is but impossible to stay excited for something for too long. Every new day brings in something exciting for the people. However, the slow release of the glass in the market has given us all the reasons to stay excited about it till it is out for the general sale!

More to the Glass than Meets the Eye

The glass has always met with extreme reactions. Almost like beer. Some people hate it and some love it. There are no medium or mediocre reactions about it. Now you would say, who hates beer anyway! Exactly my reaction when I hear about people who don’t appreciate the Glass.

I mean look what technology has done for you. It has brought out for you some of the most important features that requires minimal human input and yet offers maximum output in terms of usability. I absolutely adore the device, and my bet is, the only people who complain about it are the ones who don’t have it or haven’t used it.

The glass is almost too farfetched and yet right there in front of your eyes guiding you to achieve whatever you want for it to. It’s wonderful. And let me tell you, the first time I ever dawned it; I was swept off my feet.

It’s like the movies, only much more real. And reality has its problems. See, the reason why people have found an excuse to complain about the glass is because they always imagined for it to be flawless. However, one must note that no technology is flawless.

Ask Nicola Tesla what all he had to do for that perfect invention. Things take time to be perfected and similarly the glass too will emerge as the most usable and flawless device of the century probably a few years afterwards.

Why the fear?

I guess most of the people who fear the glass do so because they think that the glass gives people the all Seeing Eye – a right only to be had by the gods. But, seriously! You think so! I mean, here we are talking about operational flaws of the glass and there we have a bunch of people going all religious about it.

The glass is science, and contrary to popular beliefs, it is not meant to breach your privacy or snoop around in your lives. It is meant to facilitate you to carry out a lot of processes which were previously impossible with only the mobile phones or tablets!

Google Glass Web Development

Why so serious?

There is also a section of the crowd that insists that the glass has a number of usage difficulties such as battery life and tapping the temple to get it started and the glass picking up your neighbor’s voice as well while you command it, but then, hello! It is a computer.

You give it input, it gives you output. Not like Google has refused to make any amends to it. Of course, with time they will also introduce a smother or a smarter version of the device, but for now, we must shed off all that seriousness and celebrate the thinkers and the scientists (yes, I like to call the developers scientists for all their efforts and intellect), for their unparalleled efforts to bring such a device into being.

If you really want to get serious about something, well, now is the right time to invest in Google Glass App Design and Google Glass web development because it is sure to bring you a lot of profits in the days to come. Don’t fear Google Glass web development or even Google glass app design, just seek professional assistance and create your own apps for better profitability!

Google Glasses Sell Out Like Hot Cakes!

Alas! The one day sale for Google Glass held on the 15th of April was way too small to appease the hunger of the people! Although Google promises to set up many more such small one day sales, but that certainly does not good to the people who are still willing to get their hands on it. Apart from that, Google has also become the epicenter of criticism for having launched such a sale only for the US population. Talk about global trade!

The company proclaimed plans to unlock this fancy device for the general public in order to give them an experience to be able to buy it for themselves. However, this only led to a further mess as hordes of people competed to get their own Glass at any cost. Obviously, there is no doubt about the company anticipating such a mad rush. It is probably why people are so upset about not being able to satiate the requirement.

Google Glass

Did they keep the customers apprised?

Well of course! From a company their size, it is unbelievable that they wouldn’t! But of course, instead of choosing every platform available, they stuck to Google + and put all the information right there. They made it clear that the devices were being sold at a pretty good speed. In fact, when the cotton white model got sold out, they made it clear on their Google + page that so had happened.

Any room for new Explorer aspirants?

There is a website, where US citizens above the age of 18 with a US shipping address can sign up and pre order their devices. Whenever their device will be ready, they will be intimated and they can purchase it for $1500.

The trouble with the glass is that it is now only focusing on US citizens. This can create some amount of frustration amongst global developers. Also, it is only available through the explorer program to add to the difficulties.

The rest of the world is kind of feeling slighted. So, unless Google can quickly come back with something happy to offer to the globe, there will be some sort of controversy over this futuristic device. In fact, it looks like the rest of the world cannot even opine on the Glass because it does not have a chance to experience it.

So, who does the explorer program focus on?

Well, since Google Glas s Web Development is coming up in a big way, the explorer program essentially centers on the developers to make sure that Google Glass application development can rise at an unprecedented rate.

Google Glass application development is much different than other android application development. This is because of the difference in the gadget itself. In case the explorers get their hands on the device before the general release, it will facilitate them to make sure that they can handle the Google Glass web development in the right way so that the device happens to be profitable for everyone.

On the whole, if you are another Explorer aspirant, my advice is first focus on the applications that are existent in the market. Also, study the reviews of the device and gain some insight about what other explorers have to say. And, if you aren’t a US national, then I guess, waiting for the GDK is the only hope, at least for the near future.

