Some Notions about Google Glass and Google Glass Application Development

Since some years, when Google announced the Google Glass technology, more and more people are becoming aware about this futuristic technology in the market. But, there are still only some people who are completely aware about this technology and the extent of its use for the benefit of the companies and the customers. Most of the people are not still aware about this technology and Google Glass Application Development which is being done by increasing number of people.

Google Glass Application

Some notions about Google Glass and Google Glass Application Development

1. Some myths which are circulated in society

There are many myths which are being circulated in society such as omnipotent nature. It is agreed by the experts that Google Glass is an innovative technology which promotes wearable computers. As per the enthusiasts this is like sci-fi device in Sci-Fi books and movies come true.

2. Some reviews in magazines as well as online

The reviews done by Google Glass programmers are extremely positive while some person has written negative reviews. Most of the reviews are written by people who have been very much impressed with the functionality of the device. As per them, it has become very easy to remain in contact of the world from anywhere.

3. Misconceptions due to lack of mass marketing

Most of the people who have given negative reviews about this product online or in magazines as they does not have any direct impression of the product. This is due to the fact that this product has not been marketed in mass market unlike the other products. The company which has developed this product is bringing it out in various stages. Today, there are some app development companies and Google Glass programmers actually own the device.

4. The development of Google Glass applications for business

It is a known fact that when there is an advent of any technology in the market, it becomes a little easy to build an application for that technology device. There are lots of countries in the world where the Google Glass Programmers have not seen the technology or device but already have developed several Google Glass apps which are being offered to the customers.

When any application is being built for commercial use in market, the basic fact is to understand the application effect on the audience who is using the device for which the application has been built.

Before this, most of the companies have already built apps for blackberry phone when it was new. When iPhone were offered in market, most of the companies made decision about building apps for that particular phone. There were some general apps which were built so that they could be implemented at any android phone.

As android phones became very popular all over the world, the apps which were built by app development teams were designed to be used on any platform effectively.

But, Google Glass is a completely new technology, as it is start of wearable computer technology.

How to choose the best option for Google Glass app development

As the technology of app development for Google Glass is completely different from android device, you have to search for the best company which has the device as well experienced Google Glass app developers. These are the people who have the device, know about how to wear it and have designed complete apps in previous projects.