Some Common Google Glass Problems that Need to be taken care of

Google glass is positively the solution for a lot of technological achievements that we humans have been trying to achieve. Especially with movies like ‘Minority Report’ and series like ‘Fringe’, there is hardly anything left that can be categorized as impossible for us to conceive and create.

However although top Google Glassware has started hitting the market, no Google Glass App Design can overcome the minor agendas that pose as the problem with the device itself. Following is a list of certain issues that need some rectification on the hardware front.

Google Glassware

Battery life

Glass has a very poor battery life. Although people are speculating the new version has a better one, but the ones that are lying with the explorers are definitely no good. If you are in for a whole days work, you must definitely carry chargers because your glass might just leave you hanging there.

Orientation problems

If you aren’t one of the strongest willed and high IQ kinds of people, chances are that the glass will take you for a ride. A lot of users have complained that the glass doesn’t allow you to focus on the things that you want to and picks up random things from the surroundings. Of course with Google glassware that is completely customized this problem could be easily rectified.

Screen visibility

This screen isn’t made to be used in the sun. It’s really tiny and it’s very hard to view in bright light. So long as you have an indoor presentation or an Opera to shoot, it’s all good. But shooting adventure sports in bright light can get you a little dizzy with all that focus.

Voice controls

The biggest hurdle with the voice controls of the glass is that the commands that you give it have to be really loud and clear. And of course, they must definitely begin with ‘OKAY GLASS’. Another problem is that it also tends to pick up the voice of the person standing next to you. Efforts are being made at Google Glasses apps development front to ensure there is some way to personalize the instructions to the wearer alone.

 Glass Storage issues

The glass is not as easy to store are any other type of eye glasses. It does not buckle or fold like ordinary spectacles so storage is big issue. Carrying it somewhere is also a big trouble because you can’t slip it in your purse or pockets. It looks great but there has to be something to help carry it.

Becoming better

Of course, a mammoth like Google isn’t going to sit put while everyone plays piñata with the Glass. This is why immediately after the first explorer program they have also worked on the newer version and tried to make it even more users friendly.

Some companies have also been given the opportunity to buy the glass and develop apps for it. This will bring in the hint of diversity and open minded approach that the Glass desperately needs at this time. On the whole if you are a really tech savvy person you can up your charms with a Google Glass. It is stylish, very usable and effective. Especially with a battery of new apps being released in the market every day, there is hardly any doubt about how successful it is to be.