Google Glass Web Development – Propensity to Give Immediate Results

The rate at which computers and technology are advancing is actually unbelievable. No wonder this ever-increasing pace has changed the web scenario to a great degree. Anything that was a new innovation a year ago is outdated now, and moreover, the revolutionary innovations to come, truly don’t seem to be very far off. Smart phones and tablets brought touchscreen interactivity for the masses; however, now wearable and voice-activated technology is also enhancing the extent of what can be done with a machine. Everybody must have heard about Google Glass and must be prepared to be surprised at this most recent innovation and how it can do wonders.

I being a technology enthusiast, always follow the latest trends and innovations put forth by the industry. Google being a leader for search engines has often facsinated me and I keep a close tab on its endeavors. This is when I realized about the immense popularity of Google glass that I wish to put some light on.

The technology of Google glass

Google Glass is basically like a computer; a wearable device like eyeglasses. Similar to smart phones or tablets, Google Glasses can easily connect you with whatever thing you want. It also offers voice-activated interactivity and hands-free facility which is of great help for the users. If you are actually bothered by people who look down at the mobile devices, then Google Glass solves the problem by placing the computer display right in front of your eye. No wonder that Google Glass Web Development sounds unbelievably futuristic and unfeasible, but this is the fact with Google Glass. Your screen will be with you, thereby allowing you to interact with the globe around, at that point of time.

What can be done with Google Glass Development?

Just with a straightforward audio warning sign of, “OK Glass” subsequent to a basic command, one can in actual fact have Google Glass to do anything they would have done with their smart phones or tablets. Just with these two magic words i.e. “OK Glass” the Google glass is all set to go. Sending and receiving messages is of course there, but you may also give a command to the Glass to capture a photo or else record a video. The Google Glass Web Development technology is fairly new and so it is quite safe to conclude that if more and more users get their hands on it, more specifications will be developed.

The Applications that Make the Google glass

Google Glass will never be measured as a multi-use computer or device. The architecture and Google Glass App Design is made keeping in mind the Google products. It is an ultimate combination of Gmail, Google Search and Google+. If you relate yourself more and more with Google ecosystem, the more comprehensible and easy-to-use the glass will be for you. There are various Google Glass App Designs for the ease and convenience of the users.

At the same time, one should be aware about the wrong commands as well. The Google Glass also has the propensity to pick up the phrases or words which are said in the close vicinity and it may actually come up with something dreadful. So, it’s better if you choose your words or phrases in a wise manner. Basically, the glass delivers nearly 6 results which are very much alike to the words that are uttered by the user.

The Necessity and Advantages of The Google Glass Application Development

Regarding the google glass device

Google glassware is one of the latest introduced electronics app device in the world electronics market. The software system of the device is introduced by the Google Inc. itself. The Google Glass Application Development is applied for the web development system software of the electronic device. Since Google is the leading search engine over the web, the device introduced by Google is also chiefly based on the top website development technologies. Thus, extensive web based apps development is carried out for the Google glass app. It is a small and slim device with a lot of web based software apps.

Google Glass

The Web Development

The Google Glass Web Development is an extensive research process in which the top technology is applied for the process. Although the development software is supplied by Google, but it also uses many other high tech software tools. These software technologies are also highly compatible with all types of online scripting languages and database management system. The web browsing speed is very high giving a new experience to the net surfing. It is done by the skilled software engineers and developers in the field. All kinds of dynamic as well static web sites can be created by this technology.

The Features

The Google glass device has a number of advantages as well as features. It can be very easily connected with all high speed 4 G WI-Fi internet connections with wireless modems. All kinds of other hardware devices like printers, scanners, joysticks, etc. can also be connected with the Google glass device. The system software on the device is also in very good compatibility with all the external hardware and accessories. The Google is also providing very effective anti-virus software for the glassware system. Thus, the system is also totally safe from software viruses.

The Opportunities

The Google Glass Web Development will open the doorway for millions of talented but unemployed software programmers and engineers all over India and abroad. The national as well as international software companies are hiring the Google glass web app developers extensively for their big projects. A lot of projects and assignments are coming to Indian companies to outsource the Google glass apps development. Thus, the youth of the nation has golden career opportunities before them as the Google glass web site apps developers. The pay for these projects will be very high with good salaries and benefits.

The Application

The Google Glass Application Development is done under the instructions, rules and regulations officially imposed by the Google Inc. The Google glassware device is applied in various fields like talking, chatting, instant SMS, BBM, MMS, video graphing, snapping, web browsing, web cam interaction and many more.  The printing out and scanning operations can also be done very smoothly on the device. The customers are very satisfied and happy with all these apps and features of the Google glass device. There are also very good audio visual effects on this device. Music, movies and videos can be easily played on this electronic device.

