The Wearable Technologies and the Google Glass Mechanisms

The Google Glass is a newly invented wearable computing device that is used for gaming of productivity apps that can consent you to get alert when you receive an email. It is a wearable mobile gadget that is based on the perception of amplified reality. It is a very revolutionary gadget that is poles apart from the other available mobile devices in the market today. Thus Google Glass programmer presents to the world with the best application ever where you can enjoy the latest technology of the IT world.

Know more about the Wearable Technology

The Wearable Technologies and the Gadgets Market is growing rapidly. The Glass makes an alternate business part for application creators. By the year 2016, the business for the Google Glass wearable PC may reach to $6 billion, according to the IMS Research, arranged in U.K. It is assessed that around 70 million related wearable contraptions will be accessible in the year 2017. Simply Google alone will offer around 15 million Google Glass mechanisms in the upcoming year of 2017, according to the Juniper Research.

Wearable Technologies (Google Glass) are absolutely new type of product that is manufactured according to what the company actually desires. There are numerous companies who really want to keep a track on the development of the application that includes daily reminders and even act as personal assistants. Google glass Programmer was designed to fit the computers that wear eye glasses for various purposes. Just like in a Smartphone or a tablet one can connect to the user at the other end. While they are on use, splendid features are going to make their report all the more interesting. Google glass offers hands free application that is motivated by the voice activated interactivity and so on.

The best development till date

The moments there are already a few tools obtainable to generate a Google Glass App Development. The emulate API accessible by Google allows the developers to craft cloud based applications for Google Glass but the apps can only communicate with Glass in a limited way. The Glass Development Kit will be full of facets with which will permit the apps developers to use the Android coding system in order to generate a powerful Glassware. Yet the Glass Development Kit has not yet been unconfined.

Wearable Glass

Unrestricted wear script

For the moment the application developers are constrained to deal with using Android SDK and NDK that offers only curtailed Glass device entrance. But things improved lately, since an assembly of students in computer science has unrestricted Wear Script. This is code annals that can be worn by the app developers to inscribe applications for Glass by means of JavaScript.

Advent of the Google development Kit

With the landing of the Google Glass Programmer and Development Kit, Google will make possible the change of a whole new assembling of Glass applications. The Glass Development Kit will offer access to the whirligig, animating specialists, compass, and other gear of the Glass device. The specialists will in like manner have the ability to make complex Open GL fabricated outlines regarding the Glass devices. For the moment there are simply HTML based cards for their applications, yet the Google Development Kit will make possible the creation additionally confounding customer interfaces, redirections and continuous expanded reality applications.

It is a revolutionary device and has a great potential to become very popular. Therefore, the stakes for the application developers are very high and they need to take improvement as early as potential for this new apps advertise.

Some Criteria’s to make the Success of the Google Glass Apps

With the continuous research and development in technologies, it is given that new devices will be discovered which are advanced versions of the current devices in the market. Their function is versatile and easy than the previous devices. Due to this, most of the application developers love to work with the latest as well as challenging technology. One of the latest such technologies are known as the Google Glass which is a wearable device. There are many application developers who found a bright future in doing Google Glass Application Development.

As more and more companies are making decision about developing Google Glass apps for their companies, they are hiring the Google Glass Programmer especially for the project. Due to this, the demand for apps development has increase by leaps and bounds.

As this is a very recent development, the requirement and market for Google Glass Application Development is just starting and so is the demand for the apps developers. But, it is now clear that the potential market for the apps development is very big and is going to increase further in the future.

Google Glass App Development

When the Google Glass Programmer is developing these apps for the companies all over the world, they need to keep some criteria’s in their mind to make the success of the product.

Some criteria’s to make the success of the Google Glass apps

 1. Easy to use

The main concept of the Google glass is the augmented reality. When the apps developer is developing the program, he needs to keep in mind that the technology and the use of the product are completely different from the mobiles and the tablets. Also it is fact that the users want variety. The developer should also remember that the Google Glass is going to be just some inches from the human eyes and they should not make any app which will tire the eyes after only sometime. They also need to make sure that the app has been tested extensively before launching it in the market.

2. Acing the test

When you launch any Google Glass app in the market, you ensure that it has real time integration but you also need to make sure that it doesn’t cause any issue for the user. The app should avoid unnecessary information such as any notifications, advertisements or irrelevant information when the user is busy in some other work.

But, the app should be able to notify user about the necessary and important information such as prices in share market where the difference of minutes can cause a great profit or loss. At such time, the app should be able react quickly by giving notifications.

The main goal of Google Glass apps should be to notify the owner about the latest information which is important for him in any case whether it is a financial matter or others. While developing the app, the developer should keep these criteria’s in his or her mind if he or she wants to create a successful app for the benefit of the customers.