Use Facebook Apps to make more Money Online

Business is the lifeline of any human activity. For centuries, people have believed in trading in order to ensure that they can make a livelihood out of it. However, as humans have continued to evolve, so has the value of money. Everyone today is trying to earn more in order to meet the present inflation.

This is the biggest reason so as to why the industry of information technology has been booming. Essentially anything done through the means of a computer, whether it is a Smartphone or the Google Glasses is based on the creation and development of applications.

What are Applications?

The world has been going totally crazy about apps. Android apps, iPhone apps, Facebook apps and the latest are the Google Glass apps. Basically applications are nothing but miniature softwares. They act on the principles of making human task easier.

So an app will allow you to carry out actions, undertake activities or even perform tasks without having to start writing the code for it each and every time. You just need to create an app, and it will take care of the task for future.

What is Facebook App Development?

Facebook apps are programs that can be run on Facebook. So all the games that you play on facebook, or quizzes that you take can be classified as Facebook app development. Although initially it began with only games, today the scope of Facebook apps stretches from entertainment to employment.

Apps use the information that you have pre fed in your facebook profile and use it to make sure that you have a good experience in using it. The various kinds of facebook apps available today are:

  • Music
  • Photo sharingFacebook
  • Entertainment quizzes
  • Games
  • Astrology
  • Job search
  • Employment

And many more.

How to make money from Facebook Apps?

As I already mentioned earlier, people have become smart about making money. Everyone is finding new and innovative ways to ensure that the digital sphere can be exploited to generate better revenues. People approach Facebook App Development Company in order to create unique apps that will result in boosting the business.

Of course, there are companies who have hired full time Facebook developers to create and maintain their apps; however, a large section of the population still depends on the Facebook App development Company of their choice to produce apps that can go viral instantly.

Apart from this, entrepreneurs are also using Facebook as an organizational tool that allows employees to stay connected with each other via facebook apps while also monitoring the popularity of their brand or company.

On the whole, it can be said that this is the ideal time for people to start off with their own Facebook ventures to ensure that they can stay ahead in the race. Any delay will only push them behind their competition. If you too are planning on expanding your business, now is the right time to go Facebook.

Things you should Know while Developing Facebook Applications

Today, everyone in the business world wishes to have a Facebook application to mark their business enterprise on Facebook. This is because of the increasing numbers of Facebook users. However, can everyone simply start creating apps just like that? Alas, no.

There is a lot that goes on in order to create a perfect app. Any decent Facebook App Developer can tell you that there are many things apart from the technical aspects that one must take care of while creating an application for themselves. Let us look at each of these issues one by one:

Graphics and their size

You might want to create spectacular graphics for your Facebook page, however, until and unless you know the right size, you will only end up making a below average impression. The width allotted to an app is 810 pixels only. Therefore ensure that your graphics are such that do not require any scrolling. You can choose the length of the graphic by remaining within the limits of 500 pixels. This will entail that your app graphic remains above the fold or break on most computer screens.Facebook Apps

Cover Photo

A cover photo will play the make or break role for your app. If it is attractive and can please onlookers, they will stay on the page. If it is irrelevant and doesn’t even make sense, you can’t blame people to leave it. The dimensions of the cover photo as given by Facebook are 74 pixels in height and 111 pixels in width. Design a cover photo which is appropriate and very catchy.

Mobile Ready tabs

It is not necessary that all tabs will be visible on mobiles. So for you mobile users, there is a”Mobile ready” option. This means that there will be a distinct URL on mobile devices to enable the users to view the content that is there on the custom tab.

Why do apps help business?

Before undertaking Facebook App Development you must first understand why is it that it affects business so much. Basically any business is run by how well its products can be sold. Breaking it down to the simplest elements it can be said that business is run on sales and marketing. We attempt to ensure that more and more people can see the brand so that they can understand and appreciate your products and services.

