iOS 6 – Another WOW Revelation from Apple

With iOS 6 being another new entry in the Apple OS market, it has again invited a lot of discussion over its features and its compatibility with a variety of Apple devices as compared to iOS 5.

iOS 6 is fully loaded with features that makes using Apple devices easier and fun to use. Let’s have a quick peek into these features that makes the iOS 6 another notable achievement amongst Apple’s revolutionary creations.

  • Facebook integration: With Facebook holding the largest social networking community in the world, the iOS 6 makes it easier for Facebook users to directly link their Facebook account with the iOS. So sharing photos, updating statuses and interacting with friends can be done by signing in into Facebook just once and you can stay updated from any other applications. This feature is also known as Facebook integration throughout the operating system.

  • Panorama shooting: Now it’s easier to shoot wide panoramas with a single, simple motion. High-resolution vistas can be shot up to 240 degrees horizontally or vertically, as you like.

  • Passbook: The iOS 6 Passbook allows you to secure your movie tickets, boarding passes, vouchers, coupons, etc all at one place. Relieve yourself of the torment of maintaining a lot of cards in your wallet. With Passbook, you can virtually carry all your cards and tickets and scan your iPhone whenever you need to redeem a coupon or check in for a flight. Now that’s called smart!

  • Improved Siri: With iOS 6, comes better Siri that comprehends more languages and helps you get the latest scores of your favourite sport; reserve your table in your choicest restaurant and book tickets for movies.

  • Maps: The iOS6 has completely surpassed Google maps to create its own world of maps that is more user-friendly and rich in graphics. Being vector based, they are visually more appealing and faster to load. Apple Maps are minutely detailed and facilitate smooth panning and turn-by-turn navigation. Incredibly beautiful, these maps are also integrated with Siri that allow you to communicate in your own voice and guide yourself across streets and places.

  • Shared photo streams: Now photo sharing is much easier with iOS 6 providing you the choice to select your favourite recipients. All you have to do is select the photos you wish to share and choose who you want to share them with and it will reach them in no time.

  • FaceTime: iOS 6 allows you to video call on your iPhone and iPad. Making and receiving FaceTime calls is easier as the cell signal is available wherever you are. So, now you can call up your friend and show him your new laptop even while he is in his office. Isn’t that fun!

  • Phone: There are exciting phone features with iOS. If you don’t wish to take someone’s call and want to politely refuse to speak to them, you can easily reject their call while sending them a message saying you are busy and you will call them back. So now only important people are going to bother you. Oh, this is superb.

  • Mail: The new Apple iOS 6 provides an improved interface for better reading and drafting emails. There’s also a brilliant element of setting up a VIP list that lets you stay updated of any new emails from some of the most important people in your network. Not only this, it also aids easy attachment of photos and videos while composing emails.

  • Safari: Safari: Apple iOS 6 brings you a much better and improved web browing experience on your iPhone and iPad. Now Safari on iOS 6 saves pages for you so that you need not connect to the net whenever you wish to read whatever you were browsing. It’s more that saving links where you need to log on to the net and read the pages only while you’re connected.

So, in a nutshell Apple iOS 6 is the in thing now. It offers a lot of enhanced and improved features that is absolutely essential to your own Apple device. If you have an Apple product that is iOS 6 compatible, don’t wait any further. You must certainly upgrade it to this amazing technology.