How Usable Really is the Google Glass?

Nobody can be a technology enthusiast as much as I am. I have been waiting for something similar to the Google glass for eons now. You know, every time I picked up a sci-fi movie I truly believed that it was some day possible to really replicate the amazing devices that they show.

So, when I heard about their program of letting developers buy Google glasses for Google glass applications development, I pounced at the opportunity. However I was met with a kind of disappointment that I never deemed possible with Google.

What went wrong?

Well, there are so many answers to this question that I’d probably kill you by answering them all at once. However, the biggest problem with the device seems to be its premature launch. I guess the product still needs to be developed in terms of its operating system and hardware as well before they can go out and loud with it.Google Glass

Actually, they were too occupied with the idea of creating something new that they left behind its user friendliness or even usability aspects. Not only the device slightly uncomfortable to wear, but extremely difficult to use.

Listen to your voice

The silliest aspect of Google Glasses voice command activation is that it not only picks up your voice but also the person standing next to you. So you will have to be alert about anything that your device starts doing because of what someone else is talking.

What’s more, you have to be really clear about how you are speaking into the glass because it has very little scope for multiple inferences of the same action. SO, if you say ‘Play’ it might play your music list or video, depending upon your last action. But if you say ‘Listen to’, you will be only disappointed.

Tap it all the way

The biggest hurdle with the glass usability is that you are required to keep tapping away at your temple because the glass shuts itself down every now and then. Its touch isn’t so sensitive so as to pick up commands easily. You are required to repeatedly tap on it to make it come to life.

Look so silly

There is no argument about the fact that it makes you look downright stupid. You can’t be standing in the middle of the road looking like an absurd joke wearing a silly thing on your head and tapping away at your temple talking into nothing.

Of course, hopefully Google Glasses Applications Development would pave way for usability. However, there is a huge scope of doubt about how Google glasses app development could contribute to making it less painful for the eyes. Wearing the glasses for too long gives you a severe headache and I am not sure how one can overcome that problem.

On the whole although the idea is absolutely amazing, the execution still bears huge loopholes that strictly need working upon. My bet is, I’d much rather wait for more updated version before I think about spending 1500 dollars!