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www.TigerCamera.com is a Photo Story Competition Web Application, developed by www.eSiteWorld.com for Europe’s Largest Supermarket www.Tiger-Stores.com Chain Store.
This web application is perfectly build, running successfully and is famous all over the Europe

The theme is MOVEMENT for this competition of www.Tiger-Stores.com – So Shoot, Share and Win. 50 of the best shots will be published in a special book that will be sold only in Tiger Stores and winners will get Free Trip to New York.
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Why Facebook Branding Page is important?

There are lots of names given to Facebook Fan page.

  1. Facebook Pages
  2. Facebook Fan Page
  3. Facebook Branding Page
  4. Facebook Landing Page

Facebook Pages are Public Profile for Any Brand

Until Facebook launched Facebook Pages way back in 2007, many companies were using Facebook User Profiles for their company’s profile. By doing this they were violating Facebook’s term of service. Just to allow companies to create their profiles on Facebook, they (Facebook) have introduced Facebook Pages. Facebook pages are kind of User Profiles which can do everything a normal Facebook user can do. But, instead of being Facebook Profile of a real world human being they were Profile of Brands.

Facebook Pages can distribute feeds to Users
This is one of the most important and widely used feature using Facebook Pages. This can be described as Facebook page’s tweet on User’s News Feed or a kind of automated notification sent to all Users who become Fan of Facebook Page. In general we can describe this as regular newsletter / automated notification kind of facility. Previously these News Feeds were not real time. Means Facebook was not posting Feeds instantly to all Fans of any Facebook Page.

Brands Can Communicate Directly
It is always a good practice to communicate with your Fans. Facebook Fan pages / Facebook Brand Pages can do communication with their fan users. In Facebook communication can be done from Facebook Page to user’s Feed. Facebook Fan page conversations are also as effective as any Blog, Tweets, Video or any commercial advertisements.

Juice of Above conversation..

  • If you are a company / brand / public figure / celebrity / Artist / Writer / Blogger / then you must have a Facebook Fan Page.
  • Facebook Fan Page can allow you to communicate with your Fans who join you on Facebook.
  • Fans on Facebook can have instant updates using News Feeds on Facebook, this allows them to be aware of your each and every act on time.
  • Any promotion / offer / new advertising can be done on Facebook Fan page which is visible not only to Facebook Fans but also to all other Facebook uses who come across Facebook Fan Page.

Just remember one thing, Facebook has millions of users and being a Facebook Branding Page / Facebook Fan Page means you are visible to all those millions of users on Facebook.

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