How Usable Really is the Google Glass?

Nobody can be a technology enthusiast as much as I am. I have been waiting for something similar to the Google glass for eons now. You know, every time I picked up a sci-fi movie I truly believed that it was some day possible to really replicate the amazing devices that they show.

So, when I heard about their program of letting developers buy Google glasses for Google glass applications development, I pounced at the opportunity. However I was met with a kind of disappointment that I never deemed possible with Google.

What went wrong?

Well, there are so many answers to this question that I’d probably kill you by answering them all at once. However, the biggest problem with the device seems to be its premature launch. I guess the product still needs to be developed in terms of its operating system and hardware as well before they can go out and loud with it.Google Glass

Actually, they were too occupied with the idea of creating something new that they left behind its user friendliness or even usability aspects. Not only the device slightly uncomfortable to wear, but extremely difficult to use.

Listen to your voice

The silliest aspect of Google Glasses voice command activation is that it not only picks up your voice but also the person standing next to you. So you will have to be alert about anything that your device starts doing because of what someone else is talking.

What’s more, you have to be really clear about how you are speaking into the glass because it has very little scope for multiple inferences of the same action. SO, if you say ‘Play’ it might play your music list or video, depending upon your last action. But if you say ‘Listen to’, you will be only disappointed.

Tap it all the way

The biggest hurdle with the glass usability is that you are required to keep tapping away at your temple because the glass shuts itself down every now and then. Its touch isn’t so sensitive so as to pick up commands easily. You are required to repeatedly tap on it to make it come to life.

Look so silly

There is no argument about the fact that it makes you look downright stupid. You can’t be standing in the middle of the road looking like an absurd joke wearing a silly thing on your head and tapping away at your temple talking into nothing.

Of course, hopefully Google Glasses Applications Development would pave way for usability. However, there is a huge scope of doubt about how Google glasses app development could contribute to making it less painful for the eyes. Wearing the glasses for too long gives you a severe headache and I am not sure how one can overcome that problem.

On the whole although the idea is absolutely amazing, the execution still bears huge loopholes that strictly need working upon. My bet is, I’d much rather wait for more updated version before I think about spending 1500 dollars!

Is Developing for Google Glass a Feasible Idea?

For quite some time now, people have been wondering what all is the Google Glass capable of. For starters, let’s say, Google Glass is essentially a high tech futuristic wearable computer, that can do anything that you command it to, within the realms of reality.

It can help you to click pictures, scan items, record videos, give details about products and so on and so forth. This particular item has been the epicenter of debate ever since its conception. Although it has been produced for its usability purposes, it has been found that, the Google Glass is extremely expensive; curbing the only way more people will be able to buy it.Google Glass

Conception and Evolution and Its Position in the Market

It is clear that any new piece of technology that has futuristic capabilities will not be available at affordable prices, but is there really an upper limit to how much someone is willing to spend on something?

This entirely depends upon the usability people are willing to put it up to. Google Glass Application Development has already become a quite popular subject among technology enthusiasts. It can be said that people are willing to come up with the most unique kind of apps to use this product in the most diverse ways possible.

Google Glass Applications Development and Business

Business is the core of any activity in the human world. People work to generate more and more revenue. And in order to do so in the right way, people struggle to ensure that the best possible resources can be put to use. This is probably there is no ceiling on the house of technology. There is always something new coming up, always something more creative that can help in boosting the business.

Having said this, Google Glass app development has created a unique space amongst its peers in terms of technology. This is because, unlike in any other platform, there is still a lot of room for innovation and creation. Its like a virgin beach with everything yet to be explored and more and more developers are dedicating time in researching it in full swing to be able to put their skills to use by the time it has increased its market penetration.

Look, Feel and Usability

In terms of usability, this device has no competition. It is lightweight and absolutely user friendly. All you need to do is just wear it and it will take care of your demands. It looks like just another stylish pair of glasses, except the Google glass comes without any glass.

It has a tiny chip attached to the frame on one side which acts as the brain of the device. There are, however, rumors that Google is to tie up with Ray Ban to add a dash of glamor to the device. This device is sleek and impeccably stylish. The only flaw so far seems to be the price, but that too surely will be overcome in the future.

Tweet with a Blink of your Eyes

With the dawn of the internet and the coming of search engine master Google, technology has changed by leaps. Today we can sit in one part of the world and see what is happening miles away. But with the coming of Google Glass things are about to change for all. Google Glass is an awesome eye gear that has GPS, camera, micro phone, speakers and Wi-Fi, it is truly a futuristic technology which we have it at the blink of our eyes. Google has invented many apps for easy comfortable use of the Glass for easy and convenience of the user. The best part of Google Glass is it is can be connected with the social networking sites that we use frequently.

Google has created a set of Apps which are known as “Glassware” for Google Glass which includes apps for all social networking sites. These apps aren’t just mobile apps fixed into the Google Glass but they are developed from the scratch keeping in mind the smaller display size as compared to the smart phones available in the market.

Tweet through your glass

Twitter has come up with an app that allows you to share photos taken by Glass. But unfortunately Twitter app doesn’t allow you to do stand alone tweets and you are not allowed to add description before you upload your photo. It does however allow you to compose tweets and reply to people whom you follow. It’s only your photos that will be visible to your followers and nothing that you say. But it allows you to favourite or re-tweet ant tweets.


So what the Twitter app doesn’t allow you to tweet in text it uses the Glasses so-so camera to take picture and post it on twitter in a simple manner. You just have to authorise the app and enable sharing contact and just tap to share a photo and it would be tweeted in the traditionally way with a hash tag marking like #throughglass.

The challenges ahead

Twitter app for Google Glass app is still at its infancy and needs to come up with various features in future. Twitter app has a great challenge in front of it to overcome the challenges it faces like adapting to voice and tap interface. Using Glass to take picture and tweeting is relatively simple function for Twitter app, which traditionally used key board based text input device even if it was a key board of a smart phone.

With the coming of the Google Glass Twitter has decided to branch out to reach out to Glass users. It would also allow you to tweet videos and photographs along with a 140 characters tweet. This all happens with you just commanding your glass but the voice recognition has certain limits to it and some inaccuracy which would become accurate with the passing time.