Surgery in India with the Use of Google Glasses

When you talk about Google glasses app development India, it is all too believable that they must have come up with a thousand interesting app for the gadget, however, when it comes to acceptance of a new device, everyone does a double take.  This is probably why people love to talk about Google Glasses apps development in India but most shy away from its use in practicality.

To give the events a sharp turn and to make life a lot more interesting here, it has been seen that the Google Glasses has been used during a surgery in Jaipur in order to have it broadcasted to doctors all over the world.

Google Glass

What surgery are we talking about?

This surgery that used the glasses was performed by a team of doctors led by a US based orthopedic surgeon Selen G Parekh in Jaipur during the Indo US conference in Jaipur that was headed by Dr. Ashish Sharma.

This was essentially a foot surgery the whole of which was relayed through the Google Glass via the internet to other doctors all over the world. The entire surgery was broadcasted live making the whole event one to be remembered at the global level.

Google Glass has been used by surgeons earlier than this too. Ohio State transmitted an ACL surgery last August. But even an Indian surgeon performed a gastro-intestinal laparoscopy procedure in September. Google Glass’ health prospective has stimulated start-ups and medical technology firms to look further into the domains of Google Glasses Application Development in the medical field.

Scope of Future possibilities

The device can be, in the approaching years, used to

  • correspond with the family of a patient,
  • teach students remotely
  • Be in touch with other doctors during a surgery.

For those not familiar with the Google Glass Project, it is fundamentally a pair of wearable eyeglasses that provide increased reality features. The hardware consists of

  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities
  • (can work with Android and iOS devices),
  • cameras,
  • voice-activation commands,
  • Heads-up display.

Why it is important to record surgeries or even telecast them?

Well, if you ask a layman, he’d probably not be interested in recording or even telecasting a surgery, but what surgeons have found is that it can have a great significance on the teaching process towards new medical students. If you are teaching anything to aspiring surgeons then you must have sufficient data to show to them.

Google Glasses helps in giving the students a firsthand example of what they might be required to do later in their life, ultimately giving us better and more accurate surgeons. What’s more, it can also be helpful in getting in line advice from other surgeons all over the world during complicated cases.

It will also prove to be beneficial towards rural areas where medical assistance can reach through the wire before actually reaching them physically. This seemingly huge potential of the Google Glasses in every sphere of life has been the reason for Google to have shipped almost 8000 of their Google Glasses all over the world to various ‘Explorers” to identify what all infinite possibilities are there with it.