The glass struggle continues

As time goes by and Google glasses don’t seem to make too much of a progress, people are beginning to wonder if it really has been created for mass production at all! I mean, Google Glass apps development seems to be the crowning glory of every app development firm these days, but what good is an app without its proper hardware?

While these questions that just started haunting the minds of many an entrepreneurs who have already begun investing in Google Glasses application development, it seems the rest of the world is going absolutely crazy about it.

Every kind of business, whether a start up or an established firm, is today thinking of having their own app for an increased productivity if not for marketing. Google glasses might not yet be out on a massive scale but the ones that have already reached the users have gotten rave reviews and I guess that is what is keeping the enthusiasm on the high for the Google glass app development front.

Making an app for a business

We have already established in the last year that Google Glass Application Development has a lot of potential if the right kinds of apps pertaining to the right kind of fields are created. Say for instance, the Glass could be a boon for the world’s medical situation in a big way.

Every surgeon would want it and every medical student would love to get a live view on big surgeries even if they aren’t physically present there. However, how useful it will be in manufacturing and the designing sectors is a matter for time to tell.

Designing an app right

The right idea can make you millions but everything is in the execution. If you aren’t able to deliver a great idea in the best possible way, you might lose out everything on it. What I am saying is that you could have the best products in the market, but if you don’t know how to pack and sell them, no one is ever going to buy!

So, an app will essentially act as your packaging. If you end up doing it right, minor product flaws too might be overlooked. This is why it is incredibly important for you to design the app with utmost care and perfection.

The glass hasn’t been used by the people. Although it comes from the house of Google, its user interface is much different than the android OS for mobiles. So, most people aren’t going to be fully aware of how to use it to its fullest capacity.

This is why you must ensure that your app is designed in a way that requires minimum user input while still being interactive. Just in the name of creativity, make sure your designer isn’t making the task of using the app a difficult one for your users.

Watch out

Whatever you do, whether you choose to have your own app developed for glass or not, make sure that you know all that there is about this gadget. It will surely take us one step further into the future and we will be better equipped to support all our other ventures. And who knows if it starts making sense at some point, you can have the best app ever that can boost your business at an unprecedented rate faster than you ever thought possible!

Google Glass – Features and App Development Scope

For all the people except for those who have isolated themselves from the technology updates, Google glass is no less than a WOW. The very brief yet informational description about the device is, the glass that can be worn as any normal eye-wearing glass and which can lead you in the world of wonders. No need to say that these glasses are going to be the next most-innovative invention in the world of mobile computing. The device lets you make your routine tasks at cinch. Apart being an ardent desire for any tech-loving people, the glass has proved tremendously helpful during the most needed times like in medical, defense and so on.

Google glass, without relevant apps is just like a body without soul. As compared to the former inventions like laptops and tablets, this device is quite newer in the market and hence there is immense need to foremost uncover the areas where the glass can be used and accordingly plunge into the app development of the Google Glass. The more and useful apps get into the market, the more is the probability of the Google glass usage; a straightforward strategy. Keeping this thing in mind, Google is also encouraging the companies to hire Google glasses developers and plunge into the Google Glass App Development. I had a go through at the apps of Google glass and it was clear that still there are so many areas to be covered (these news will definitely encourage the Google glass app development companies and for the rest it will tempt to plunge into the development for the same, isn’t it?). But the thing that surprised me was that many people are just unaware about the stupendous features of the glass; every new arriving technology has to face this stage. Anyways, in this blog I will give u an insight of the stunning functionalities, which the Google glass possesses:

Everyt3hing in front of your eyes!

Though the obvious one, but the most important one! This device will lead you move freely i.e. without your hands occupied with holding the device, as in case of laptops, tablets and cell phones.

Just speak!

Yes! No need to swipe or tap, simply speak what you want and the glass will obey your command and come up with the results, in just no time. Whether you want to capture the photo or record a video, glass will accomplish all these stuffs. This is not over, you can share ii, mail it to your friends and that to simply by your speech! This is something very fabulous.

