Facebook Application Development Company is necessary for Modern-day Business

Facebook is one of the most popular social networking site with more than a million users. When we hear the word Facebook, the first thing that comes to our mind is that- it is the best platform to promote your products and services. This is the platform which has brought the Globe at one place. Facebook has the maximum number of registered users so it is also called as the leader of social networking sites. By creating the most appropriate Facebook apps, an adroit developer allows you to get connected with a wide number of audience with different requirements and mindsets. Whether you are an owner of entertainment, gaming, e-commerce or any other kinds of businesses, a good Facebook app allows you to produce better revenue.

Facebook is a platform where you can share any relevant information with the people to make them more aware of your products and services and to make people aware of the latest happenings. If the Facebook application is used properly it can actually create wonders.

Facebook Application Development

The question which arises is can you get hold of the best Facebook Application Development Company? The answer to this question is ‘yes’. These applications connect the business owners with the users in a very organized manner.

Why Facebook apps Development Company?

If you are in urgent need for the services of a reputed Facebook Application Development Company then you need to look for a company that is well known in the market with a highly talented and qualified developers. It is very important in the present day to work with an experienced app developer.

Usefulness of Facebook Application Development Company

if you need an excellent Facebook App Developer , then you must wisely invest in the services offered by the qualified as well as knowledgeable application development company. It is important to work with an acknowledged app development company. The few benefits related to the quality company are :

  1. The first main benefit of a highly experienced facebook apps development company is to get positive results in the ultimate product that would suit your requirements. The needs differs from client to client and this is understood by the app developers so they are always finding better ways to improve it. With a lots of patience they sit with the clients and decide what the client exactly requires for his business and works accordingly.

The second benefit is that they use verified techniques. To make this work the app developers actually needs to sit with the client. After that they come up with some plan and utilizethe most advanced and proven technique for the creation of different apps. The most important thing is that it satisfies the client.

Facebook apps basically provide transparency to the owners and enable them to plan accordingly for the project in which they are currently working. It is very important that the owner first talks about the pricing matter and then start with the work so that there is full transparency between the two. So once it is settled the developers can start their work freely. The facebook pages are entertaining because of these applications only. It also benefits the entrepreneurs as well. It all depends on how technical your idea is and how you want to portray in front of the users.

How to Make Your App a Success

Love Facebook apps? You could be a Facebook app developer yourself. Becoming a Facebook app developer is quite easy and all you need to do is register with Facebook and follow a few simple steps. Becoming a Facebook app developer gives you the opportunity to develop new apps and brings with it a great number of opportunities. Here is a step by step explanation of the procedure you need to follow to become a Facebook app developer

Step 1: You should have a Facebook account to become a Facebook app developer. If you do not have one, create an account.

Step 2: Type developer in the search bar that you see above your page. This will open a page that displays the Developer App. Make sure you select the app and not a page or group that is displayed in the search results.

Step 3: Once you have selected the app, you will see a prompt message flashing on the screen saying Register Now. Accept the terms and conditions listed and proceed to register.

Step 4: Next, you will be asked your mobile phone number for verification. If your account is already verified you will not have to go through this process. However, if your account is not verified, you will receive a code on your mobile number, which you will have to key into the number to complete the verification process.

Step 5: Work on the settings page to specify if you want to receive text messages. Also you would want to select your audience group.

Step 6: You will then be asked to fill in details that describe you. On this page make sure you subscribe to weekly updates and relevant groups that help you stay up to date on the app development segment in Facebook.

At the end of the process, you will become a Facebook app developer. As a developer you will have access to a number of tools that Facebook provides to its developers. Some of these tools include Facebook developer documentation, Facebook Developer support, Facebook developers page, Facebook bugs. Check out these tools to understand how to go about with app development on Facebook.

Once you have made an app, here’s how you can make it a success:

  1. If you are developing for Android screens, keep in mind that less is more. The principle should be augmented, given that your app will be played on small screens

  2. Work on the graphics. The better the graphics, the more the popularity

  3. Make sure all buttons, tabs etc use bigger fonts for better clarity

  4. Figure out if there are flaws and try to eliminate them before releasing them into the market

  5. Work on the icon of your app. This is the first thing that draws customers towards your product. So make your logo as communicative as possible.

  6. Before releasing your app, make sure you test it well. Check for glitches, flaws etc to ensure that it goes out in the perfect condition to your target audience.

With these few things in mind, you are sure to launch your app successfully in the market. To popularize your product you could also create brand awareness using the social media, SEO content and provide interesting product descriptions for your product.

Things you should Know while Developing Facebook Applications

Today, everyone in the business world wishes to have a Facebook application to mark their business enterprise on Facebook. This is because of the increasing numbers of Facebook users. However, can everyone simply start creating apps just like that? Alas, no.

