Google Glasses Available on a One Day Sale!

Everyone has been waiting anxiously for the Google Glasses to become available for the general public. In fact the wait seemed to be so long that people had started getting agitated towards the explorers themselves.

We repeatedly heard news about explorers being attacked in the general public places like bars and restaurants. However, now things are about to take a turn for the better. The Google Glasses are soon to become available for the general public. However, for now, the Glass was available on 15th April, for a one day sale at the price of $1,500 plus tax.

Google Glass Apps Development

What are the features that drove the people crazy?

The Glass is so amazing that it quite literally drove its fans crazy. With so many features and apps to support it, the glass quickly earned its reputation as the world’s most amazing device. Its most promising features are:


A touchpad is positioned on the side of Google Glass, enabling users to organize and handle the device by swiping through a timeline-like crossing point presented on the screen. Sliding backward shows current events, such as weather, and sliding forward shows past events, such as phone calls, photos, circle updates, etc.


Probably the most spoken about feature of the Google Glasses is the camera. Google Glass has the ability to take photos and record 720p HD video. While video is recording, the screen stays on while it is doing so. The most exciting thing about it is that it allows you to take complete point of view videos unlike any other device.


The Explorer version of Google Glass uses a Liquid Crystal on Silicon (LCoS), field-sequential color, LED illuminated display. The display’s LED elucidation is first P-polarized and then stands out through the in-coupling polarizing beam splitter (PBS) to the LCoS panel. The panel reflects the light and alters it to S-polarization at active pixel sites. The in-coupling PBS then mirrors the S-polarized areas of light at 45° through the out-coupling beam splitter to a collimating reflector at the other end. Finally, the out-coupling beam splitter (which is a partially reflecting mirror, not a polarizing beam splitter) reflects the collimated light another 45° and into the wearer’s eye.

So, who would buy the Google Glass?

The explorer program was initially started off to ensure that people from various countries and backgrounds could use it and thereby be able to give a definition on its uses in various industries. This worked quite well to a large extent because new and innovative sources have been able to show how the explorer program is extremely useful in various industries such as medicine, fire fighting, real estate, so on and so forth. This is why people belonging from every industry have become keen on getting the glass for themselves in order to become able to use it in their own specific businesses.

Also, developers and tech savvy people too have begun taking the plunge and participating in the purchase and use program to ensure that they can reap the maximum benefits of the same. There are so many kinds of apps that people are developing to help in making the device itself extremely user friendly. As more and more apps keep surfacing in the market, the demand for this great device will continue to see the rise.

Legal Concerns for Glass Lovers!

Although Google glass has sent shivers down the spine of every technology lover, there are other serious concerns that have begun springing up only to discourage the not only the product but the concept itself.

People like me would probably kill to get their hands on their own pair of Google glass purely for the sake of being able to own a piece of modern technology and maybe for the sake of Google Glass apps development.


So, where’s the problem?

The downside to the concept of having a Google Glass is the utter and vehement disregard for people’s privacy. I mean, think about it, once the product becomes out for sale, there will be hundreds of stalkers with Google Glasses and they could use this device to secretly film other people without their knowledge. Is there anything that can be done to stop such activities? I guess not. Of course until there is something at the most fundamental level that can curb such incidences.

Is the problem restricted to privacy?

It would have been alright if the problem was only limited to clicking pics and filming people, however, the larger picture clearly shows that with the kind of advancements being made in the field of Google Glasses application development, there is nothing that can’t be created.

I remember watching the series Sherlock Holmes and in one episode they show Professor Moriarty loot a bank with an iPhone app! I don’t know how feasible that is, but with Google Glass, many threats can be carried out seamlessly.

There are places of national interest where photography is banned; there are clubs, pubs and other places where a certain degree of privacy is enforced. Can Google Glass be banned from such places to avoid catastrophes? And if yes, then why buy a device that you can’t flaunt everywhere you go?

Google Glasses Apps Development

Google claims to have created special avenues which restrict some apps to be created. According to them, facial recognition apps won’t be allowed on it, however, we all know the word of hackers and how they can easily get around barriers.

The repeated question that we keep getting with respect to Google Glasses Application Development is whether it is safe for people to own one or even to be around someone who owns it. As a developer myself, I would personally love to sport a Google Glass regardless of how dorky it would make me feel, but the lack of an individual IP address makes it susceptible to cyber crimes such as voyeurism and other issues like movie piracy.

Is there a solution?