This is where Facebook comes in handy. It is the best way to reach out to the maximum numbers of people. What’s more, because of the whole sharing feature, if even one customer likes your services, they will themselves spread the word about you.

The best way to create a fabulous app for your business is to get hold of a decent Facebook app developer who can present your brand in the best possible way. Make sure you check about their previous work catalog apart from their charges to conduct a safe deal. Be creative and discuss with your developers for best results.

Bringing Out The Best in You: Hire Facebook Programmer to Boost your Business

Facebook application development companies have thronged the world owing to the ever increasing demand for a good business and entrepreneurship. What was earlier regarded as an extension of a chat room has today evolved into one of the most complicated and yet effective channel for branding, marketing and socializing.

Today, we are marked with an era where the definitions of ‘enough’ have changed. Satisfaction doesn’t seem to have an upper limit and ambition has crawled up every ladder that it could find. Considering such a world it becomes imperative that revenue generation is of utmost importance.

Business and Facebook

Facebook enables entrepreneurs to interact with their niche clientele directly all over the globe. Although the beginning of the internet had started diffusing the barriers posed by distance, Facebook is almost a technological revolution in its own right.

People have found it to be a cost effective and valuable channel to communicate with a very large cross section of the population where categories are predefined and one can easily pick who they want to target.

FacebookThe biggest advantage that Facebook offers over other social networking sites is the fact that it isn’t one dimensional. People on Facebook aren’t just there for a job or to buy a product or even to sell theirs. Facebook has a database of normal everyday people who log in to carry out one or even a number of tasks including building their network, recruiting, looking for jobs, passing on charity and so on and so forth.

This caters to a much wider group of recipients and its intrinsic pattern of news feeds and picture sharing allows them to form communities with specific interests which further appeals to entrepreneurs because they can locate their niche clientele.

The Role of a Facebook Application development company

Considering its massive popularity, no one can ignore the benefits of Facebook App Development. SO in case you want to excel in terms of business you must have a Facebook app for the same. This is where the need to hire Facebook developers comes into picture.

You need someone who can truly understand the reason why you are better amongst other business owners in the same domain and how you can convince others of the same. For this reason, you must Hire Facebook Developer with the following qualities:


Everyone talks about checking the experience of developers, but make sure that you are looking for the right thing. Ensure that you seek relevant experience from a developer who has created an app for someone within the similar domain. This will mean he already has an insight about the customer behaviors of the product and can give you a good app.


Don’t forget to check his catalog to ensure that your developer is actually creative. Nobody wants repetitive and boring apps. People crave for something new and if you can give that to them there is no way you will stay behind.


Do some research about the ongoing rates of the developmental process before you finalize one company to ensure that you aren’t robbed!

Fun and Frolic for an FB-o-holic!

Facebook is easily the most popular medium of entertainment today. Ask anybody (better yet yank his Smartphone away from him and stare at its screen) and you will find that just about everyone is interested in socializing virtually.

Be it school children chatting after class, girlfriends and boyfriends video chatting with their lovers or entrepreneurs busy in marketing and promoting their business, Facebook App Development has taken the center stage in the global scenario today.

I mean, I have seen people updating their every move on Facebook like some serious addiction has changed their basic needs from food, water and shelter, just Smartphone and the internet. Especially the youth today, they are totally captivated by Facebook.

So, what is the cause for this addiction?

I am not too sure that even Mark Zucherburg had ever envisaged the earth to turn so blue so soon, but it did. More and more people are finding the idea of being able to connect with such a huge number of people and that too for free very appealing.

This leads to the thought that if there are so many people using Facebook, it can easily be used as a medium of communication and after some time promotion. As business owners wizen up, they enter an era of Facebook App Development to capture the attention of their audience for as long as possible.

Fun or Utility

In a dilemma of whether the business owner should develop apps for fun or of some specific utility becomes a serious concern considering that more people enjoy playing silly games rather than doing serious works. Here we explore individual apps of each category trying to identify which makes it to the top.