The things that you used to do using your laptops and tablets, now can be done easily using the glass. Apart, the glass is too light in weight. Believe me, as glass app development companies you are just at stone’s throw rather app/s far from astonishing future. Hire Google Glasses Developers, think out-of-box and come with some exceptional apps and you will come up with flying colors, leaving you motivated for making better apps every time! .

The Mysteries of Google Glass App Development

Yes, the news is out. The whole disappointment about Glass is over, and Google has almost obliterated any doubts regarding the effective capacity of the device. This is probably the biggest reason so as to why more and more people are now seeking to develop their own apps for the glass.

However, the whole business of Google glass app development is encircled with lots of mysteries. There is no possible way that you can just one fine day decide to create your own apps for the glass and be ready the next day.

What is the problem?

Well, there is no problem as such, but the biggest roadblock of sorts is that no one really knows exactly what all the Glass is capable of as yet. So, Google Glasses Application Development can have many facets to itself that are probably yet not discovered.

The task of working on and unearthing all the potential of any device is mostly entrusted to application developers who put on their creative hats and take a plunge into the task of Google Glass application development.

Google Glass App Development

Well, but putting that to a side, I guess the most important thing while developing any application you must give it a lot of thought and research. When you develop any application you are basically putting your company out there for people to judge. So until and unless you are absolutely sure about the kind of stuff that you represent yourself as, do not enter into this field.

Is application development for the glass too complicated?

Not at all. See, my dad says that a step in the right direction is half the battle won. So basically, if you know what you want have find out exactly how to go about it, you have already taken care of all the complications.

What you must really do is find out whether whoever you have decided to develop the apps for you should actually be qualified to do so. See you will find plenty of them out there claiming to be the best at it and how their thousands of projects are underway and so and so forth. However, you have to really check for credibility and make sure that whoever you trust your app with has the Glass to begin with.

If he is using the simulator or just the glass development tool kit, the chances are that they will never even know what their end product looks like. If they have the glass then they can create it and then check how it actually works on the device. That way if there are any bugs then they can be fixed easily.

Google Glass application development for business

Some people might not regard it as absolutely important but if you ask me I can tell you that the glass shows real promise. There are two basic ways in which you can use the apps to help with your business:

  • Business apps to help with your business processes. You can develop an app that helps you with the business processes you have including sending urgent messages, or quick telecast of anything that you need from one place to another.

  • You can also create apps that are of some utility for your customers. You can create general shopping apps or even games that your particular audience will find interesting.

Classy Apps or Glassy Apps

Google Glasses application development has started picking up pace ever since the one day sale happened. I guess everyone was waiting for the glasses to become more accessible for the public. Once it becomes more approachable for the general public, it will make more sense in creating applications which will help in making the device more popular amongst people.

Google Glass

How it works

The Google glass is an inexplicably appealing piece of technology. It is fundamentally a microchip attached to the frame of a normal pair of glasses, however, without the glass itself. This little microchip is the essential work force of the device.

It enables you to hold and scan things as you see them without any extra efforts. Of course, the frame itself too has functionalities like swipe and click, but the major tasks are executed by the minuscule chip.


The Google glass is voice stimulated and therefore obtains orders as you speak into them. This means that if you wish to have a picture clicked you simply need to speak out loud “click” and it will be done. On the whole, the piece of equipment is like an automaton that can fulfill any instruction that you give it by merely being there in front of your eyes.

Apps development

Google Glasses Apps Development is a difficult and a decisive task. You must have a very good understanding of technology and all the different types of platforms in order to be able to productively develop a functional and realistic app.

If you wish to become a flourishing Google glass apps developer, following are a few things that you can do apart from your preparation to make certain best results. These things are:

  1. Join a Google Glass fanatic community: you will find many forums or threads that have a neighborhood of Google Glass fans. Join it to find out all that is innovative and happening in this field. You also would be able to get ideas, hints and propositions from other developers which can help you in your career.

  2. Get hold of all the Google IO 2013 Google Glass session videos and Watch them: These videos will help you to understand the most principal things about the Google Glass that you wouldn’t be able to find out from everywhere else.

