Recommended Apps for Google Glass

Technology has developed to the extent that looking at things (we usually would have no idea about are), we get to know each and every detail on it. If you are informed enough, we are talking about the innovative Google Glass technology. The first super computer has today transformed into a little eye piece that you can comfortably wear around and look good with. Factors like weight, size, space and capabilities have been heavily worked upon and we have the concept of wearable technology. Google Glass, one can say is beyond being innovative – it’s exceptional.

Google Glass

Now, what is Google Glass meant for? While it is strictly restricted to American citizens for the time being, the technology as such has been sending waves across the globe and subsequently has been offering marketers a unique platform to showcase their presence. From entertainment to utility, Google Glass facilitates all kinds of apps. But what have the owners been looking for?

Shopping apps

Google Glass Web Development can take online shopping to a whole new level. The shopping apps that have been rising in popularity include live feed features that let the possible shopper compare price differences across marketplaces. Locally, the eye wear will also be able to guide you to all the possible retail stores that keep the product the shopper is looking for. And be rest assured that a Google Glass owner will not be using the technology to shop for shampoos! Marketers in the luxury niche have a competitive advantage with Google Glassware.


Now this is seriously amazing. If you are meeting your (potential) partner for the first time, wearing this glass will present you with all the details of the person present in front of you. You have his/her name, profession, hobbies, education background, interests, addresses and even telephone numbers if she has permitted it on related websites. Impressing and taking the conversation ahead could be so easy with Google Glass! Not only information, Google Glassware for dating will even identify pupil dilations, tonal intensity and body language of your date and give you feedback whether he/she is interested or not!

Fitness apps

While fitness has been highly supported by technology lately, Google Glass web development can take it to a whole new level. You will have suggestions for exercises, diet, sleep and everything that will keep your body and mind in perfect shape.

Lie detector

A lie detector can be a highly beneficial tool regardless of your line of work. Be it a student or a teacher, doctor or a patient. A common man or a high class executive, lie detectors will make your life easier in realizing the type of people you deal with. It can even be a huge asset if you are into any kind of business.


With Google Glassware, you literally see the road ahead. There is no need to feed data into the smart phone – just speak up your destination and you will instantly know which way to go and how long will it take! Feel like James Bond already!