A guide to develop and deliver Google Glass App

The technological wonders produced by Google continue to bloom and a large variety of features are ready to make the process of communication simpler and easier. Google Glass App Development is comparatively new to the market. As a result of an instant hit, it has gained popularity all over the world and the customers are looking out for the best people who can develop the application for their use. Here is a step-by step guide about how to develop the application in such a way that the customers get their personal preferences fulfilled.

How to develop the App?

When the people look to hire Google glasses developers, they want the perfect person who can deliver just what is desired by them.

  • Step 1: Firstly, you need to be absolutely unique in the development of the application when they are to be used in separate devices. For instance, you have to customize the app when they are used in laptop, smart phone or tablet. Just transferring the features from one device to another is not the proper solution. Each device is separate in its own way and you have to personalize the features according to the need of the customers. You need to keep it relevant by delivering the right information at the right place.
  • Step 2: The next important thing you need to remember is choosing the perfect design pattern. You can use your innovation and skills and combine the patterns by permutation and combination to produce a number of models which are separate from each other. You can blend the UI elements and with the help of the invocation methods, you can innovate on your own. A point to be noted, you have to innovate new ideas and generate newer patterns every time you want to shine.
  • Step 3: As glass brings you a number of templates, you need to choose the right one for your choice while you try the Google Glass App Development. You can manipulate the metrics and grids and customize the other features while you look out to develop the perfect app.
  • Step 4: You can always use the Glasswork Flow Designer to get a suitable and reliable assistance while you go for the designing and developing drive. Such features are always meant to improve the quality and features you provide the customers with.
  • Step 5: When you distribute the app to the customers, you have to keep in mind that when the customers look out to hire Google glasses developers, they do not want the sane patterns over and over. You need to grow your ideas. For this reason, you need to connect yourself up with the rest of the development community. After all, you can share your ideas and gain the experiences what others have already gained. Just practicing the art of developing on your initiative is something, but exchanging the ideas is something different. You need to grow with the tide and keep yourself updated to the latest innovations and combinations of the patterns with the help of which you can further innovate.

Some Notions about Google Glass and Google Glass Application Development

Since some years, when Google announced the Google Glass technology, more and more people are becoming aware about this futuristic technology in the market. But, there are still only some people who are completely aware about this technology and the extent of its use for the benefit of the companies and the customers. Most of the people are not still aware about this technology and Google Glass Application Development which is being done by increasing number of people.

Google Glass Application

Some notions about Google Glass and Google Glass Application Development

1. Some myths which are circulated in society

There are many myths which are being circulated in society such as omnipotent nature. It is agreed by the experts that Google Glass is an innovative technology which promotes wearable computers. As per the enthusiasts this is like sci-fi device in Sci-Fi books and movies come true.

2. Some reviews in magazines as well as online

The reviews done by Google Glass programmers are extremely positive while some person has written negative reviews. Most of the reviews are written by people who have been very much impressed with the functionality of the device. As per them, it has become very easy to remain in contact of the world from anywhere.

3. Misconceptions due to lack of mass marketing

Most of the people who have given negative reviews about this product online or in magazines as they does not have any direct impression of the product. This is due to the fact that this product has not been marketed in mass market unlike the other products. The company which has developed this product is bringing it out in various stages. Today, there are some app development companies and Google Glass programmers actually own the device.

4. The development of Google Glass applications for business

It is a known fact that when there is an advent of any technology in the market, it becomes a little easy to build an application for that technology device. There are lots of countries in the world where the Google Glass Programmers have not seen the technology or device but already have developed several Google Glass apps which are being offered to the customers.

When any application is being built for commercial use in market, the basic fact is to understand the application effect on the audience who is using the device for which the application has been built.

Before this, most of the companies have already built apps for blackberry phone when it was new. When iPhone were offered in market, most of the companies made decision about building apps for that particular phone. There were some general apps which were built so that they could be implemented at any android phone.

As android phones became very popular all over the world, the apps which were built by app development teams were designed to be used on any platform effectively.

But, Google Glass is a completely new technology, as it is start of wearable computer technology.

How to choose the best option for Google Glass app development

As the technology of app development for Google Glass is completely different from android device, you have to search for the best company which has the device as well experienced Google Glass app developers. These are the people who have the device, know about how to wear it and have designed complete apps in previous projects.