  3. Don’t think that your previous Android apps are just like the ones to be made for Google Glasses: Android is Google’s baby but this time its poles apart. One cannot have apps for any former smart phone or mobile to be used on Google glass because the appliance itself is wholly different and requires to be handled differently.

Looking at the bigger picture

If you open your eyes and look at the global scenario with respect to the development of applications of the Google Glass has to undergo a lot still. Until and unless the glass is already in the hands of people, it will be difficult to understand its reception and how people will be able to accept and handle various apps. Many developers are relying on the GDK or the glass development kit to develop cool apps; however, it is definitely not the real deal. So it will be best to wait and watch.

Winner Emerges on the Google Glasses One Day Sale Fight!

The big fight over who all could claim the glasses for themselves in the one day Google Glass sale has seen only a few winners. Although, a lot of people would have been hopeful about getting their hands on this, but only a few have been so lucky.

ESiteworld, an IT company has bagged their prize! They have gotten their own pair of Google glasses on this one day sale. It is now evident that they will be able to prepare apps with hands on experience on the device which will make their device more efficient and definitely a sure success.

What does the company have to say?

The company claims that they are extremely excited for being able to own their own Glass. It is said that they are firm believers in trying to make a big contribution towards the glass community with the help their Glass.

A spokesperson from their firm claims that they had been working on the simulator so far, but now with the device, they can actually feel the change and understand what all could go wrong while depending only on the simulator for Google Glass app development.

They state that they will be obliged to put in more and more efforts now so that they can directly see the output and perceive from the audience’s point of view what all are the things that need to be worked upon.

Knee deep in Google Glasses apps development projects, they claim that are working hard to launch some of these awesome tried and tested apps for the general public. Soon, ESiteworld will have pioneered the industry with their streamlined and effective Google Glasses App Development.

Google Glass

What are the chances of the success of this device in general?

For the most part, this gadget has been appreciated by whoever has been able to use it. Apart from a minor amount of criticism, it can be said that this gadget is very promising and is sure to do really well when you see the bigger picture.

Of course, you will find people complaining about it, but it is best to get reviews from the horse’s mouth rather than people who have never really even seen the device. Until and unless this device is made open for the public, one would not know exactly what to expect.

Many future one day sales are expected before Google goes all out and launches the Glass in the open market. Anyways, that will have bought Google enough time to work on any complaints that users must be having till then.

Creating your own application

A lot of people are sceptical about developing their own app for the Glass because they cannot appreciate exactly how big or how popular it will get in the future. However, those who begin now are sure to get a certain edge over those who don’t because they will already have gripped their customer base before their competition gets to it.

Even if you want to take some time before being completely sure about whether you are seriously interested in having your own app designed for the glass or not, it might be a good idea to spend some time in researching the potential market and the infinite possibilities that one has when it comes to the glass.

Innovation at its Best from Google Glass App Development

Now, with the advent of a latest technology, the term ‘Google’ has speedily moved out from a proper noun track to a verb, comprising of various people that “Google” where one can obtain infinite searching for any kind of information required. In today’s time, Google Glass is widely recognized all across the globe and more and more individuals are getting it in order to get an initial foothold within the business realm. Particularly in the vicinity of industrial processing as well as high-tech involuntary engineering, this wearable technology can actually create a much smarter plus safer factory floor. For instance, Toshiba engineers are already using increased reality apps for the purpose of repairing machines.

I being an ardent fan of Google, has got the opportunity of working on app development for glassware.

Google Glassware

Technological Interactivity with Google Glassware

The increase in the sale of Google Glassware in the year 2014 has helped the business houses to go creative and artistic as how they can use this wearable computer in order to maximize productivity within the workplace. In the present day, wearable electronics are not new. To be more precise, hearing aids and wristwatches are same as this emerging technology that is creating so many headlines and connectivity all over. Google Glassware is the most notable device till date and is surely going to capture the market very soon. Google along with its Google Glass is the biggest player of today’s time. It has been anticipated that this particular category is all set to explode and approximately 130 million devices will be organized by the year 2018. On the other hand, the figure might be unadventurous, as lot of companies show abundance of interesting possibilities as well as applications for the gadgets.