There is a lot that goes on in order to create a perfect app. Any decent Facebook App Developer can tell you that there are many things apart from the technical aspects that one must take care of while creating an application for themselves. Let us look at each of these issues one by one:

Graphics and their size

You might want to create spectacular graphics for your Facebook page, however, until and unless you know the right size, you will only end up making a below average impression. The width allotted to an app is 810 pixels only. Therefore ensure that your graphics are such that do not require any scrolling. You can choose the length of the graphic by remaining within the limits of 500 pixels. This will entail that your app graphic remains above the fold or break on most computer screens.Facebook Apps

Cover Photo

A cover photo will play the make or break role for your app. If it is attractive and can please onlookers, they will stay on the page. If it is irrelevant and doesn’t even make sense, you can’t blame people to leave it. The dimensions of the cover photo as given by Facebook are 74 pixels in height and 111 pixels in width. Design a cover photo which is appropriate and very catchy.

Mobile Ready tabs

It is not necessary that all tabs will be visible on mobiles. So for you mobile users, there is a”Mobile ready” option. This means that there will be a distinct URL on mobile devices to enable the users to view the content that is there on the custom tab.

Why do apps help business?

Before undertaking Facebook App Development you must first understand why is it that it affects business so much. Basically any business is run by how well its products can be sold. Breaking it down to the simplest elements it can be said that business is run on sales and marketing. We attempt to ensure that more and more people can see the brand so that they can understand and appreciate your products and services.

This is where Facebook comes in handy. It is the best way to reach out to the maximum numbers of people. What’s more, because of the whole sharing feature, if even one customer likes your services, they will themselves spread the word about you.

The best way to create a fabulous app for your business is to get hold of a decent Facebook app developer who can present your brand in the best possible way. Make sure you check about their previous work catalog apart from their charges to conduct a safe deal. Be creative and discuss with your developers for best results.

How Useful are Facebook Apps?

Facebook application development took a big leap in terms of popularity in the last few years. Business owners all over the world understood how effectively Facebook apps can get to users and convince them to buy or use their services. However, the biggest question that comes to the fore with respect to an intelligent Facebook user is how effective or useful is a Facebook apps really?

Usefulness of an app

Before we begin guessing how useful or useless an app is we must find out what a Facebook application does. So, the question here is what is an app and how can it be used for Facebook?

An application is essentially a tiny little program that acts like software allowing you to undertake tasks that would otherwise require coding, with easy user friendly efforts. A Facebook app, similarly, is an application that allows you to carry out various tasks like games, sharing photos, giving effects to them, creating playlists and many more.

As a regular and keen Facebook user you would find apps of different functionalities that solve individual purposes including:

  • Games
  • Chat
  • Mobile operation
  • Emails and messaging
  • Business
  • Absolutely nothing

Facebook Application development for absolutely nothing

So long as applications make sense it is all okay. However, the moment the boundaries between uselessness and fun start fading we have a huge list of apps that do absolutely nothing. What I am trying to say is that any decent Facebook App Developer can tell you that an application is designed to serve a purpose. Failing that, it is just a means of peeping inside your privacy settings.

Security Concerns for Facebook app developers

No matter how secure they try to make the application there will always be a bunch of application developers who are constantly striving to use unlawful means of using your information for a number of reasons.

Facebook may be the most popular social networking site; however, it also happens to be the most vulnerable one for hackers too. Not because there are certain loopholes in its fundamental algorithm, but because it has such a huge database that more and more evil eyes get attracted towards it so that they can extract any data that they see fit!

So, what should a user do?

As an aware Facebook user, it has to be your first step to be careful about the kind of apps you are downloading and what is the end to it. While you download or install any Facebook app, it first comes with a warning telling you about the kind of information it will have access to.

If you deem the app fit, only then download it, or else simply let it go. I mean, you have survived without that app for so long, I am sure you can till a more secure version is released. In case you have already installed an app that you don’t find convenient, simply uninstall it quickly!

The Best Facebook Fan Pages of 2013!

When we hear of businesses adopting newer approached via the medium of trending social networking sites, it is hardly a surprise anymore. Initially what remained to be a rage amongst the teenagers is today the craze for every business owner.

Let us look at the best business fan pages of the year 2013 and appreciate the best Facebook Fan Page Designing!


Zappos uses Facebook as best as possible. it makes sure that the cover image s striking and apart from that it uses all the discussion posts, wall updates and contests like ‘ Fan of the Week’ to promote itself.

Tiny Prints

Tiny Prints uses adorable pictures and features to attract its visitors they offer special features like view merchandise and offer fan discounts that continue to lure more and more fans. Its user friendliness is a landmark in facebook fan page designing.


Definitely created by a great Facebook developer Threadless uses its fan Page to post t-shirt designs and to vote for their favorite. You can also purchase merchandise directly from there.

Steve Spangler Science

Taking science to a whole new level with crazy videos and photos of very interesting merchandise for sale. Its catalogue of crazy products includes bacteria growing kit and an insta snow thingy. Facebook fan page has helped them in such a great way.


Being a top brand in itself and having used the best facebook developer they SKDY have made some super widgets that allow users to view videos, read blogs and even listen to music. What’s more you can also by merchandise directly from facebook.


I could have never imagined such a beautiful use of facebook. With scores of videos and more than a thousand photos the page is so attractive. Smartpak uses its facebook fan page to encourage user comments and to ensure that their fan club is very active.