There’s always a solution for technological problems if you look hard. I guess, we all have to put in our best efforts in order to be able to create safety apps for the Google Glass that can be helpful in some or the other way. Until then we can wait for some intrinsic changes that Google makes in its newer version!

How Usable Really is the Google Glass?

Nobody can be a technology enthusiast as much as I am. I have been waiting for something similar to the Google glass for eons now. You know, every time I picked up a sci-fi movie I truly believed that it was some day possible to really replicate the amazing devices that they show.

So, when I heard about their program of letting developers buy Google glasses for Google glass applications development, I pounced at the opportunity. However I was met with a kind of disappointment that I never deemed possible with Google.

What went wrong?

Well, there are so many answers to this question that I’d probably kill you by answering them all at once. However, the biggest problem with the device seems to be its premature launch. I guess the product still needs to be developed in terms of its operating system and hardware as well before they can go out and loud with it.Google Glass

Actually, they were too occupied with the idea of creating something new that they left behind its user friendliness or even usability aspects. Not only the device slightly uncomfortable to wear, but extremely difficult to use.

Listen to your voice

The silliest aspect of Google Glasses voice command activation is that it not only picks up your voice but also the person standing next to you. So you will have to be alert about anything that your device starts doing because of what someone else is talking.

What’s more, you have to be really clear about how you are speaking into the glass because it has very little scope for multiple inferences of the same action. SO, if you say ‘Play’ it might play your music list or video, depending upon your last action. But if you say ‘Listen to’, you will be only disappointed.

Tap it all the way

The biggest hurdle with the glass usability is that you are required to keep tapping away at your temple because the glass shuts itself down every now and then. Its touch isn’t so sensitive so as to pick up commands easily. You are required to repeatedly tap on it to make it come to life.

Look so silly

There is no argument about the fact that it makes you look downright stupid. You can’t be standing in the middle of the road looking like an absurd joke wearing a silly thing on your head and tapping away at your temple talking into nothing.

Of course, hopefully Google Glasses Applications Development would pave way for usability. However, there is a huge scope of doubt about how Google glasses app development could contribute to making it less painful for the eyes. Wearing the glasses for too long gives you a severe headache and I am not sure how one can overcome that problem.

On the whole although the idea is absolutely amazing, the execution still bears huge loopholes that strictly need working upon. My bet is, I’d much rather wait for more updated version before I think about spending 1500 dollars!

Tweet with a Blink of your Eyes

With the dawn of the internet and the coming of search engine master Google, technology has changed by leaps. Today we can sit in one part of the world and see what is happening miles away. But with the coming of Google Glass things are about to change for all. Google Glass is an awesome eye gear that has GPS, camera, micro phone, speakers and Wi-Fi, it is truly a futuristic technology which we have it at the blink of our eyes. Google has invented many apps for easy comfortable use of the Glass for easy and convenience of the user. The best part of Google Glass is it is can be connected with the social networking sites that we use frequently.

Google has created a set of Apps which are known as “Glassware” for Google Glass which includes apps for all social networking sites. These apps aren’t just mobile apps fixed into the Google Glass but they are developed from the scratch keeping in mind the smaller display size as compared to the smart phones available in the market.

Tweet through your glass

Twitter has come up with an app that allows you to share photos taken by Glass. But unfortunately Twitter app doesn’t allow you to do stand alone tweets and you are not allowed to add description before you upload your photo. It does however allow you to compose tweets and reply to people whom you follow. It’s only your photos that will be visible to your followers and nothing that you say. But it allows you to favourite or re-tweet ant tweets.


So what the Twitter app doesn’t allow you to tweet in text it uses the Glasses so-so camera to take picture and post it on twitter in a simple manner. You just have to authorise the app and enable sharing contact and just tap to share a photo and it would be tweeted in the traditionally way with a hash tag marking like #throughglass.

The challenges ahead

Twitter app for Google Glass app is still at its infancy and needs to come up with various features in future. Twitter app has a great challenge in front of it to overcome the challenges it faces like adapting to voice and tap interface. Using Glass to take picture and tweeting is relatively simple function for Twitter app, which traditionally used key board based text input device even if it was a key board of a smart phone.

With the coming of the Google Glass Twitter has decided to branch out to reach out to Glass users. It would also allow you to tweet videos and photographs along with a 140 characters tweet. This all happens with you just commanding your glass but the voice recognition has certain limits to it and some inaccuracy which would become accurate with the passing time.