Angry Birds

Anyone who has any connection at all with the world of digital gaming is fully aware of Angry birds. A simple and yet captivating game by Rovio that has sent ripples of addiction through every section of the population. People of every age and every background love to play this game.

However, this initially Android game was developed into a Facebook App as an experiment to check its success. The results are unbelievably positive. Everyone loves Angry birds flying in every direction killing Green pigs!


Now, for utility. Earlier on, people would not be able to send files over 16GB via Facebook. So, we put in a little brain and develop an app that can help people do much ore. Pipe is an Application that enables users to transfer very heavy files by just dragging and dropping them to the desired locations.

Its simplicity is what makes it so popular. Today, people all over the world are using this app because it helps them transfer entire movies without any data loss and any other such files which have a huge size.

Apart from app development, Facebook Fan Page Designing too is coming up in a big way. It has become clear that more and more people are joining Facebook every day and Facebook fan page designing will allow entrepreneurs connect with users in the best possible way.

Making the Right Choice, Getting the Right Guy!

The mind of a business owner works in many ways. He focuses on how he can better his products, how he can reach out to maximum number of audiences and finally, what are the things that can help him get to the top.

Facebook comes in right here. I can’t comment too much about the yester years but Facebook is here today NOW. It is the one thing that has helped people not only to socialise but also to make the most out of their products.

Facebook application development companies are present globally today offering services in order to create fascinating apps for your company to lure in maximum number of customers.  However, the very fact that Facebook App Development Companies are so many poses a different kind of a problem, namely, how to settle on the best guy?

Looking for the right developer

In the end it all boils down to one single person. After all, the company is not going to develop the app for you. You must focus on how to Hire Facebook Developer who can understand and appreciate your needs and consequently offer you with a solution that is unmatched in terms of quality.

So, how to hire Facebook developer?

The question might sound quite ominous but the task itself isn’t that difficult if you know how to proceed. Following is a step by step guide to make the right choice in finalising the right developer for your firm.

Educate yourself

One very important thing that most people tend to overlook is the fact that it is your app and you should have as much knowledge about the subject as you can. Until and unless you are yourself educated about what is going to happen to your business image, you will not be able to appreciate the difficulties that your developer might face on the way.

Knowing in detail all about your app will also broaden your horizons with respect to imaginations. It will open doors that you never even knew existed allowing you to create fabulous apps in association with your developer.

Check, check and check some more

If you think that simply Google-ing the company and seeing its reviews online is enough then it’s time for you to think again. You must ensure that the testimonials out there are for real and not some gibberish typed by an employee itself.

The best way to go about it is looking up the company whose testimonial is given and calling the firm to ask about their experience with the developers. There’s no harm in being absolutely sure. Who knows, you might even make friends with the other company!

Stay away from what you don’t like

Once you have gotten hold of a decent developer, check all about his work. And his work might include other things apart from Facebook apps development. Ensure that his work is something that you like. It is of critical significance that your tastes are in sync with each other!

Business, Money and the World of Facebook

In the last few years, the kind of growth that can be seen over the social networking websites is barely concealable. People globally have come to understand and accept that the most effective way of reaching maximum audience in the shortest time frame is via Facebook.

Facebook started as a mere college connecting group which has today become a medium for people across any age group or any profession to connect with each other. Facebook is like a car. You can reach from your place to just about anywhere with it.


Applications are essentially tiny programs that help you carry out little functions within bigger programs. With the advent of Facebook apps development, people are finding it very simple to promote and develop their businesses.

Today, the entire game is about money. Everyone is interested in growing with respect to their financial conditions. Now, obviously having said this, it is evident that more or less every company or organization is using similar strategies. So, one has to observe caution while proceeding with any fixed marketing approach.

How to

Survey and Understand

The first step in any field is to understand the nuances associated with it. Basically, one can be as rudimentary as he wishes to be in his approach, but only knowing what goes around in your business is not enough. It is critical to understand how your peers or competitors are working with social networking sites.