Stella & Dot

Its not just a fan page for Stella & Dot. It’s a platform which they use to train their on foot direct sales executives about their products and their many features. They use creative videos and imaging to achieve this.

Old Spice

Old Spice capitalizes the use of the old spicey guy from the commercials even on its fan page. Old Spice encourages its use of facebook by asking the users to comment and give them new ideas for the commercials.

There are of course many others who have understood how effective the use of a facebook fan page can be and thereby have ensured to capitalize on its every feature like uploading videos or photos and sharing posts.

You too can be on this list if you can plan it accordingly. Just make sure that you don’t repeat any one else’s idea because the world of the internet can be slightly unforgiving sometimes. Be creative and let the social network do your marketing for you.

The Legendary World of Networking

Facebook is a magical world. You go online and you just can’t shut it down. People have become so addicted to it in the recent past, that they spend all their time looking at their own pictures, or pictures of someone they don’t even know, just because they are on Facebook.

It is hilarious to see people uploading every single event of their life along with silly pictures of every meal they eat or everything they do (wink wink). However, the business minded find money making schemes in everything, and so they have used this addiction to help in making money for themselves.

Facebook Minisite development

The kind of popularity Facebook has gained over the past half a decade is no short of a wild fire. It has spread over continents all over the globe, making the consumer community very easy to access and manipulate.

What I am saying is that with a single Minisite, you can harness the potential of a global audience. All you need to do is have a professional handle your Facebook Minisite Development to create a stunning and attractive Facebook page for you which escalates your reputation and makes you a much wealthier enterprise.


Facebook applications are another interesting genre. You must have seen people spending a lot of time on Facebook apps like Farm ville and other such. An app can be anything. It could be a game or a music application, or even something interesting like Status Shuffle.

The key is in creating something unique. If you make another picture app or camera function one then chances are people won’t be attracted. You have to make sure that people like what they are getting. Don’t make a silly app and expect people to love it.

Hire a Facebook app developer with considerable knowledge of the field such that he does not disappoint you. Make sure your products correspond to the application. Or at least are such that your app can be linked to your product.

People will remember you only if you give them something to remember. If you have the chance, don’t restrict yourself to becoming a no body. Go out there and explore as much as you can, so that when you roll your apps in the market they impress and attract maximum customers.


A word of caution. Facebook is an amazing social networking platform and is very popular amongst a huge group of people. Even having said that, please remember that it is not a very safe medium. In fact, in today’s world, anything online is only as safe as we are careful.

So before you put any information out there, remember that it is a social platform and many people will have access to it. Do not put any personal data that you do not wish to make public. Always consult professionals to get an idea of things that can go wrong with respect to Facebook and take necessary precautions.

Factors to Consider for Hiring the Best Facebook App Developer

The process of Facebook application development usually involves hiring professional Facebook app developer or a whole application development team. These developers either work as freelancers or are employed by the development companies. These professional developers are skilled in designing variety of Facebook applications across number of categories and industries for variety of purposes.

It can be said that Facebook Application Development is generally about making visually attractive applications, which comes integrated with entertaining functions and engaging features, which delight visitors and keep them returning back for more. Hence, it is very important for a developer to not only have technical soundness about making Facebook applications, but should also possess a creative streak for designing such type of applications. Developers can experiment with colors, themes, designs, animation, styles and other such elements in order to make a visually interactive and appealing Facebook application.

At times, hiring developers can prove to be like rolling a dice. The main reason behind this is that a single wrong decision can lead to adverse results after the development process. Therefore, it is very essential to establish credibility of Facebook app developers, before you decide to hire them for your invaluable projects.

There are several ways of doing this, however you need not worry as there are some tried & tested methods, which have proved successful in this matter. At the time of hiring developers for Facebook app development from offshore companies, you should inquire about the experience of the developers. Because, developers who have years of experience, expertise, knowledge & skills are the appropriate professionals, which you should consider to hire. Depending on the complexity and scale of your project, you can either opt to hire for single developer or whole development team for Facebook applications.

The next step is to know whether the professional developer is well-versed with guidelines, terms & conditions or not. This is because, if an application is not in accordance with Facebook guidelines, then it is likely to get rejected. For this particular case too, an expert developer in this industry would be a better choice, instead of hiring an intern developer, as Facebook keeps on updating its guidelines at regular intervals of time.

It can be said that the process of Hiring Facebook App Developer is just incomplete without thorough examining of his past work. This is because, past work indicates the performance of developer in terms of how good the developer is at understanding client’s need & requirement, creative skills and his ability to meet the deadlines of the project. If need arises, you can also conduct an interview with the developer, where you can raise questions related to your project and see if he is able to understand your requirements well and has clarity about how to proceed with the task.

Nowadays, with the availability of number of Facebook application developers in the market, it really proves a daunting and time-consuming task to identify the best ones who are independent, reliable and profoundly skilled in Facebook application development. Thus, with few extra checks and little extra efforts upfront can lead to better, effective and high-performance Facebook applications that will open up number of opportunities for social media marketing on this useful networking platform!