The Features, Application and Availability of The Google Glassware Device

Regarding the electronic glassware device

The Google Glassware is one of the top introduced software app devices in the world electronic field. It has been introduced by the Google Inc. Google is the top internet search engines. Thus, they have also launched the high tech electronic computing device for every common man. It is a very small and simple device. The device is also very easy to carry and handle. It is also very light weighted and slim in appearance. It can be carried and used anywhere anytime. The prices are also very reasonable and within the reach of everyone.

The software development

The Google Glass Web Development is mostly done by the website development software technology launched by Google only. Thus, the web designing technology on the Google glass electronic device is very much exclusive and the highest technology driven. The software will give a new experience to the web browsers all over the world. The internet surfing speed is extremely high with absolutely no online software virus threats. The booting of the device is very fast with swift as well flexible operating speed. The system never hangs or tires even after prolonged use.

Regarding the hardware of the device

The outer hardware of the Google Glassware is very lustrous and shiny. It is small, slim and light. It has mega pixels high resolution LED display screen mounted on the head. It is also provided with web cameras as well front and rear photo and video taking cameras. The memory capacity is also very high. The battery charge retentively is very long and needs little electric charges. The entire hardware system is totally resistant to water, atmospheric moisture, heat, air, dust, pollution, mechanical injury, pressure, scratches, etc. Thus, these devices are highly durable.

Google Glassware

The uses

The Google glass electronic device has all the applications of the other electronic computing devices like laptops, computer desktops, mini computers, electronic notebook, iPads, etc. It contains some distinctive and exclusive additional apps which are totally absent in any other computing device or system. The uses and apps have a new dimension with this device launched by Google Inc. in all the nations of the world. The users will be very happy by operating these devices for personal as well much official application in various corporate industries. Any type of hardware device or accessory like printers, internet broadband USB, scanners, etc. can also be very easily connected to the device.

The availability

The Google glass device powered by the Google Glass Web Development is very easily available in online as well as offline mode from many authorized supplier and retail outlets. These will be available in the majority of the Google certified electronic retail outlets all over the world. The device will also be available in many common electronic stores in all the towns and cities. There are genuine warranty and guarantee schemes on these products. There are also discounts on selected Google glass models and on bulk purchase orders. It will be available by all the recognized currencies of the world. Thus, anyone can own this best electronic app.

Developers are Creating Google Glass Web Development to Give Amazing Surfing Experience for The Users

Google glasses are next generation sensible and futuristic eye gadget. This lightweight, flexible and easy to wear device can be carried to any place throughout the world easily. People can perform various tasks such as capturing pictures, recording videos easily and quickly by giving voice commands. To make this device work you may require a mobile or Wi-Fi connectivity. This gadget has become forefront and center of attraction in the mobile market. This light in weight gadget gives hands-free experience for the users and easy way to interact with the search engines. The individual can get any information within fraction of seconds by giving commands in microphone. This microphone connects to the Google search engine and displays all the results on the screen provided on the glasses.

Requirements to be fulfilled to undertake application development project

Many new applications that are compatible with Google Glasses are being released into the market. Some of the standard applications that are incorporated in Google include Gmail, Google+, Google Maps, etc. There are many more interesting and workable applications released by third party developers such as facial recognition, language translation, social networking apps, note taking, barcode scanner, QR reader, etc.


Since, the demand for these glass apps is increasing rapidly in the marketplace. The Google Glass Application Development companies are putting all the skills in forth to take their business to heights. Google glasses have provided the flexibility for the developers to offer incredible services to the users by developing unique featured apps.

Platform for developing web for Google Glasses

Google Glass Web Development is done using RESTful HTTP services. The only way to open the web browser is to pass voice commands to search apps and click on the search results to view the websites. The web is being designed using various technologies such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, CSS Animations, etc.

The web is being designed using either of two programming languages one is python and the other is Java. Developers who would like to use Java should have the essential requisites i.e., Java 1.6 capability, the App Engine SDK and Apache Maven. They can even use Eclipse IDE (Integrated Developer Environment) to develop Glass apps.

The glass browser works as

  • Desktop browser, if the viewports are not defined
  • Landscape Smartphone’s, if the viewport Meta tag and device-width is used

Google Glass web development designs the website user interface in an effective way. The glass specific designs will be much like mobile specific designs. They design the web page with less loading time giving wonderful experience for the users. More creative ideas and concepts are being used to design the web in the glasses. Most of the sites are developing glass specific apps rather than glass specific website designs.