Know about Rails and Its Numerous Uses that are Making Life Easy for Developers

If you are a tech fan, you will definitely know Ruby on Rails (ROR) framework by now. You will also have heard fellow developers talking highly about it. They will often tell you how they wrote applications using the technology in lesser time than what they took while using some other technologies. Moreover, they will stress the fact that they enjoy working with Ruby as it de-stresses them and provides them some leisure time. All this compels you to understand and know more about Ruby. Well, if your situation is something similar to the above, then here I am to make some aspects regarding Ruby clear.

I am using this technology for some years now, and can boast of being someone who understands the framework and is in a position to shed some light on it. If you happen to be an architect for user interface, a developer or a designer who is not fully acquainted with Ruby, or just someone who has been told to develop your application using Rails, you are bound to wonder what it is. You will also have questions regarding its ability of easing application development and will it be able to attract you. ROR developers are smiling due to reduced burden and stress; hence, if you are an amateur, you may wonder if Ruby can make you an application developer overnight. Well, I am not writing this extract as a Ruby tutorial; however, I will definitely like to share some important information related to Ruby framework and especially Rails.

Understanding the Framework

To begin with, Ruby on Rails was created by Mr. David Hansson. His creation proved to be multi-purpose, expandable and extensible. He thought that he has to share this discovery as an open source. A group of seasoned developers then worked on the technology and expanded and improved it further. After all the toiling by these intelligent minds, Ruby was finally developed as being a solid, mature and robust platform for application development.

Currently, Rails can boast of great documentation, strong community and loads of users who use it to power numerous websites. With such following, you may as well opt to hire ROR programmer for your web applications requirements if need arises. If you are a developer yourself, then you can leap onto this technology; simply for the ease of working.

The uses

I want to further add that the design of Rails was done for making life easy for ROR Developers while developing applications. It provides them with simple and expandable building blocks for creation of master web applications. The developers will be able to integrate and also customize all the components offered by the code in manners of their choice. This will aid in creating unique functionalities needed for applications. Further, the use of Ruby will tremendously reduce the time required for creating as well as maintaining applications. The framework will standardize the manner in which applications are built and ease the work of developers in collaborating and writing uniform codes. Ruby provides conventions and tools along with a foundation for developers to construct web applications, writing custom codes with the help of libraries that are Pre-built in Rails.

I am hopeful that this introduction to Rails will answer some of your questions regarding the technology and you will hire ROR programmer for your application building needs. As for the developers, you will now feel secured that shifting from your mainstream languages to Ruby is a worthy cause.