Important Role of ROR Developers in Development

Ruby on rails or ROR, is a name derived from the programming language Ruby. ROR is a framework which eases the task related to the web development and keeps your pocket heavy i.e. it is an open source. There are so many wonderful things that the ROR framework can accomplish. Let me give you an example: How would you feel if you get the not-so-logic involved tasks automatically? Yes, ROR helps you get the stuffs done easily by creating necessary models and also the visual portion of your website and then you are merely left with the important part of your website i.e. integrating the logical part, which makes the application on-the-go. So now it is clear to decipher that ROR allows you to focus on the important portion of your project by giving you all other possible tasks ready. ROR also have the web server and a build system. In fact with all these components, ROR helps you to get complete the complex web development with efficiency and at pace.

There are many methodologies adopted by the developers in order to have the web development at ease. ROR follows the agile development methodology which makes it just noteworthy and remarkable. We all are aware about the importance of MVC – Model View Controller structure during the web development. ROR follows this pattern and hence there is no doubt in the coding standard one can get using the ROR framework. But to get the best development one must have good minds that can turn the requirements into a fully fledged product using ROR. This invokes the need to Hire ROR Developer. Here are some of the points to consider while hiring ROR programmer:

  • As ROR is a framework of Ruby, it has the syntax and other usage which are dependent on Ruby programming. So when you hire ROR developer, you should make it sure that they have at least some basic understanding about Ruby or else are ready to learn the same.

  • As a software developer, we all are aware that for creating any live application one must possess some hands-on experience in the web development. You cannot plunge into the web development without having any prior knowledge and of course any good company would not allow that. So, while hiring the ROR programmer please ascertain that they have at least accomplished one web application project so that it becomes easy to train them furthur.

  • If you want to hire the developer for the ongoing projects, you would definitely want some experienced people to join your team. These are certain things you must ask before hiring any such candidate:

    • Implementing MVC structure using ROR
    • JavaScript, ROR testing
    • OOPs concepts. Basic programming sense like the knowledge of HTML, CSS and other database related stuffs.

Working with ROR is indeed a fun. You can create the most complex-type web applications easily using ROR. But all these things are possible only if you have great minds! So choose your ROR team wisely and get the flying colors in the development!