The Best Facebook Fan Pages of 2013!

When we hear of businesses adopting newer approached via the medium of trending social networking sites, it is hardly a surprise anymore. Initially what remained to be a rage amongst the teenagers is today the craze for every business owner.

Let us look at the best business fan pages of the year 2013 and appreciate the best Facebook Fan Page Designing!


Zappos uses Facebook as best as possible. it makes sure that the cover image s striking and apart from that it uses all the discussion posts, wall updates and contests like ‘ Fan of the Week’ to promote itself.

Tiny Prints

Tiny Prints uses adorable pictures and features to attract its visitors they offer special features like view merchandise and offer fan discounts that continue to lure more and more fans. Its user friendliness is a landmark in facebook fan page designing.


Definitely created by a great Facebook developer Threadless uses its fan Page to post t-shirt designs and to vote for their favorite. You can also purchase merchandise directly from there.

Steve Spangler Science

Taking science to a whole new level with crazy videos and photos of very interesting merchandise for sale. Its catalogue of crazy products includes bacteria growing kit and an insta snow thingy. Facebook fan page has helped them in such a great way.


Being a top brand in itself and having used the best facebook developer they SKDY have made some super widgets that allow users to view videos, read blogs and even listen to music. What’s more you can also by merchandise directly from facebook.


I could have never imagined such a beautiful use of facebook. With scores of videos and more than a thousand photos the page is so attractive. Smartpak uses its facebook fan page to encourage user comments and to ensure that their fan club is very active.

Stella & Dot

Its not just a fan page for Stella & Dot. It’s a platform which they use to train their on foot direct sales executives about their products and their many features. They use creative videos and imaging to achieve this.

Old Spice

Old Spice capitalizes the use of the old spicey guy from the commercials even on its fan page. Old Spice encourages its use of facebook by asking the users to comment and give them new ideas for the commercials.

There are of course many others who have understood how effective the use of a facebook fan page can be and thereby have ensured to capitalize on its every feature like uploading videos or photos and sharing posts.

You too can be on this list if you can plan it accordingly. Just make sure that you don’t repeat any one else’s idea because the world of the internet can be slightly unforgiving sometimes. Be creative and let the social network do your marketing for you.