Some Criteria’s to make the Success of the Google Glass Apps

With the continuous research and development in technologies, it is given that new devices will be discovered which are advanced versions of the current devices in the market. Their function is versatile and easy than the previous devices. Due to this, most of the application developers love to work with the latest as well as challenging technology. One of the latest such technologies are known as the Google Glass which is a wearable device. There are many application developers who found a bright future in doing Google Glass Application Development.

As more and more companies are making decision about developing Google Glass apps for their companies, they are hiring the Google Glass Programmer especially for the project. Due to this, the demand for apps development has increase by leaps and bounds.

As this is a very recent development, the requirement and market for Google Glass Application Development is just starting and so is the demand for the apps developers. But, it is now clear that the potential market for the apps development is very big and is going to increase further in the future.

Google Glass App Development

When the Google Glass Programmer is developing these apps for the companies all over the world, they need to keep some criteria’s in their mind to make the success of the product.

Some criteria’s to make the success of the Google Glass apps

 1. Easy to use

The main concept of the Google glass is the augmented reality. When the apps developer is developing the program, he needs to keep in mind that the technology and the use of the product are completely different from the mobiles and the tablets. Also it is fact that the users want variety. The developer should also remember that the Google Glass is going to be just some inches from the human eyes and they should not make any app which will tire the eyes after only sometime. They also need to make sure that the app has been tested extensively before launching it in the market.

2. Acing the test

When you launch any Google Glass app in the market, you ensure that it has real time integration but you also need to make sure that it doesn’t cause any issue for the user. The app should avoid unnecessary information such as any notifications, advertisements or irrelevant information when the user is busy in some other work.

But, the app should be able to notify user about the necessary and important information such as prices in share market where the difference of minutes can cause a great profit or loss. At such time, the app should be able react quickly by giving notifications.

The main goal of Google Glass apps should be to notify the owner about the latest information which is important for him in any case whether it is a financial matter or others. While developing the app, the developer should keep these criteria’s in his or her mind if he or she wants to create a successful app for the benefit of the customers.

3 Prongs for Better Glass App Development

Some years back, to own a computer was worth a proud and now days, the mobile phones have become almost the necessity of life and most of the people own their own, isn’t it? This shows, at what level the technology has advanced. Of course, there is no pinnacle point for the technological advancement. The evolution of the technology seems like a never ending process. One of the most popular technical devices of current time, the Google glass, is again a great invention from Google. The main reason for the popularity of this device is its wearable property, which gives the user freedom from swiping, touch and other touch gestures, which are traditionally used to run different types of computers. The device is also very handy and light weighted. All the functionalities of the glass takes place owing to the chip used, which is placed beneath the frame. But to get varieties of utilities like games and other stuffs, you are required to have the corresponding apps. Google glasses application development helps us to get the apps. Google glass apps development includes many things like prior analysis, converting the analysis to actual implementation and proper testing. If all these steps are carried out properly, your app will become indeed worth and people would love to download and use it.

1.      Prior Analysis:
In any software development, it is very important to spend quality time with your team, just for analysis. This is because, analysis helps you extract many important points of the app, you are about to create. It has happened many times that during analysis, due to the inclusion of so many powerful minds, there reveal many important feature which otherwise would have just concealed. Analysis can be in various forms like mock ups, analytical representations and so on. It is for this reason that Google Glass Apps Development should be done by keeping in mind proper analysis as a pre-requirement.

2.      Coding:
It is at this place, where you can decipher, how well you have worked on the analysis part. If you have done proper analysis, you can have a very good coding standard. This is because through analysis you can get rid of code redundancies, bugs to great extent. This has many advantages like your app size can be decreased to great extent, without compromising the quality of the app. Other important thing to remember while coding is to optimize the coding and take into consideration various time and space complexities related issues.

3.      Testing:
As the competition has increased to great extent, it has become very important that your app must be bug-free as much as possible. For this, it is very important to test the app properly and with all possible test cases. I have seen many developers who skip this step and then repent, when the bugs are issued by the users, which depletes the popularity of their apps.

In short, though for many people, coding is the main part of the Google glasses application development, I would suggest giving equal importance to all the three points, to make a better app.

Create Ordinary App Peerlessly!

We have seen the evolution of the computers with the time. The computers at their inception and the computers (in fact the types of computers) now have a huge difference in terms of size, capacity and the reliability, The main change is seen in the terms of the size. Some couple of years back, the computers occupied huge space and now they have just become immense mobile and light weighted; the best example comprising of the laptops, palmtops, tablets, smart phones and the most recent one, the wearable devices. Google has come with one of the most astounding invention with The Google Glass, a wearable device. The wearable technology has got immense demand owing to its hands-free feature. You can use the computers without frequent touches; just give a voice command and your work is done.

