Language Free Internet: Multilingual Website Development

Language has been the stepping stone for human kind ever since the need to communicate was felt. Language has helped people forge relationships and trade for eons now. However, language has also affected us adversely. It has increased the distance between people of different cultures by putting a big gap in the understanding capabilities of the buyer and the seller.

In the present day scenario where the world is nothing but a global market, having the ability to communicate all over the world becomes of utmost importance. But how is one to achieve that? One could say that the internet is the solution to most of man’s troubles and so it should find a solution for the same as well.

Multilingual Web Development

The concept of e-shopping

Some good should did come up with the concept of shopping online which facilitates a business owner to showcase his products and services to the global audiences, so that if there is a customer sitting halfway across the world is interested in buying his products, he can easily do so without having to travel the distance.

Did this model work?

It pretty much did work on the local platform but not so well on the global platform. This was because someone sitting in china probably doesn’t speak Spanish, and no matter how much he wants something, until and unless he understands what you are saying to him, he can’t purchase anything.

This put the technology enthusiasts in a dilemma. Although online shopping seemed to be a great idea, something somewhere was going terribly wrong. In order to bridge this gap and make life simpler for everybody, the concept of Multilingual Website Development was brought about.

What is a multilingual website?

As the name suggests a multilingual website is nothing but an ordinary website that has the ability to translate its own content based on the geolocation that it is accessed from. The owner of the website can preset the different languages that he wants to put on his site based on his market research of potential clientele and then the site will automatically translate to the given language when viewed from there. This is a fantastic concept for both the buyer and the seller because with the help of this they can communicate with each other seamlessly.

What is Multilingual Web design?

Multilingual Web Design is the process of designing the multilingual website to ensure that it meets the aesthetic expectation of every cultural group that it is aimed at. This can be a difficult process because every place has a different modus operandi for different things. Each country has its specific set of beliefs and rituals.

The main aim of multilingual web design is to ensure that no sentiments of any ethnic group are hurt. You want to make sure that the content is not a direct translation but a contextual one because sometimes a direct translation would mean something completely different than what is originally intended.