Check out how they have used their Facebook App Development and identify their strengths and weaknesses. Once you do that, simply take the best traits and remember to ditch the downsides. Of course, I am definitely not asking you to cheat and copy their things, just use their strategy in the best possible way that can be helpful to you.

The Minisite

You will not believe how helpful a Minisite can be for you. Most people today have turned to creating a Facebook Minisite for their businesses. Facebook Fan Page Designing can be sought with the help of professionals as well.

Get the best minds in the industry to put together a Facebook fan page for you so that you can attract maximum visitors on that page and pull people to your website. It helps you to create numerous back links to attract visitors.

If you want to make sure that all the powers of the internet are helping you grow your business you must jump into the Facebook fan page designing bandwagon as soon as possible and make hay while the sun shines.

Remember to create something that goes with the theme of your business and corroborates with the nature and scope of your business productions and services. You have to make your customers feel invited. Give them unique and attractive offers to hook them to your site. Make sure your offers are not silly and they actually mean something to the consumer.

Always be open to new ideas. That is the only way you can succeed. Ensure that all your strategies are well thought out and planned. Also have a plan B for everything. That ways, if one strategy fails, you can bank upon the next one.

Why is Choosing a Correct Facebook Developer Important?

If you’re looking to develop a customized Facebook application, its worthwhile to spend a little time on doing some research on professional Facebook App Development Companies. Such companies provide you with trained, talented and expert Facebook application developers at a reasonable price. It is very important to choose the right Facebook App Developer for your application. And only experienced and established companies would understand what a project means to a client and provide you with just the right developer services.

When looking for web development companies, research for companies that have been in the industry for a long time, have been good with their work and provide services at a reasonable cost. Once a company is chosen, the next step is to choose the right kind of developer of team of developers. Here is why we insist on getting a right Facebook developer to work on your application. There are a lot of benefits as well a lot of concerns that can be prevented by choosing a good, expert developer.

An experienced developer understands the importance of a customized application. He has the ability to comprehend how the application can be best used to the serve the purpose intended. This is important because a lot of times clients are not aware of what all could be added to the application to make it more interesting and entertaining. That is where an experienced developer can give his inputs and add some value to the work.

Further, an adept programmer or developer can be an important resource for proven technologies, strategies and tools. In the sense, he is quite familiar with what works and what does not work for the platform. For Facebook applications, there are some guidelines and conditions that need to be complied with. A good and experienced Facebook Developer will be well-versed with those and hence would develop the application that is fully compliant with the website’s terms and hence there are greater chances of the application getting accepted.

Also, a good Facebook developer demonstrates a lot of professionalism in dealing with his clients as well as his work. He is open to discussions, takes responsibility of what he does and works in the best interests of his clients. A good developer will always interact with clients and keep them updated on the status of development. Moreover, he will adhere to timelines and is expected to deliver his work in a timely manner.

So these are just a few major benefits that a client gets when working with a good, experienced and professional Facebook developer. It is important to invest some time in getting a good developer to work on your application to avoid unnecessary delays and costs during development.

A Smart beginning to Facebook App Development

We’ve heard so much about Facebook and Facebook application development. But what does it actually take to make attractive and outstanding Facebook applications. Well, there is a lot of effort that Facebook developers put in to make an application that conforms to the guidelines of the social networking website and also serves the purpose of its development.

Here are a few things that could help starters begin their journey of making Facebook apps in an interesting and somewhat successful way. Begin with an extensive research of what applications are successful in Facebook. You can take help of friends who are hooked on to the medium for a considerable time. Also if you could reach out to Facebook developers to know what kind of applications are in demand, they might help you learn in what direction the market is going. Try to analyse what makes those apps successful – is it the appeal, the features, the functions, the entertainment that a user gets, etc. Make an effort to get similar features in the application that you are trying to make.

Second step is to be well-versed with the guidelines of Facebook  App Development. The site doesn’t accept applications that do not fall within the stipulated guidelines. So do not try to budge from those rules and stick to them as much as possible. A little caution in the beginning is better than rectification of adverse results.