Google Glass

To make the maximum use of the glass, it is very important to install the relevant apps. This has flourished the Google Glass Application Development market. Many companies are plunging into the development of the apps and have succeeded to great extent. More and more users are buying the glass and hence it is obvious that they will need the apps to make it run. The companies engaged with the Google Glass Application Development have to undergo some research and analysis prior to making the apps.

  • Research it well:

Research may be with respect to two perspectives. The first one is to be aware that what type of apps are in demand or will be in high need in the future. The second perspective is undergoing profound in the research that if the app which resembles in one or the other way to the one you are going to make, decipher how you can make it better than the already existing app.

  • Undergo proper analysis

Once you are aware about the kind of app you are going to create, just think in profound that how you can make the app the most appealing and fully fledged. You can take the help of various analysis tools like mockups. Also the look and feel part of the app matters a lot. Many times it is seen that out of the similar apps, the app with better GUI and color combinations is more prone to be used by the users. Also coding standard of the app matters a lot. If you have incorporated good coding strategies, it will be reflected as size and will be less error prone. You can insist using the reusable codes. If you have used some plug-in in your app, go for the lighter version of the same. Hence when you Hire Google Glass Developers, take care that they are aware about such concepts. Hiring goggle glass developers is very important if you want to go for good number of apps done and have more assignments.

On the whole, while developing the glass apps, just try to think out of box and try to accomplish the ordinary thing in the exceptional way!

Google Glasses – Beyond Wonderful!

The technology is flourishing to great extent, which can be reflected through many points like the relative size, i.e. the television sized computer screens are replaced by very symmetrical LCDs, the three bundled device i.e. CPU, Monitor and keyboard which occupied too much space are available in the form of comparatively lightweight laptops and that too without any compromise in the functionality. Though the factors like size, weight, space differs among these devices, the basic functionality remains the same i.e. you need to use your hand or fingers to interact with these devices. The profound change came when Google came with a stupendous device, which changed the way the computer-related stuffs were used. The device has got flourished as soon as it was invented because of its spectacular look – which resembles to any normal eye-wearing glasses and enormous features; the device is none other than Google Glass. Now many of the readers would overtake my words as an exaggeration but believe me, at the end of this blog, you will too be overwhelmed by the features provided by the device.

Google Glass App Development

Google glass apps

As I mentioned earlier, the glass is no less than any computer or laptop. You can do wide range of things using the glass. The use of glass has become a boon in the areas like medical – A veteran surgeon can treat good number of patients owing to the glass. Just as you need different software’s to run the computer and perform desired tasks, the glass also require “Apps”. These have invoked the need for Google Glass Application Development to great extent. Also for the Google Glass Application Development, you require to hire Google glass developers. As the device is quite newer in the market, still there are many uncovered and untouched apps that are needed to be created. In fact, many app development companies have started creating the apps which can prove helpful to the Google glass users. But developing out-of-box apps has direct relation with the developers you hire for Google glass app development. The companies who are in need of more goggle glass developers can go through the following points

  • Any apps have ratings along with the developers name; hence for some bucks do not compromise with the quality of the developers. Hire the best developers who can think differently and uniquely. At the end what matters is the peerless App and not the few more buck you spared after the developers.

  • Lock in good developers apart from hiring the new ones. The senior developers are in line with your company’s atmosphere and working. Hence, they can easily tackle the newbie and guide them in the best possible way.

Hence whether you want to capture a picture, search across the maps, overcome different language problems and so on, Google glass will be like your best pal. In fact, unlike other devices, you can see the result in front of your eyes and get the desired things done by your speech! Indeed Google glass can make the day to day activities very easy along with its application over wide areas.

The Mysteries of Google Glass App Development

Yes, the news is out. The whole disappointment about Glass is over, and Google has almost obliterated any doubts regarding the effective capacity of the device. This is probably the biggest reason so as to why more and more people are now seeking to develop their own apps for the glass.

However, the whole business of Google glass app development is encircled with lots of mysteries. There is no possible way that you can just one fine day decide to create your own apps for the glass and be ready the next day.

What is the problem?

