How to Hire the Best Magento Developers?

In the flood of technology, apparently the world is raining developers. Regardless of which company you look up on the internet, each claims to be the best one with technology. Most of my clients come to me after having scoured the place hysterically for the right guy. I am not boasting about my skills, but having been in this industry amongst other talented Magento programmers, I can tell you one thing for certain: finding the right Magento developer is a painful chore.

This is why I thought of putting up a list of “how to” find the right developer for your project without having to go through all the labour.

Know your Project

The first and the most important step to undertake Magento Development is to first find out the kind of project that you are wanting. You have to first identify the type f Magento site that you want. Is it a simple product selling site or would you like many complicated features in it? Based on your requirements, you must then start the search.

Hire Magento Developers

Ditch the keyboard, use your feet

Although, the internet is a man’s best friend, some things are best done face to face. You might begin with a list of companies who have skilled Magento Programmers by searching on a popular search engine, but once you have this list, ensure that you speak with them individually.

Look up their past experience, the kind of work they have undertaken, their client list and then make a short list of 4 to 5 companies or Magento developers that you think are worthy of the assignment. Once you have this list, call them one by one, or meet with them to ascertain who is the one best suited for your task.

Do a little digging

I know some people would find this cynical, but trust me, it works. Do a little digging about the background. Some companies are fraudulent in nature and all the client testimonials put up by them happen to be drafted by their own employees. So, if they have shown a list of clients or any testimonial, give a call to them to ask how their experience in working with them was.

Only then will you be able to get the true picture about their expertise. Remember to ask about post sale service, which is their response to customer queries after the payment has been done. You never know how many times you might need the help of your Magento programmers. It is best to be sure that they will be there to help out when you need them.

Discuss money matters upfront

A very smart trick that some companies adopt is to price their products really low at the time of offering the package. However, when the project ends they add many hidden charges and rob you dry. If you want to avoid something like that, just make sure that you discuss everything upfront.

Come to an understanding regarding the price and the timelines involved. It is best to get everything in writing before moving ahead to avoid any problems later. Also, mention the jurisdiction that is convenient to you, so that in the unlikely event of a legal dispute, you don’t have to go halfway across the world to seek justice.