Try and explore as many apps as possible and also check out a few demo ones if possible before you start with developing your own. This would give you a knack of the operation of the application on the actual medium.

And what else, when you think you are ready, just take the plunge and get going. A lot of clients Hire Facebook Developers in UK today for customized Facebook app development and its a growing industry. So the best way to learn is  keep practicing, take feedback and improve continuously. Good luck for your first one!

Facebook Application Development as a Branding Tool

Facebook’s acceptance has transcended beyond its use as a traditional platform for connecting with friends or people scattered across the world. Today Facebook is a much sought-after medium for marketing and branding by individuals, small businesses and large corporates. With more than 800 million active users, almost every business seeks to have a strong presence on Facebook that makes it a faster, better and cost-effective medium for growing its customer base, promoting products and sharing customer feedback.

Social networking on Facebook has seen an increasing rise in Facebook Application Development of late; which has become an engaging mode of attracting visitors and marketing your brand. Facebook apps development is done by professional developers who are well-versed with Facebook guidelines and technologies involved in developing such apps, and are profoundly creative in their designs.

Facebook Application Developers work closely with clients to develop potential Facebook apps that solve various purposes like inviting visitors, sharing information about a product, answering customer queries or adding visitors to your fan base. Facebook apps development is usually aimed towards triggering an action by the visitor so that an interactive conversation happens between him and the company. Facebook apps that interests visitors usually have them coming back for more.

Facebook Application Development can be done across a lot of categories depending on the industry-type, target audience and purpose of the application. It can be integrated with a lot of features, plugins and other interactive elements to keep visitors entertained and also bring in more customers through word-of-mouth.

Facebook apps development opens up a world of opportunities for businesses to connect with new people, interact with them, convert them into loyal fans and customers and grow profitability through a faster and better medium as compared to conventional marketing mediums that are not only highly expensive but also take a long time to realize their impact.

Tips to Develop Facebook App that Work Wonders to your Business

Everyone today would know Facebook, irrespective of being its user or not. It’s actually an addiction that has almost transformed the ways people connect, share and communicate with the world. It has users across all age groups, young and old, and it’s amazing how companies are also now getting on to this amazing networking platform to promote their brands and grow their business. And now, there’s a new dimension to this entire social networking angle and that’s Facebook application development.

Facebook app development is aimed to engage Facebook users and in turn they help businesses market themselves. It’s an indirect and informal way of marketing, branding and advertising. Facebook applications are functional and entertaining and they are very easy to develop and integrate within Facebook. Here are a few tips that could be kept in mind while developing Facebook apps.

  • The simpler, the better: Visitors using Facebook apps would generally drop the idea of probing it further, if the Facebook application looks complex and confusing. Hence, Facebook apps need to be simple, exciting and easy to use. An effortless and simple application would keep the visitors interested and they would want to spend a little more time exploring it further.

  • Creativity in applications is a must: Facebook Apps Development is a huge business today and there are multitude of such applications being developed across industries, companies and categories everyday. But the ones which are creative, engaging and interesting get the highest number of hits. Hence, Facebook apps need to be attractive, inviting and fun to use. A good Facebook application would not only keep visitors entertained but also want them to come back for more. So, it’s always suggested to make an app as appealing, engaging and interactive as possible.

  • Know your target audience: A well-developed Facebook application is always created keeping in mind its target audience. Any brand or product has a specific target market which constitutes its potential customers. As Facebook is used by people of all ages, it opens up opportunities to reach out to a larger number of consumers which is not possible with conventional means of advertising. Hence Facebook app development could be a very potent medium to increase your consumer base and grow your businesses.

Today, the community of Facebook developers is also increasing on account of the increasing popularity of Facebook and the soaring demand in Facebook apps development. Facebook developers are skilled with the right kind of knowledge on Facebook policies and tools and technologies of apps development.