Google Glass Application Development- Good for All

Google Glass App Development is just another incline of the iceberg. It is a fact that where there is prospect, countless smart entrepreneurs will definitely follows. Google Glasses have turned out to be almost standard and wearable bands such as FitBit currently track workouts plus keeps record of the patients. Some of the other devices within this horizon comprise of smart wigs or smart tattoos. The business users will more and more demand access to bigger quantities of data on this wearable device, like databases, diagrams, designs and various data-intensive documents.

Talking about Google’s Research & Development Department as well as their most recent amplified reality glasses, one cannot ignore it at all. Moreover, Google Glass App Development is increasingly being accepted by a huge population, but at the same time, it is recommended that you must be aware about the number of drawbacks as well. It did not take long time for business houses to accept the fact that these glasses will be the right thing for them. Moreover, the research made on this particular technology also helped them to be aware about it.

As a result, this wearable technology will definitely gain some ground provided if it is used for the right purpose. But the use of this technology is still not that prevalent at present and so mass adaptation of this technology is not that far away for future business. I have high hopes for the success of this innovative product; however, only time will tell how successful it becomes.

Google Glass App Development Company to develop unique and user-friendly apps

Google Glasses is an advanced version of smart phones and tablets. To purchase this latest hi-tech wearable and futuristic eye gadget having a chip at the corner of the frame, the users have to wait until next year. This light in weight gadget gives hand-free experience for the users and easy way to interact with the search engines. Glasses can store huge volume of data and gives high speed internet access. Users can search information about any domain within fraction of seconds.

This glassware is the web service which receives and sends information using glass as medium. Google has already offered solution for the developers to create apps in glassware form. This allows the developers to build the apps that are hosted and operated on cloud. Here the users can gain the advantage of using the apps without need of deploying and configuring it on their devices therefore helping to save the storage space.

Best practices followed to develop an App

Google Glassware or apps for this fabulous device should be unique in functionality, design and usability. Since, this gadget is totally different from mobile device in use and design so, the app developer should design the apps exclusively for the glass. This device is just kept an inch away from eye so they need to develop the app in user-friendly way.

  • App should be very specific to Glass i.e. the apps that are developed for laptops, Smartphone’s should not transfer the features to Glass and make it compatible to it. The developers should concentrate on the glass functionality and should understand and make the apps which boost the user experience.
  • Apps should interact with the users when they want it and should be able to ignore it when it is not required to avoid interference in work
  • Notification type Apps should deliver latest information to the users by giving fresh content in timely manner
  • Do not deliver the information at unexpected times as it gives bad experience for the users. So it is better to see time, frequency and location before sending any information
  • Apps should send the information at right time and place to gain users attention and engagement. For example, displaying a list of items that are available in the departmental store as soon as user enters the store on his/her glass
  • Apps developers should not embed advertisement within the glassware, since this may annoy the users

By following the above mentioned guidelines you can definitely design unique, workable apps which give appealing and captivating experience for the users.

Google glasses are fully loaded with many applications. Some of the standard apps include Gmail, Google+, GoogleNow, etc. Few of the apps include facial recognition, news and media apps, social networking apps, language translation, note taking, barcode scanner, QR reader etc. giving appealing and seamless experience for users. The Google Glass App Development companies are undertaking this app projects and applying all their skills for giving out unique, feasible and usable apps for the users.

Interesting and Fun apps for Google Glasses

Some of the renowned apps that are designed by Google Glass App Development Company and have gained the eye of experts include:

Crystal shopper:  This is very interesting app for the people who shop often. This app scans the barcode on the product you have selected to purchase and gives all the information embedded inside the code.

CNN app: It is a wonderful and interesting app for the users who would like to know the latest news updates. You can read the headlines, articles, etc published in real-time in front of your eyes. You can read the news as per your preferences. It even loads the videos of the documents so that you watch the live documents without missing them i.e. in case you are away from your place.

