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Developers are Creating Google Glass Web Development to Give Amazing Surfing Experience for The Users

1 Feb

Google glasses are next generation sensible and futuristic eye gadget. This lightweight, flexible and easy to wear device can be carried to any place throughout the world easily. People can perform various tasks such as capturing pictures, recording videos easily and quickly by giving voice commands. To make this device work you may require a […]

Venture Google Glass Application Development Company to develop Fun and Interesting Applications

14 Jan

Google glasses are the next generation wearable eye gadget that is going to get released in the mobile market next year. This hi-tech eye gadget works either with the help of a mobile or Wi-Fi connectivity. This light weight gadget is easy to wear and can be carried to any place and operated. Users can […]

Perform Google Glass Application Development Using APIS To Design User-Friendly Applications

25 Dec

Google Glasses are the next generation eye gadget that is going to hit the market in the next year. This portable, flexible and lightweight device can be carried to any place easily. This extraordinary eye gadget works either with the help of a mobile or Wi-Fi connectivity. They can record videos and capture picture of […]

Top Google Glass Apps You Cannot Afford to Miss

21 Dec

In the digital world, among numerous unique gadgets, Google has introduced another exciting device “Google Glass” in the form of wearable technology. Unlike other smart phones, the device has been structured on different features. It consists of a frame and a small programming hardware attached to it. An exclusive Google computer with amazing features has […]

Eyeing at a Piece of Future: The Google Glass

4 Dec

When I was a little child here were so many things that I thought were impossible. However, as I kept growing and technology kept on evolving I realised that there is absolutely nothing that can be regarded as truly impossible today. The rate at which technology took a turn forced me to join the world […]

Tweet with a Blink of your Eyes

1 Oct

With the dawn of the internet and the coming of search engine master Google, technology has changed by leaps. Today we can sit in one part of the world and see what is happening miles away. But with the coming of Google Glass things are about to change for all. Google Glass is an awesome […]

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