Well, there is no problem as such, but the biggest roadblock of sorts is that no one really knows exactly what all the Glass is capable of as yet. So, Google Glasses Application Development can have many facets to itself that are probably yet not discovered.

The task of working on and unearthing all the potential of any device is mostly entrusted to application developers who put on their creative hats and take a plunge into the task of Google Glass application development.

Google Glass App Development

Well, but putting that to a side, I guess the most important thing while developing any application you must give it a lot of thought and research. When you develop any application you are basically putting your company out there for people to judge. So until and unless you are absolutely sure about the kind of stuff that you represent yourself as, do not enter into this field.

Is application development for the glass too complicated?

Not at all. See, my dad says that a step in the right direction is half the battle won. So basically, if you know what you want have find out exactly how to go about it, you have already taken care of all the complications.

What you must really do is find out whether whoever you have decided to develop the apps for you should actually be qualified to do so. See you will find plenty of them out there claiming to be the best at it and how their thousands of projects are underway and so and so forth. However, you have to really check for credibility and make sure that whoever you trust your app with has the Glass to begin with.

If he is using the simulator or just the glass development tool kit, the chances are that they will never even know what their end product looks like. If they have the glass then they can create it and then check how it actually works on the device. That way if there are any bugs then they can be fixed easily.

Google Glass application development for business

Some people might not regard it as absolutely important but if you ask me I can tell you that the glass shows real promise. There are two basic ways in which you can use the apps to help with your business:

  • Business apps to help with your business processes. You can develop an app that helps you with the business processes you have including sending urgent messages, or quick telecast of anything that you need from one place to another.

  • You can also create apps that are of some utility for your customers. You can create general shopping apps or even games that your particular audience will find interesting.

Google Glasses Sell Out Like Hot Cakes!

Alas! The one day sale for Google Glass held on the 15th of April was way too small to appease the hunger of the people! Although Google promises to set up many more such small one day sales, but that certainly does not good to the people who are still willing to get their hands on it. Apart from that, Google has also become the epicenter of criticism for having launched such a sale only for the US population. Talk about global trade!

The company proclaimed plans to unlock this fancy device for the general public in order to give them an experience to be able to buy it for themselves. However, this only led to a further mess as hordes of people competed to get their own Glass at any cost. Obviously, there is no doubt about the company anticipating such a mad rush. It is probably why people are so upset about not being able to satiate the requirement.

Google Glass

Did they keep the customers apprised?

Well of course! From a company their size, it is unbelievable that they wouldn’t! But of course, instead of choosing every platform available, they stuck to Google + and put all the information right there. They made it clear that the devices were being sold at a pretty good speed. In fact, when the cotton white model got sold out, they made it clear on their Google + page that so had happened.

Any room for new Explorer aspirants?

There is a website, where US citizens above the age of 18 with a US shipping address can sign up and pre order their devices. Whenever their device will be ready, they will be intimated and they can purchase it for $1500.

The trouble with the glass is that it is now only focusing on US citizens. This can create some amount of frustration amongst global developers. Also, it is only available through the explorer program to add to the difficulties.

The rest of the world is kind of feeling slighted. So, unless Google can quickly come back with something happy to offer to the globe, there will be some sort of controversy over this futuristic device. In fact, it looks like the rest of the world cannot even opine on the Glass because it does not have a chance to experience it.

So, who does the explorer program focus on?

Well, since Google Glass Web Development is coming up in a big way, the explorer program essentially centers on the developers to make sure that Google Glass application development can rise at an unprecedented rate.

Google Glass application development is much different than other android application development. This is because of the difference in the gadget itself. In case the explorers get their hands on the device before the general release, it will facilitate them to make sure that they can handle the Google Glass web development in the right way so that the device happens to be profitable for everyone.

On the whole, if you are another Explorer aspirant, my advice is first focus on the applications that are existent in the market. Also, study the reviews of the device and gain some insight about what other explorers have to say. And, if you aren’t a US national, then I guess, waiting for the GDK is the only hope, at least for the near future.

Google Glass Enhances the Users Ability to Retrieve Information

Of late Google has disclosed their new and innovative development within the optical industry and it is really specific to optics. ‘Google Glass’ is a world-shattering new device that has actually taken the technical world by blizzard. This device is considered to be the smartest and coolest glasses that anyone can possess. A blend of few of your favorite social media websites such as Google+, Google chats and text messages, these glasses permit you to do each and every activity from the easy comfort of your eyes. They make use of almost all the technological advancements that includes Global Positioning Systems (GPS), smart phone electronics as well as voice over internet protocol (VoIP).