Best Practices for Google Glasses Apps Development

Google Glasses have charmed their way in to the world of technology. Considering the limitless possibilities that it offers, who wouldn’t want to own a pair of these amazing glasses? The irony although is that this “glass” in fact comes without a shred of glass. But, there are many rumors that Google is talking about an association with Ray Ban to produce high end glasses for the same. Does it make it even more expensive? I don’t know, it probably does. But when someone places a bit of future in your hand, I doubt if people will hesitate before spending for it.

I mean, probably I am just over excited but give it a thought. A device like that put together with advanced Google Glass App development can open avenues that people probably never even thought was possible. If technology experts could make this a reality, you really don’t know what will come next. My guess is, soon there will be a ‘Minority Report’ kind of an application for the Google Glass, which will make the world a crime free place.

Okay, I overstepped it, but I am truly excited. Like me, I am sure there will be many out there just waiting to take the leap into the majestic realms of Google Glasses Apps Development. However, let’s take a deep breath and think about it once more.

Is Google Glass app development akin to Smartphone app development? The answer is ‘NOT”. There are many nuances associated with the Glass that one must know full well before jumping on with the bandwagon. Following are a few details that might skip your mind but are very important if you want to develop a great app for Glass.

The Glass Community

Since the Google glass is such a unique device you will find that there is a huge online community of Google Glass enthusiasts. Before you begin developing for this unique product it is of critical significance that you become a part of this community. This will allow you to gain an insight about what the product really is, it operational behaviors and the consequent reactions that it has been getting from the online community. Apart from this it will also help you to seek advice from other experienced developers which can prove to be very helpful for your own career.

Go through the IO 2013 Google Glass session Videos

It might seem to you as a very silly suggestion, but trust me. It is important that you understand what you are dealing with. This is where watching these videos will be helpful. Getting some advice is one but actually seeing things in action might open up our clogged brains and show us things that we otherwise would not notice. It will also give you details regarding glass features that you will find nowhere else.

Get the act on

Researching is important but only so long as it results in something concrete. Don’t spend so much time researching about it that you lose interest in actually creating something. You have to become a developer, not an expert. People expect apps from you and not lectures. So get practical and let the magic flow!

Is Developing for Google Glass a Feasible Idea?

For quite some time now, people have been wondering what all is the Google Glass capable of. For starters, let’s say, Google Glass is essentially a high tech futuristic wearable computer, that can do anything that you command it to, within the realms of reality.

It can help you to click pictures, scan items, record videos, give details about products and so on and so forth. This particular item has been the epicenter of debate ever since its conception. Although it has been produced for its usability purposes, it has been found that, the Google Glass is extremely expensive; curbing the only way more people will be able to buy it.Google Glass

Conception and Evolution and Its Position in the Market

It is clear that any new piece of technology that has futuristic capabilities will not be available at affordable prices, but is there really an upper limit to how much someone is willing to spend on something?

This entirely depends upon the usability people are willing to put it up to. Google Glass Application Development has already become a quite popular subject among technology enthusiasts. It can be said that people are willing to come up with the most unique kind of apps to use this product in the most diverse ways possible.

Google Glass Applications Development and Business

Business is the core of any activity in the human world. People work to generate more and more revenue. And in order to do so in the right way, people struggle to ensure that the best possible resources can be put to use. This is probably there is no ceiling on the house of technology. There is always something new coming up, always something more creative that can help in boosting the business.

Having said this, Google Glass app development has created a unique space amongst its peers in terms of technology. This is because, unlike in any other platform, there is still a lot of room for innovation and creation. Its like a virgin beach with everything yet to be explored and more and more developers are dedicating time in researching it in full swing to be able to put their skills to use by the time it has increased its market penetration.

Look, Feel and Usability

In terms of usability, this device has no competition. It is lightweight and absolutely user friendly. All you need to do is just wear it and it will take care of your demands. It looks like just another stylish pair of glasses, except the Google glass comes without any glass.

It has a tiny chip attached to the frame on one side which acts as the brain of the device. There are, however, rumors that Google is to tie up with Ray Ban to add a dash of glamor to the device. This device is sleek and impeccably stylish. The only flaw so far seems to be the price, but that too surely will be overcome in the future.