So let me take you through a tour of what exactly are these amazing glasses and the process of Google glass application development.

Google Glasses are Future Eyeglasses

With more and more advancement in technology, the Google Glasses lenses enable you to clearly visualize through the apparently usual visual-world and hence, get hold of high-tech updates in this process. The Google Project eyeglasses are a device which will be used in the near future. With the change in style and fashion, the adaption of these glasses is sure to buildup one day. Yes, Google Glasses are the future eyeglasses. Firstly, Google Glass provides the users with plethora of smart phone features in an increased reality ecosystem which assists the users to discover lot of capabilities.


Future of the globe is in the Hands of Google glass developers

The advantages of Google Glasses are endless. But at the same time, to avail those advantages, it is really very imperative to Hire Google Glass Developers so as to get well acquainted with the device. They will make it really very simple for you to understand any kind of translation if required. The Glass that you will wear on the face will fundamentally transform each and every human-computer interaction, thereby making it more cherished. Owing to the fact that you do not have to use your hands and the images project on the transparent screen, this creates a sense of vibration within you.

Recognition is sure to become simpler.

The Google Glass Developers have by now started working on the development of apps that will assist in identifying people from a big crowd, using of a difficult set of algorithms which takes into deliberation the face, the kind of outfit that an individual is wearing and various other things, provided the users have a photograph of the said individual within the Google Glasses database.

For Google Glass Application Development, the usage of this device and that too by experienced developers is very important. The possibilities with this device are really amazing and unbelievable. Moreover, the web also plays a very big role in enhancing the security setups and lots more. The amalgamation of Google Glasses and the Web is all geared up to improve it further.

Google’s hi-tech computing gadget is probably going to change the global scenario. This future communication device is actually a distinctive piece that provides all the latest updates to the user. There were some difficulties that the developers had to face while inventing this device. But now, there are approximately 10,000 Glass explorers who are using it. And very soon the number of users will increase at a massive rate. The time will come when everywhere every individual will be saying, ‘I wish to work on my website on Google Glass’. So don’t wait any longer and hire Google glass developers for an enhanced experience of this device.

The Necessity and Advantages of The Google Glass Application Development

Regarding the google glass device

Google glassware is one of the latest introduced electronics app device in the world electronics market. The software system of the device is introduced by the Google Inc. itself. The Google Glass Application Development is applied for the web development system software of the electronic device. Since Google is the leading search engine over the web, the device introduced by Google is also chiefly based on the top website development technologies. Thus, extensive web based apps development is carried out for the Google glass app. It is a small and slim device with a lot of web based software apps.

Google Glass

The Web Development

The Google Glass Web Development is an extensive research process in which the top technology is applied for the process. Although the development software is supplied by Google, but it also uses many other high tech software tools. These software technologies are also highly compatible with all types of online scripting languages and database management system. The web browsing speed is very high giving a new experience to the net surfing. It is done by the skilled software engineers and developers in the field. All kinds of dynamic as well static web sites can be created by this technology.

The Features

The Google glass device has a number of advantages as well as features. It can be very easily connected with all high speed 4 G WI-Fi internet connections with wireless modems. All kinds of other hardware devices like printers, scanners, joysticks, etc. can also be connected with the Google glass device. The system software on the device is also in very good compatibility with all the external hardware and accessories. The Google is also providing very effective anti-virus software for the glassware system. Thus, the system is also totally safe from software viruses.

The Opportunities

The Google Glass Web Development will open the doorway for millions of talented but unemployed software programmers and engineers all over India and abroad. The national as well as international software companies are hiring the Google glass web app developers extensively for their big projects. A lot of projects and assignments are coming to Indian companies to outsource the Google glass apps development. Thus, the youth of the nation has golden career opportunities before them as the Google glass web site apps developers. The pay for these projects will be very high with good salaries and benefits.

The Application

The Google Glass Application Development is done under the instructions, rules and regulations officially imposed by the Google Inc. The Google glassware device is applied in various fields like talking, chatting, instant SMS, BBM, MMS, video graphing, snapping, web browsing, web cam interaction and many more.  The printing out and scanning operations can also be done very smoothly on the device. The customers are very satisfied and happy with all these apps and features of the Google glass device. There are also very good audio visual effects on this device. Music, movies and videos can be easily played on this electronic device.